Info on Skunk2 TSX exhausts shipping internationally

We get asked quit a bit about shipping Skunk2 TSX (Accord CL9) Exhausts to far off locations like Australia and Europe. International customers are mostly aware that shipping costs can get pretty high for large items such as exhausts. They are heavy and ship in “oversized” boxes.

Oversized boxes are ones where the outside dimensions of the box are larger than a typical or average package are. There are usually different tiers of over-size a box can fall into, and with each tier comes a fairly significant price hike. Skunk2 exhausts fall into the highest tier of oversize box that there is! Fujitsubo and A’pexi systems are also quite large. So shipping these systems ends up being quite costly.

Heeltoe, being advocates for customers and sympathetic to the high costs of freight, like to reduce cost to customers whenever possible. So with many oversized packages like lip-spoilers and exhaust systems we open the box and repack the contents in such a way that we can cut the size of the box down to get it into smaller oversize tiers. Apex’i shipping many times gets cut in half (Apex’i has actually consulted us on our packing techniques to reduce their own cost as well!), Fujitsubo cat-back shipping we reduce by 20% or more, and front lips we can usually save customers 20% as well!

Skunk2 exhausts, unfortunately, are designed in such a way that we cannot physically reduce the size of the package while keeping the contents intact. So we came up with a really unique idea for a customer in Malta (a small Mediterranean island south of Sicily) who absolutely HAD to have a Skunk2 system for his CL9 but wanted costs of freight dropped below nose-bleed territory. As you can imagine, shipping to Malta is a pretty costly thing to do.

So, WITH THE CUSTOMER’S CONSENT, we CUT the exhaust. We marked the pipes and put a cut in the muffler section so that we could dramatically reduce the cost of the package shipping.

Doing this allowed us to DRAMATICALLY reduce the cost of shipping the exhaust. I think it was something like a 60% savings. Our cut was clean and lined up perfectly when the customer got the exhaust. One simple weld at a fab shop was all that was needed to get the system going. The customer was extremely happy with how things turned out!

So, if you are interested in this service please let us know. We know this seems like a dramatic thing to do, but reducing shipping costs to places like Australia, for example, from something like $800+ US to under $300 US is a pretty dramatic savings!

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  1. Ryan J Rubio says:

    This is brilliant. Pat yourselves on the back, HeelToe.