HT-Spec’s Newest Release: Acura TSX and TL specific coilover systems!

If you have been following the threads focused on the HT-Spec damper kit on Acurazine (TL version) and TSXClub (TSX version), you are most likely really anxious to buy a set! Well, HERE THEY ARE!

Click this image to order an HT-Spec damper kit with optional add-ons on!

The concept of this kit started waaaay back in August 2009 with the UCC Damper kit concept. The original idea was to have a kit that fit in 04-08 TLs (UA6/7), 04-08 TSXs (CL9), and 03-07 Accords (CM). The different cars would all fit the same suspension kit but would have the same specs. All the cars would react a bit differently, but the results would be ideal for the individuals driving the cars (ie, the kit would feel softer on the cruiser TL, but sportier on the tossable TSX). Tein was to be the manufacturer of choice for this project.

Ultimately, we decided that the customer demand would be more in favor of a kit that included a top-hat kit and a lower price point. We started working with Function/Form Autolife on this project at that point. The biggest reason is that they had already had somewhat of an underground following in the TSX market, and had not yet been well exposed to the TL market. The reason for this is because they offered a specific kit for neither car! Their 03-07 Accord kit would fit on a TL if the stock top hats were retained, and would fit on a TSX if laborious grinding was performed on the rear lower mount.

HeelToe saw a perfect opportunity to lend a development hand to F2 to get their kits fitting the respective cars correctly, as well as custom tune special HT-Spec damper kits to meet the needs of our customers! We found that over the years our customers all prefer similar traits in their suspensions. Nearly everyone we have spoken to with a TSX or TL wants a degree of performance higher than stock, but nearly nobody wants the ride quality to be adversely effected. One of the most common comments, and the first from people’s mouths, is “I don’t track my car.” Actually, we have come to find it comical how many people made it a point that the main requirement for their suspension is that it isn’t “track ready” since very little in the way of track suspension is actually available for a TSX or TL!

Most all folks want the same thing: an improvement in handling and more confident body control with a minimal degrade in the ride. To us, it meant finding the right valving to balance the handling but retain a softer rear valving. The standard F2 kit was found to be way off the mark, and the HT-Spec designation showed a drastic 50% change in valving in both front and rear dampers to achieve the desired performance/ride balance.

Conversely, the amount of lowering people desire is all over the map. It used to be that we needed to recommend different kits based on the cost or lowering needs of a person. With the range of height adjustment provided by F2’s full-length threaded design allows a range of adjustment that is quite large on the lowering side. However the standard dimensions of the kit put a strict limit on how minimal the lowering could be. In other words, with a standard F2 kit, you can lower your car 3.5″ or more! But the highest it will go is still 2″ down from stock. Many people want to lower in the .5″-1″ range. So with longer lower brackets we were able to accommodate these customers as well. The HT-Spec F2 damper kit as a massive adjustment range for height that should satisfy nearly ALL Acura drivers!

So there you have it. The first batch of kits is on the way now and due to land in the next week or so. We are now accepting pre-orders, and to those who get in on the ground floor early with us will receive a special ordering incentive! Use the coupon code “htspecdamper” to order now and get these kits at a lower introductory price for a limited time. Only a limited amount of people will get the discount to ordering soon is probably a good idea!

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5 Responses to “HT-Spec’s Newest Release: Acura TSX and TL specific coilover systems!”

  1. TSXguy says:

    So what are the spring rates for each kit?

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. MrHeeltoe says:

    All kits share 12kg front and 6 kg rear springs. But we caution you against using the rates to compare to other kits. The valving has a lot to do with how the springs feel/react.

  4. Allan says:

    I can’t wait to pick these up on Monday! Just in time for AcuraFest!! Haha, they look very promising!

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