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Black Chrome Emblem Kits Shipping Imminently

Monday, November 8th, 2010

We finally got the first production run of black chrome Acura emblems and man they look AWESOME! Backorders will be filled soon and we are starting another production run in just a couple weeks.

Most of these are spoken for, but you can get in queue to get some on Our coupon code “blackout” has been extended until the end of December 2010!

Most of these are spoken for, but you can get in queue to get some on Our coupon code “blackout” has been extended until the end of December 2010!

Pics from Acurafest 2010

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Despite being a healthy 4 hour drive away, Acurafest proved once again to be an excellent event for us to attend! We were light on “stuff” to show off, and decided to let our cars and our personalities speak for themselves. HT-Spec TL Sandy and I in the HT-Spec TSX rolled up to the Socal caravan hookup at Super Autobacs, and caravan’d from there. We did not stay the night at the resort and instead burned home super-quick-style to get in bed by 11. Was great fun and I expect we’ll be attending next year as well!

Now for our pics! Some of these were not taken by me, so thanks to those who were kind enough to immortalize us on your hard drives!

Fuelin' up before we hit Autobacs. The cars were a little scummy at this point.

The scene in OC. A little sparse. I think everyone there was a customer though so it was nice to see some familiar faces.

Mike from SD, sitting pretty hard on air.

This Accord later won a 'most track prepped' award. Blown V6, roll cage, Wilwoods...not hard to see the performance intent of this car!

Dude, Chuun! We need to drop this thing!

These varrtestoner (whatever) wheels seemed like a popular look on the TLs...

Here are Sandy and I waitin' for sleepy Josh to show up.

Once our fearless caravan leader arrived (ahem Josh, 30 min late?) we were off!

Rooling through downtown LA. The UR braces on the HT-Spec TL showed a real sporting intent.

Hooked up in LA at Macy's. Already had a bunch of people there.

Another shot in the Macy's lot. We got the boot by overzealous security shortly after this, which was ok. We needed to get on the road to Bakersfield.

Leaving Macy's for the freeway.

Nice rolling shot of the HT-Spec TSX.

Bakersfield, waiting around for the TSXClub people to roll by.

HT-Spec-age in Bakersfield.

We were here for at least 20 min when, YAY, the cops came and booted us out. What is it about a group of cars that pisses people off so much?

Now a rolling shot of the TL. Thanks J.Ly!

The event was held on the top level of the resort's parking garage. A convenient and appropriate location I thought. Here we are getting metered through.

Waiting to get to our spot. We got to the show at about 1:00 PM. Just a little late...

Instead of the booth we felt like the HT-Spec TL and TSX would make a pretty bold statement on their own. Besides most of the people here know our deal anyway ;) .

Giving the HT-S CL9 a little waxy.

The stickies on our Acuras really turned out nice.

Giving the 'toe a little finger.

The HT-Spec TSX was in a row of TSXs.

The cars looked really neat together with the matching decals. I kept my kid's Recaro in place for fun :)

People's eyes were buggin' out on the 255s on the HT-Spec TSX.

The HT-Spec TL got a lot of looks. The car just has a presence. I credit Sandy for the black wheel thing. The HT-Spec TSX was going to roll on silver wheels until I saw the TL. I had to emulate the black/black. So hard!

So unassuming, yet there is lots of cool bracing to look at under there! Caught these lookie-loos scoping the under-carriage.

I didn't take pics of other cars (I know others would do lots of that!) but I had to highlight this NSX. I love these things. On my car bucket-list.

Raffle give-aways and awards. Heeltoe gave away $1000 in prizes!

Another last gas stop on the way outta town. This was just before the trek home.

So that is all I got from the show. Thanks for reading and waiting for the pics to load. Til next time!

We’re getting stuck up! You’d be too if you were going to Acurafest 2010!

Friday, October 8th, 2010

First, a little HT-Spec project car update. Getting ready for Acurafest 2010 at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino really means that we @ Heeltoe are looking to get going on the right foot. I have to say right foot, because we won’t really be putting our BEST foot out there given that our cars are still a work in progress. Come to think of it, that is sort of what HT-Spec is all about; making improvements! And if you believe like we do, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. That being given, there was a bit of sprucing up we knew could be done by our friends at 3-D Signs over in Laguna Hills.

3-D Signs specializes in printed and cut decals and signs for basically ANY use under the sun! We have been using them for years for all our decals. They make our Heeltoe decals, our newest HT-Spec decals, and all the labels for our NRGCELL batteries. If you need some digital printed or die cut decals, or trade show signs, or anything like that, look no further than 3-D Signs!

