An update on the HT-Spec TL, and where to follow the built thread!

First off, here is the link to the build thread:
HT-Spec TL Build Progress Thread on

Our man Sandeep will be adding to this thread as we add cool stuff to his car. So subscribe to that thread if you want those updates! He is doing updates independently from us so we won’t write a blog post on the complete progress. Just an FYI :)

In this most recent update, the car has been outfitted with an HT-Spec Stage 2 Brake Package. For those unaware, the HT-Spec Stage 2 Brake Kit consists of 1-piece Racingbrake rotors front and rear, along with Racingbrake ET500 brake pads front and rear. Also, an essential part of the package, are a couple bottles of RBF600 brake fluid to fill the supplied Fastline Performance Stainless Braided Brake Lines.

Front brakes hidden by the TE37-rep wheels.

Rear Brakes on the TL Installed

And then we took some beauty shots!

The paint on this car needs a little help, but there is no denying that a black on black tinted out TL is just a sick looking sight.

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