Heeltoe 2011 Holiday Special – We will beat them all by paying you!

In honor of our new site, we are going to give the latest feature we’ve added the spotlight this year.

Is it the Facebook tab that lets you shop directly on Facebook? No…

Is it based on the newly refined layout with better organization, a convenient “mini-cart” and better linking between products and blog articles? No…

It is our fancy new PRICE MATCH MOD!

Squatch Deals

That’s right, we’ve always been happy to entertain price matches, as is anyone else. But Heeltoe has gone a step further making the process so easy, a Sasquatch could do it!

*Step one, visit heeltoeauto.com and see the “request a price match” link in the left nav.
*Step two, follow the easy steps outlined on the page (login, add item to match to your cart, go back to “request a price match” link).
*Step three, wait for our approval.
*Step four, make the purchase by checking out like normal!

This new process is so super simple, want you to try it out on ALL OUR COMPETITOR’S BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY/HOLIDAY promotions! Find the best deal you can, try the price match process out, and we will issue you a free $5 gift certificate toward a future purchase!

That’s right…try the price match mod, and we will give you a $5 credit for a future sale, EVEN IF WE DON’T APPROVE YOUR PRICE MATCH! Give the cert code to a friend or relative for them to use on you :)

Rules: there really aren’t any! But please don’t waste our time with bogus, expired, or unreasonable deals. We won’t necessarily approve all deals but we will make counter-offers to make it the best we possibly can!

One Response to “Heeltoe 2011 Holiday Special – We will beat them all by paying you!”

  1. Nancy Badal says:

    Fantastic. Gotta love heel toe. Happy Thanksgiving.