The cars rolled up to 3-D Signs, ready for stickers!

They look pretty cool together. We are proud of these cars for sure. They are coming along well.

Laying out, trying to get them looking right.

It's official! Marketing-mobiles. The digital-printed decals are featuring our brand new logo! Lamination will ensure they look great over their entire life!

Not just any Acuras...these cars are HT-Spec'd.

A little family resemblance.

Something a little different on the windscreen.

So, the cars are all sticker’d out! They look great together and we feel good driving them together, which is totally cool because tomorrow is ACURAFEST 2010 and we’ll be joining up the Socal Caravan in the OC. It leaves at 7:00 AM which means it will leave around 7:40 AM. The HT-Spec cars will be meeting at Cars ‘n’ Coffee in Irvine at about 6:00 AM and eating a burrito or two before taking off! If you have an Acura CL, TL, TSX, NSX, RDX, MDX, whatever…or a Honda Accord, be sure not to miss it!


Racingbrake: Blow Acuras Away With Standard Open-Slots!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Who has heard of Racingbrake’s latest innovation: Open Slots? This really inventive concept was first introduced on their super-high-end rotor offerings for NSXs and Corvettes, and now is becoming standard on all Acura 2-piece rotors and the newest 1-piece rotor for the Brembo-equipped TLs!

See this link to learn about the THREE big patented advancements made in rotor design available for your Acura TODAY! When it comes to making rotors, there is no better OE replacement part available!

We have updated all our 2-piece rotor descriptions (we tried anyway, there are so many of them between “Build My Own Brakes” Combos, HT-Spec Staged Brake kits, and individual listings…let us know if something is wrong!) to reflect the new Open-Slot finish.

New Racingbrake 2-piece Open-Slot design for TSX

New RB 2-piece open-slot rotor installed on a customer's TSX. They work SOOOO nice!

For a limited time, Racingbrake is offering the new Open-Slot finish for Acuras for the same price as the old style slot rotors! If you have been thinking about getting some 2-piece rotors, now is the time to pull the trigger!

We have updated all our 2-piece rotor descriptions (we tried anyway, there are so many of them between “Build My Own Brakes” Combos, HT-Spec Staged Brake kits, and individual listings…let us know if something is wrong!) to reflect the new Open-Slot finish.


An update on the HT-Spec TL, and where to follow the built thread!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

First off, here is the link to the build thread:
HT-Spec TL Build Progress Thread on

Our man Sandeep will be adding to this thread as we add cool stuff to his car. So subscribe to that thread if you want those updates! He is doing updates independently from us so we won’t write a blog post on the complete progress. Just an FYI :)

In this most recent update, the car has been outfitted with an HT-Spec Stage 2 Brake Package. For those unaware, the HT-Spec Stage 2 Brake Kit consists of 1-piece Racingbrake rotors front and rear, along with Racingbrake ET500 brake pads front and rear. Also, an essential part of the package, are a couple bottles of RBF600 brake fluid to fill the supplied Fastline Performance Stainless Braided Brake Lines.

Front brakes hidden by the TE37-rep wheels.

Rear Brakes on the TL Installed

And then we took some beauty shots!

The paint on this car needs a little help, but there is no denying that a black on black tinted out TL is just a sick looking sight.

HT-Spec TSX gets new rollers…Steam-rollers from 949Racing and Hankook to be specific.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

After months and months of waiting for the first batch of 949Racing 6ULR wheels to come in, and more months and months of deciding which tire and which color to option, and more months of trying to sell the Mugen M5 wheels I’ve been running while waiting…I have finally installed the first signature set of HT-Spec Wheels/Tire package on the HT-Spec Project TSX!

What makes this package HT-Spec? Specifically, the sizing. When it comes to choosing wheels, there a lot of different camps on how to do it “right.” Some prefer wheels 50% wider than stock with tires that are 10% narrower than stock. Some prefer to run whatever used JDM wheel that fits “pretty good” without fender rolling. Some want to keep the original size. I am with the camp that feels the widest tire possible on a wheel that provides a square sidewall and perfect backspacing is best. An people that share this opinion have a hero. His name is Emilio, and he runs a wheel company called 949Racing.

