BETA TEST WEBSIDE LAYOUT: Are we going in the right direction?

Hi folks! Time for me to shoot a question out there for you. We have a new plan for how we are going to have you find products on our site that we hope will be a lot faster and easier. Check out the following links and reply back letting us know if you think the new layout is better or worse:

First, the current state…see the 99-03 TL category (click image to link):

You can see that the layout is pretty standard. You link through to find the parts you are looking for through the different categories, and we show some highlighted items right there on the page.

Now, the BETA TEST 01-03 CL category (click image to link):

We’ve taken away the category links and put all the products in the same general area. Instead of linking to different categories, you use filters to find what you are looking for. The page doesn’t reload which we are hoping is faster for finding items.

Well…have we improved?

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