We have a new site! Visit Heeltoeauto.com if you have not for a while.

Hi folks, things have been quiet here. Well, quiet on the outside…INSIDE we’ve been going nuts!

We loaded a new site software up! 2 months in the works and now we are online. Check out the work on Heeltoeauto.com!

    Improvements to note:

  • New custom software: you won’t see this…but you should FEEL it when we give you customer service. A new order updating system makes your updates easier to access than ever. Updates and tracking numbers will all have time stamps so you can hold us more accountable for our promises!
  • Layout improvements: we got tons of compliments on the look and feel of the old site so we refined rather than re-invented. The left nav is improved and we are going to be rolling out soft improvements over the next few months.
  • Functional improvements: Price match capability, mini-cart convenience, “bestsellers” link at left, and the new tabbed product menu are big changes. Oh, and don’t forget to read some of the testimonials :)
  • Checkout: this stayed the same! We put so much work into the old site and people really loved it, so we carried this over without trying to fix something not broke.
    But there is much more coming in the near future!

  • Oversized shipping rate calculation woes: should be a thing of the past in a couple weeks here…
  • Better category layout: simplification of less clicking to get to what you are looking for…we all like that!
  • Revised Build-My-Own system: Build my own brakes combos are hugely popular amongst our customer. This process is going to get better with more detail and options given very soon.
  • Our PITBOARD is GOING AWAY. Well, not in spirit, but in function. The Pitboard was a great way for us to get started blogging. But a new CMS software allows us to fully integrate our blog with our cart, complete with 2-way linking with products for quick tips and references for installs and advice!
  • The PRC is GOING AWAY. A new helpdesk is going to fully integrate with our cart as well, meaning you never need to leave our store to get customer service!
  • And LOTS more!

Take a look around the site! We really want to know what you think of it!


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