949Racing has made a huge splash in the track-performance world by introducing wheels with specs that mainstream manufacturers don’t dare to touch. Starting out with 15″ wheels on Miatas made his name, but left folks with larger wheels wanting something more. When he announced a 17″ product I instantly became elated. The 17″ wheel, dubbed the 6URL, was actually developed for the S2000 market. But as luck would have it, the 17×9 version on a 48 mm offset ended up being a perfect fit on out HT-Spec TSX, even when lowered significantly with an HT-Spec Damper Kit!

We test fitted a set back in May and posted the results on our Facebook page. With a 255/40-17 tire, which is slightly smaller overall diameter than the stock 215/50-17 size, we found the rubbing to be minimal with our HT-Spec Damper Kit set to a 1.75″ drop, and non-existent at a 1.5″ drop or with a very slight roll to the fender in the rear! The front required only a removal of the fender liner clip and no rolling needed at all. There is hardly any clearance on the insides, but the front wheels/tires do not rub ANYWHERE on the inboard side, even at full lock in a loaded U-turn!

The tire we chose for this package was a Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110. This tire has gotten a lot of great press, most notably in the last Car & Driver tire shootout, where it came in a close second to a much more expensive Michelin PS2. Check the link for details on this tire. The excellent rating and bargain pricing were all it took to convince me this was the tire to go for. Optionally the Hankook Ventus R-S3 would be the tire to get for track performance. The high level of grip makes it a performance champ, but the softer compound wears fast on the street. We might get a second set with the R-S3s, but for now the V12 evos are definitely the way to go!

For your own HT-Spec wheel and tire combo, please visit!

Truly this is the MOST tire you can get on a TSX without fender modifications*! That is how this wheel and tire combo got to be HT-Spec! Healthy sidewalls = stock-like comfort. Wide tires = macho grip. Perfectly fitted wheels = Minimal-to-no rub.

* You’ll note we are running camber on this car. In the images the rear camber is natural and un-modified and comes purely from the lowered ride. We are planning to install an Ingalls Camber Kit and bring it to an even 2.0 degrees. We will need to roll the rear fender about 1/4″, which is almost nothing. The front camber in these images is displaying about 1 degree negative as achieved with Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber Arms. We will be dialing in about 1.5 to 2.0 degrees negative up front as well. For information on camber and the effect it has in improving performance, read here.

I've been rolling on these 17x7 M5s for a while. They are nice and all. But not really turning me on.

Oooo, wheels and tires mounted...getting nervous.

949Racing Luggies and hub rings are ready. We'll use the purple rings. The golds were on hand just in case we had the size wrong.

949Racing Luggies. Very light aluminum, and unlike most other racing nuts, these are fully threaded.

A little weight comparo. Mugen M5, 17x7, +48 with a 215/50-17 is 45.8 lbs.

An HT-Spec 949Racing 6ULR (size 17x9 +48) with a 255/40-17 tire weighs 43.7 lbs! 2 lb savings per corner for 40+ mm in tire? YES PLEASE!

Here is a little visual comparison of how much rubber we are actually adding.

Something like 8.5 inches on a 215...

...and 9.75 inches or so on our new 255. Yikes!

Front hub ring installed and ready for wheel (ooo, Racingbrake 2-piece rotors are the centerpiece of the HT-Spec Stage 3 Brake Kit).

Rear hub ring installed and ready for wheel (note fancy HT-Spec Damper, Chassis Brace Kit, and Brake Package items. Who can see the HT-Spec item that is MISSING from this picture?).

And without further ado, installed pics!

HT-Spec’s Newest Release: Acura TSX and TL specific coilover systems!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

If you have been following the threads focused on the HT-Spec damper kit on Acurazine (TL version) and TSXClub (TSX version), you are most likely really anxious to buy a set! Well, HERE THEY ARE!

Click this image to order an HT-Spec damper kit with optional add-ons on!

The concept of this kit started waaaay back in August 2009 with the UCC Damper kit concept. The original idea was to have a kit that fit in 04-08 TLs (UA6/7), 04-08 TSXs (CL9), and 03-07 Accords (CM). The different cars would all fit the same suspension kit but would have the same specs. All the cars would react a bit differently, but the results would be ideal for the individuals driving the cars (ie, the kit would feel softer on the cruiser TL, but sportier on the tossable TSX). Tein was to be the manufacturer of choice for this project.

Ultimately, we decided that the customer demand would be more in favor of a kit that included a top-hat kit and a lower price point. We started working with Function/Form Autolife on this project at that point. The biggest reason is that they had already had somewhat of an underground following in the TSX market, and had not yet been well exposed to the TL market. The reason for this is because they offered a specific kit for neither car! Their 03-07 Accord kit would fit on a TL if the stock top hats were retained, and would fit on a TSX if laborious grinding was performed on the rear lower mount.

