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Group Buy for Ingalls ETD announced now! 04-08 TSX and S2000 folks join in!

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Our rep, Max, has been buggin me to start a GB for Ingalls ETDs for a while now, mostly because of their superior fitment over other brands and reasonable price. I thought, hey, why not get TSXs in on it, too?

So we started the GB to end 12/10/10, allowing us, presumably, enough time to ship before Xmas!

Here is a link where you can buy in now!

HT-Spec TSX gets new rollers…Steam-rollers from 949Racing and Hankook to be specific.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

After months and months of waiting for the first batch of 949Racing 6ULR wheels to come in, and more months and months of deciding which tire and which color to option, and more months of trying to sell the Mugen M5 wheels I’ve been running while waiting…I have finally installed the first signature set of HT-Spec Wheels/Tire package on the HT-Spec Project TSX!

What makes this package HT-Spec? Specifically, the sizing. When it comes to choosing wheels, there a lot of different camps on how to do it “right.” Some prefer wheels 50% wider than stock with tires that are 10% narrower than stock. Some prefer to run whatever used JDM wheel that fits “pretty good” without fender rolling. Some want to keep the original size. I am with the camp that feels the widest tire possible on a wheel that provides a square sidewall and perfect backspacing is best. An people that share this opinion have a hero. His name is Emilio, and he runs a wheel company called 949Racing.

949Racing has made a huge splash in the track-performance world by introducing wheels with specs that mainstream manufacturers don’t dare to touch. Starting out with 15″ wheels on Miatas made his name, but left folks with larger wheels wanting something more. When he announced a 17″ product I instantly became elated. The 17″ wheel, dubbed the 6URL, was actually developed for the S2000 market. But as luck would have it, the 17×9 version on a 48 mm offset ended up being a perfect fit on out HT-Spec TSX, even when lowered significantly with an HT-Spec Damper Kit!

We test fitted a set back in May and posted the results on our Facebook page. With a 255/40-17 tire, which is slightly smaller overall diameter than the stock 215/50-17 size, we found the rubbing to be minimal with our HT-Spec Damper Kit set to a 1.75″ drop, and non-existent at a 1.5″ drop or with a very slight roll to the fender in the rear! The front required only a removal of the fender liner clip and no rolling needed at all. There is hardly any clearance on the insides, but the front wheels/tires do not rub ANYWHERE on the inboard side, even at full lock in a loaded U-turn!

The tire we chose for this package was a Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110. This tire has gotten a lot of great press, most notably in the last Car & Driver tire shootout, where it came in a close second to a much more expensive Michelin PS2. Check the link for details on this tire. The excellent rating and bargain pricing were all it took to convince me this was the tire to go for. Optionally the Hankook Ventus R-S3 would be the tire to get for track performance. The high level of grip makes it a performance champ, but the softer compound wears fast on the street. We might get a second set with the R-S3s, but for now the V12 evos are definitely the way to go!

For your own HT-Spec wheel and tire combo, please visit!

Truly this is the MOST tire you can get on a TSX without fender modifications*! That is how this wheel and tire combo got to be HT-Spec! Healthy sidewalls = stock-like comfort. Wide tires = macho grip. Perfectly fitted wheels = Minimal-to-no rub.

* You’ll note we are running camber on this car. In the images the rear camber is natural and un-modified and comes purely from the lowered ride. We are planning to install an Ingalls Camber Kit and bring it to an even 2.0 degrees. We will need to roll the rear fender about 1/4″, which is almost nothing. The front camber in these images is displaying about 1 degree negative as achieved with Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber Arms. We will be dialing in about 1.5 to 2.0 degrees negative up front as well. For information on camber and the effect it has in improving performance, read here.

I've been rolling on these 17x7 M5s for a while. They are nice and all. But not really turning me on.

Oooo, wheels and tires mounted...getting nervous.

949Racing Luggies and hub rings are ready. We'll use the purple rings. The golds were on hand just in case we had the size wrong.

949Racing Luggies. Very light aluminum, and unlike most other racing nuts, these are fully threaded.

A little weight comparo. Mugen M5, 17x7, +48 with a 215/50-17 is 45.8 lbs.

An HT-Spec 949Racing 6ULR (size 17x9 +48) with a 255/40-17 tire weighs 43.7 lbs! 2 lb savings per corner for 40+ mm in tire? YES PLEASE!

Here is a little visual comparison of how much rubber we are actually adding.

Something like 8.5 inches on a 215...

...and 9.75 inches or so on our new 255. Yikes!