HeelToe saw a perfect opportunity to lend a development hand to F2 to get their kits fitting the respective cars correctly, as well as custom tune special HT-Spec damper kits to meet the needs of our customers! We found that over the years our customers all prefer similar traits in their suspensions. Nearly everyone we have spoken to with a TSX or TL wants a degree of performance higher than stock, but nearly nobody wants the ride quality to be adversely effected. One of the most common comments, and the first from people’s mouths, is “I don’t track my car.” Actually, we have come to find it comical how many people made it a point that the main requirement for their suspension is that it isn’t “track ready” since very little in the way of track suspension is actually available for a TSX or TL!

Most all folks want the same thing: an improvement in handling and more confident body control with a minimal degrade in the ride. To us, it meant finding the right valving to balance the handling but retain a softer rear valving. The standard F2 kit was found to be way off the mark, and the HT-Spec designation showed a drastic 50% change in valving in both front and rear dampers to achieve the desired performance/ride balance.

Conversely, the amount of lowering people desire is all over the map. It used to be that we needed to recommend different kits based on the cost or lowering needs of a person. With the range of height adjustment provided by F2’s full-length threaded design allows a range of adjustment that is quite large on the lowering side. However the standard dimensions of the kit put a strict limit on how minimal the lowering could be. In other words, with a standard F2 kit, you can lower your car 3.5″ or more! But the highest it will go is still 2″ down from stock. Many people want to lower in the .5″-1″ range. So with longer lower brackets we were able to accommodate these customers as well. The HT-Spec F2 damper kit as a massive adjustment range for height that should satisfy nearly ALL Acura drivers!

So there you have it. The first batch of kits is on the way now and due to land in the next week or so. We are now accepting pre-orders, and to those who get in on the ground floor early with us will receive a special ordering incentive! Use the coupon code “htspecdamper” to order now and get these kits at a lower introductory price for a limited time. Only a limited amount of people will get the discount to ordering soon is probably a good idea!

ATLP Quad exhaust group buy for 04-08 TLs is NOW LIVE!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Check out the details regarding this awesome product and the group buy it is being offered through on by clicking on the image below!

ATLP Quad exhaust for 04-08 TLs

At Long Last, Black Chrome Emblems now on!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

It has been a long road of R&D, trial and error, and multiple vendors, but we are finally ready to start taking orders for high class black-chrome emblems for Acura TSX and TL vehicles. We have coverage on all 04-10 models of TSX and TL, and will be adding other models soon as these items take off. Please note, we must run emblems in BATCHES so there can be some delay from the time you order to the time we ship. Rest assured we will be completing orders as soon as possible as we KNOW that these emblems are going to be hottt sellers!

Click on the images above to be taken to TSX and TL emblem order screens. for a limited time enter the coupon code “blackout” for a discount on these amazing emblem kits!

HT-Spec Projects: An Acura TL Joins The Stable & Validates HT-Spec Damper Kit

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Realizing that the TSX is probably one of the greatest cars Honda has ever produced, it only made sense for us to find a way to appeal to the more excitable and vast community on which supports the 04-08 TL. All the stuff that makes the TSX a great car makes the TL one as well. There is the same great double-wishbone front, multilink rear suspension, and a bit more size on the inside offset by a powerful V6 VTEC engine. The sporting nature of the TL was very clear when it came out, culminating in what I have to say are the cornerstones of performance in any car: A manual transmission model that features substantial mono-block brake calipers and a limited-slip differential. Of course, MOST of the TLs sold are automatic models. To represent our supporters best, we are working on a 5AT model for our HT-Spec tuning projects.

The HT-Spec Project TL as it has come to us.

The car featured as the HT-Spec TL will feature a host of upgrades that will elevate the TL into a new class of style and performance. Acknowledging that TL drivers are fundamentally different than TSX drivers allows us to approach tuning this car to a different standard than our HT-Spec TSX focuses on. While performance and power improvements take a front seat in the TSX demographic we notice a trend of style and status to be more paramount in the TL. Two things are definitely obvious to us on both cars; one, owners of both cars value all aspects of customization to a high degree, and, two, very few of them are willing to compromise the every-day livability, luxury, and reliability that was born in their Acuras since day-one.

Without delay, let’s get started!

This TL has an A-Spec lip kit installed, but is otherwise completely stock.