Front hub ring installed and ready for wheel (ooo, Racingbrake 2-piece rotors are the centerpiece of the HT-Spec Stage 3 Brake Kit).

Rear hub ring installed and ready for wheel (note fancy HT-Spec Damper, Chassis Brace Kit, and Brake Package items. Who can see the HT-Spec item that is MISSING from this picture?).

And without further ado, installed pics!


Thursday, July 15th, 2010

People, what a week it has been! First, the main computer here experienced a hard drive crash. Luckily all our files are stored on a network RAID file server, so none of the really important docs were lost. But we did lose some pretty important program information that put us a week off schedule. Then, I went out on Tuesday to see this:

HT-Spec TSX with a broken rear windshield.

Someone had broken the rear window on the HT-Spec TSX! I guess the only good thing here is that the windows were tinted so the glass didn’t actually fall inside the car. We reinforced the outside with some packing tape. Lordy, please don’t let it fall in!!! Insurance wants to put an aftermarket glass in it, which I am against. So we need to pay for the replacement out of pocket :/

I had so many better things planned this week than to rebuild my computer system, play catch-up on all the orders and emails that came in while we were down, and investigate how much this glass thing is going to cost. I suppose it will need to wait until next week! We will be showing you our Ingalls ETD and UR Pulley installs next time around.


Specials : July 2010 : HT-Spec Brakes, V6 Exhaust Items, Tein Coilovers, “Bitch Clip” Popper, FLP Shifter & More!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Hi and welcome to our July 2010 Promotions Post! Last month we wrote up a number of Pitboard postings that got some a lot of attention. In those postings a few products were mentioned that this month we will offer a promotion on! Here, we are going to list them with a few pics and captions and as you click the images you’ll be taken to links where the special pricing and/or Free Shipping is to be revealed! Some items we cannot promote too cheaply and you might encounter MAP pricing that won’t look really attractive. Don’t freak out…just add the item to your shopping cart for your promotional shipped price! Let’s go!

On June 16th we posted a sort-of “catch up” entry encompassing a number of brake articles we’ve written in the past titled “Racingbrake Rotors Break The Mold: The Best Rotors EVAR!!! So awesome, they are HT-SPEC!”
Of course, Racingbrake products are the BEST. As such, we have highlighted them with our first full-fledged HT-Spec Brake packages! Ranging from a modest Stage 0 to an aggressive Stage 3, we have a braking solution that will tackle any customer demand this side of a big-brake-kit. That includes a massive performance increase with the top-of-the-line 2-Piece rotor and Track Duty package.

HT-Spec Staged Brake Kits: On special in July!

This is an introductory offer for 1G TSX and 3G TL brake kits. The packages will already save you 10% off retail pricing, but during the month of July ONLY you can use coupon “july10-01″ for an additional 6% off that! Shipping is added in the cart and will depend on where you are located and the package you choose.

On June 20th we posted up “An Outline Of The Converter Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines”. This posting helped alleviate some confusion that newbies had regarding the unfamiliarity with terms such as “pre-cats” and “j-pipes.” I have updated this posting to take into account older 2G CL and TL, and 5g Accords that did not have pre-cats but rather traditional cast manifolds with aftermarket “headers” as replacements.

Click here for ATLP exhaust part deals

Click here for RV6 exhaust part deals

Click here for XLR8 exhaust part deals

For the month of July 2010 only, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER THAT INCLUDES A ATLP, XLR8, or RV6 V6 ACURA/HONDA EXHAUST COMPONENT (except cat-backs). This is in addition to any other coupons and such we already have out there in the forums. The coupon to use in the cart is “july10-02.” If there is something you are looking for you don’t see on our site, please send an email asap so we can add it up by month-end for you (

On June 20th we posted up a very handy tool we got from Honda for removing the push-in clips that never seem to come out without breaking. We dubbed it the “bitch clip” tool. This money-saving tool can be had this July for 10% off! Use coupon code “july10-03″ when checking out!

Bitch Clip Popper

On June 24th we announced that Tein had reduced pricing on many popular SS, SS-P, Basic, and FLEX damper kits. We have some VERY attractive pricing and FREE SHIPPING on these items this month, so find a kit for your Acura, Accord, or S2000 and add to cart for your amazing pricing that can be combined with existing promotions! Important note, if you see the “MAP pricing” that is not YOUR price. Add the item to cart to see your special promotional price!

Tein CST for to find a Tein kit for your car!

On June 30th our HT-Spec TSX went in for service for the Power Steering Hose Recall. A number of products were mentioned in the posting which are all ready to go out on special in the month of July! Important note, if you see the “MAP pricing” that is not YOUR price. Add the item to cart to see your special promotional price!
Alutec Tower Brace
Fastline Performance Carbon Spark Plug Cover
Ingalls & XLR8 Engine Torque Dampers (ETD)
TSX UR 3-Pulley Set
These items are all discounted for the Month of July. Existing promotions are still valid as well!

Lastly, we have run out of stock on the Famous Fastline Performance Shifter for popular Civic and Integra models. While we build more parts, order NOW and get $10 & free shipping!

World Famous Fastline Shifter

I hope these specials meet with your desires to outfit your car at the best prices possible! It is one way we can say thanks for reading!


The HT-Spec TSX Gets The Power Steering Hose Recall Done!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

HT-Spec TSX meets Acura of Mission Viejo

Happily responding to the recall letter I received from Acura regarding the power steering hose recall, I took the HT-Spec TSX in for SERVICE at my local dealer, Acura of Mission Viejo.

Here is a down-loadable PDF of the service bulletin regarding this recall. Read it. Seems simple. Pay particular attention to the stuff about draining the fluid and then refilling with new fluid.

Here we are sitting in the service drive entrance. You are right to think that the HT-Spec TSX was most likely the best looking car to roll through on this particular day. Excepting of course any NSXs that might have strolled through.

The best place to do last minute DIYs is the service drive of your local Acura dealer.

I like to take a little time at this stage of any labor job take a look at the effected areas of the work. In this case, the high-pressure power steering hose runs in between the Alutec Tower Brace and the Fastline Performance Carbon Spark Plug Cover. I decided it was best to remove them before releasing my ride to the dealership in an effort not to tempt fate and risk damage to over $300 in HT-Spec parts.

Alutec bar and FLP plug cover installed.

A couple twists of a wrench and we are go for greasy mechanic to work on my hose! know what I mean.

I felt no need to take such precautionary measures with the Ingalls Engine Torque Damper (ETD) or UR Power Steering Pulley. This stuff was not in the way and should not need to be touched.

Gratuitous UR Pulley and Ingalls ETD shot.

The last time I would see the TSX until late afternoon. :/

During the write-up, the adviser asked me if there were any other issues that needed to be looked at. I just basically told them to look for any leaks or anything. I was delighted to accept the offer of a free “World Class Inspection” to be done on the car. Well hell! If it’s free, it’s for me! It sounded like a neat thing, and there is even this cool paper that they take all their notes on.

FREE World Class Inspection! Count me in!

During this discussion my car had been pulled into the back, presumably parked in amongst the rest of the cars to be worked on that day. I used to be a lot porter, and that is what we did anyway. After oogling some MDXs and such, my wife an I hopped in the old Odyssey and exited the parking lot.

Imagine my surprise to see my car PULLING IN as we were pulling out! Seriously? I was there for 5-10 minutes max and the car already had a joy-ride? I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it was too soon for the car to be getting worked on. I know the TSX is all HT-Spec’d out and hard to resist, but come on. The dealers could be more responsible than this.

Tick tock tick tock…a few hours rolls by and come 2:00pm I get a call from the adviser with the results of my World Class Inspection.

  1. I need new engine and cabin air filters. DING DING DING! I DO. But, since we will be putting an intake on, and I already have a new cabin filter on my desk, I declined these services.
  2. Clutch Operation needs immediate attention. DING DING DING! See…this is where you start wondering about the joy-rider. My clutch didn’t necessarily need immediate attention when I dropped it off. I would not say IMMEDIATE. I definitely needs some attention some time soon. But it isn’t slipping or anything. The take-up is high.
  3. Power Steering Fluid needs to be flushed. Eh, isn’t it supposed to be changed during the job? Oh, I see, they said flushed. A common term that it is often used to mislead people into thinking they are getting something more than just an expensive fluid change. For $120, they can keep it.

That was really about it. I am glad to know the TSX is tip-top, other than the mentioned items. The clutch is a bit of a concern since it is such a bitch to replace. I’ll definitely get to it…probably when I HAVE to. :)

Upon returning to the dealer, I retrieved my completed World Class Inspection worksheet.

World Class Inspection Worksheet for the HT-Spec TSX @ 93,000 Miles.

And collected my washed TSX and they even cleaned my wheels and greased my tires. It sure looked sharp. I proceeded to reinstall my mods and it gave me a chance to survey the new hose.

An updated hose; now with protective liner!

Grrr...this was sort of annoying.