The first thing planned for this TL is to test fit and evaluate the first version of the HT-Spec damper kit. Produced by Function & Form Autolife, we have determined this suspension to be the right combination of price and performance for the majority of TSX and TL drivers. A similar kit is already nearly completed for the TSX, and it being chronicled on A TL application is only assumed to be slightly different than the TSX kit, but we wanted to make a big splash with it by truly tuning a unique kit that is suited just for the TL crowd.

The HT-Spec dampers are packed securely to prevent shifting during transit.

Here they are in all their glory.

This is the new top-mount we developed with F2 for the TL. These are available to retrofit if you have already opted to run an Accord damper kit with your stock TL upper mounts.

Note how the lower mounts thread onto the base of the shocks. This allows you to make the shocks longer or shorter to adjust the height without needing to mess with the spring settings.

The settings pictured above are what we used when installing the kit on the HT-Spec TL. With the lower mounts in these locations the TL will be lowered approximately 2″ all around. This is a good drop for many, and for those who want the car lower than this there is PLENTY of room to get the car down even farther.

The problem is, there is not much room to RAISE the car. Many of our customers really would like a stock height or just .5″ lower, but that is simply not possible with the amount of threads remaining. The final-version HT-Spec kit will allow customers to run anywhere from .5″ down to 2.5″ down or more. Talk about flexibility!

The kit even comes with this handy tape-measure to help you set everything quickly.

Download the Heeltoe Vehicle Height Measurement Form in Excel format here. Input your “before” measurements and your “desired height” and the form will tell you how much of a change you need to make. This will help you choose suspension to fit your needs. Also, you can enter your “after” measurements later to see how close to your goal the parts got you and to see how accurate the manufacturer claims are!

Before I got started I filled out the Heeltoe Vehicle Height Measurement Form to determine what sort of drop I was going to get with the kit and to help me decide where to adjust it later. I was opting for approximately 2-inches down from stock.

You can see the dramatic difference in length there is going from the stock shock and spring to the HT-Spec unit.

I tossed on an old pre-production Fastline Performance Solid Tower Brace to make adjusting the dampening for a breeze.

For more information on the Fastline Performance Solid Tower Brace for the 04-08 TL, check out

And now for the after images:

The drop on the HT-Spec TL is almost exactly 2-inches in the front and 1.5-inches in the back.

The stance is nice and even, with a 13-inch gap from the center of the center cap to the fender edge.

Driving Impressions from the HT-Spec TL’s owner:

- Looks nice haha
- I feel the road more while driving, always a plus
- Takes bumps in the road at speed quite well
- Maintaining a turn is effortless at speed

- Ride seems to be lacking the “down force” in turns
- When coming out of the corners the steering seems to be hesitant to return
back to normal position, which seems quite dangerous at times (might be
because of alignment I think)
- I think the car is about a half an inch too low :)

After the alignment I hope we can see a majority of changed perhaps, but
great work nonetheless!

Here are my comments on those comments::

“I feel the road more while driving, always a plus” Partially this is cause the firming of the rear suspension. My suspicion is that some people will not necessarily want to feel the road more, and that is why we would want them to adjust the suspension softer in the rear to make it more comfortable. The setting you have it on now is good for many but not all. The problem is, right now, it is set ALL THE WAY soft in the back. We want to make the setting you have now more of a “medium” setting so you can make it softer or firmer as you desire.

“Ride seems to be lacking the “down force” in turns” You are misusing the term “down force.” If you feel the car is lacking a feeling of confidence or grip in the turns, I agree. Which brings me to the next point:

“When coming out of the corners the steering seems to be hesitant to return back to normal position” Both this point and the one above are a function of the front shocks being too soft. The is the opposite of the first comment on the rear being too firm. We ran into the same thing with the HT-Spec TSX. The front is way too soft, scary to drive at speed and hard to control, and the rear is too firm, where you can feel the road a bit too much and it also makes the issue in the front worse!

We are addressing the issues by making softer shocks for the rear which can be adjusted to the firmness you feel now, and firmer shocks for the front which will eliminate the movement of the front end and make it more accurate and responsive feeling. An alignment will help A LOT, but won’t fix these fundamental issues.

With that, the owner is going to go off and get the TL aligned so we can get a truer sense of what improvements need to be done to get the car feeling 100% awesome and HT-Spec’d. We have a goal to try and get these kits before the end of September and we are planning an introductory deal to get them off the ground right for those customers who have so patiently been waiting for this kit to develop! Stay tuned for more updates!