I hate going for service like this because it never feels like your car when you get back in it. The damn seat is always moved around! I never moved the seat when I was a porter :/ Come on, a car like this rolls in and you don’t think the guy who owns it is going to notice this stuff? Or care? And why do you need to move the seat ALL THE WAY BACK to roll the car around in the lot anyway? Oh yea…they didn’t just drive it around in the lot. I know mechanics don’t care and don’t move seats. I worked with a dozen of them for a year. I promise, it is the porters and car wash people moving them around. Grrr! Curse you ‘04 TSX without seat memory!

And I’ll be damned if my shifter doesn’t feel a bit notchier and the clutch pedal isn’t a tad higher than it was when I dropped the car off. I almost forgot about my joy rider. The mind wanders and wonders why the hell you just can’t go in and have a decent, respectful job done. I know it’s just warranty and the dealer only gets 0.6 of an hour pay. But this is why I won’t go back for service:

  1. Who the heck is driving my car, and do they have the decency to drive it the way they’d want me to drive theirs?
  2. Who the heck is working on my car, and are they going to work on it the way they would work on their own car (assuming they would do a decent job)?
  3. What the heck am I paying for (assuming I’d get the quality of work if this were a repair, not a warranty)? A glorified car-wash?

At this time, I would like to highlight some services we offer here! Take a gander at our Installation Services Page! Mention this article and get 20% off your next job!

I looked at my Power Streering reservoir and it doesn’t look like they touched it. 2 bottles of power steering fluid were billed on my RO. The fluid is old smelling (smells gross anyway, but who the hell knows). I am going to change it myself I guess. Just to be sure.

My total experience. Ok; it’s what I expected.

Their grade? C+. C for the Power steering fluid B.S. and joy rider. + for the job being relatively neat and on time and for not recommending stuff I don’t need.


For camber rear kits, avoid parts with aftermarket ball-joints.

Friday, May 7th, 2010

I had a customer in today, 05 TSX with some Tein Basics set at a 13.5″ height all around (measured from center of center cap to fender lips). The camber in the rear was corrected with an SPC camber kit, also sold under the CT or Comptech name.

Some of you know from reading our posts and such over the years that we recommend the Ingalls brand of camber kits for the rear on a TSX/TL/CL/Accord. And this post is to tell you why.

Because the arms mentioned, in addition to those sold by Megan Racing and Eibach, all replace the upper arm in the rear to an adjustable part. The rear upper arm that these kits replace on these cars contains a ball-joint to attach it to the rear hub carrier.

SPC rear camber arm, showing the ball-joint link.

SPC rear camber arm, showing the ball-joint link.

The problem with replacing the stock arm with an aftermarket one is that the stock ball-joints have really high quality rubber on the boots, and are deigned to work within a specific range of motion. Because aftermarket ball-joint boots are of inferior material, and are subjected to altered range of motion (when installed on a lowered car), the boots tend to become brittle and they brake after a while.

SPC rear camber arm after 60k miles and 4 years.

SPC rear camber arm after 60k miles and 4 years.

It is for this reason we will mostly recommend the Ingalls camber kit for these rear multi-link applications. The rear Ingalls kit is a set of 2 arms per side, which replace lower links in the suspension, 4 arms in total between the left rear and right rear.

Ingalls 38725 rear camber kit for the 1g Acura TSX/7g Accord/3g TL

Ingalls 38725 rear camber kit for the 1g Acura TSX/7g Accord/3g TL

    There are many benefits of this kit over the ball-joint type kits mentioned above:

  • Camber has plenty of adjustment range.
  • The bottom of the wheel is pulled in, rather than pushing the top out (can give more fender clearance for lower offset wheel fitments or wider tires).
  • No ball joints mean they will last much longer than the other kits.
  • Easier access for the alignment shop to adjust
  • Easier to install, since ball-joints can be a bear to remove at times.

So, that is why Ingalls rear camber kits are the #1 recommended rear camber kit on rear multi-link Honda and Acuras. They are HT-Spec!

Don’t believe me? We had another customer in this afternoon for an Ultra Racing Rear Lower Brace test fit (works perfect with a CT exhaust BTW). This particular customer was running a set of Tein Super Street dampers and Ingalls 38725s on his ‘04 TSX with OVER 150,000 MILES!

Ingalls rear camber kit 38725/38720, after 150,000 miles

Ingalls rear camber kit 38725/38720, after 150,000 miles

Still in perfect condition!

In summation, replacing factory ball joints is undesirable, so if at all possible, go for the part that avoids doing so.