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Visit to Racingbrake, and some great tech stuff! 2-piece rotor heavy info, and NEW TL rear BBK leaks!

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Hey subscribers! I went to RB the other day to test fit the HT-Spec Stage 5 BBK on the TSX. While I was there I got an eye and earful of info to share with you! The photostream is on Flickr, linked here:

Don’t forget these Stage 4 and 5 BBKs are for sale NOW with special promotion!

Here are some shotz for you to digest before getting into it!

Racingbrake's hardess testing station.


Getting to work on the HT-Spec TSX.

Don’t forget these Stage 4 and 5 BBKs are for sale NOW with special promotion!

HT-Spec Brake Packages now available for 1999-2012 TSX, CL and TL models

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Check this link to scope out the latest brake kit for your TSX or TL! We have listsings for all the 99-12 TL models, and 04-11 TSX, as well as 01-03 CL!

Stage 0:
HT-Spec Stage 0 Brake Kit
RB Performance Pads, Fastline Brake Lines, and Honda Genuine fluid

Stage 1:
HT-Spec Stage 1 Brake Kit
RB Performance Open-Slot Front Rotors, Optional Rear Rotors, RB Performance ET300 Pads, Fastline Brake Lines, and Honda Genuine Fluid

Stage 2:
HT-Spec Stage 2 Brake Kit
RB Performance Open-Slot Front Rotors, Optional Rear Rotors, RB Performance ET500 Pads, Fastline Brake Lines, and Motul RBF600 Fluid

Check this link to scope out the latest brake kit for your TSX or TL! We have listsings for all the 99-12 TL models, and 04-11 TSX, as well as 01-03 CL!

Stage 3:
HT-Spec Stage 3 Brake Kit
RB Performance Open-Slot 2-piece Rotors, Optional Rear Rotors, RB Performance ET500 Pads, Fastline Brake Lines, and Motul RBF600 Fluid

Stage 4:
HT-Spec Stage 4 Brake Kit
RB Performance 12.8″ One Piece Slotted Rotors, Forged Aluminum Calipers, ET300 Pads (Optional ET500 & ET800), RB Brake Lines, Motul RBF600 Fluid

Stage 5:
HT-Spec Stage 5 Brake Kit
RB Performance 12.8″ Two-Piece Open Slot Rotors, Forged Aluminum Calipers, ET300 Pads (Optional ET500 & ET800), RB Brake Lines, Motul RBF600 Fluid

Check this link to scope out the latest brake kit for your TSX or TL! We have listsings for all the 99-12 TL models, and 04-11 TSX, as well as 01-03 CL!

HT-Spec Stage 4 & 5 brake kits are ALL NEW with RB Performance BBKs

Monday, June 27th, 2011

RB Performance (used to be called Racingbrake for you old timers) has just given us all the specs on their new long-awaited BBKs! We are so amped about these brakes we are superseding our existing Stage 4 HT-Spec kit to these new RB packages. First some eye candy:

The top-of the line kit is the 4-pot kit with 2-piece RB rotors. The calipers and rotor hats are forged aluminum with all stainless hardware. Rotor temperature control is beyond reproach, featuring convergent vane design, patented open-slots, and patented center-mount rotor location. 2-piece rotors offer a huge weight savings. The rotor size is 324x258mm (12.75 inches).

The basic kit the line kit is the 4-pot kit with 1-piece RB rotors. The calipers and rotor hats are forged aluminum with all stainless hardware. Rotor temperature control is achieved with convergent vane design and patented center-mount rotor location. The only thing you lose over the 2-piece kit is some weight savings.

Pre-Order Online now with special discounted pricing! Use coupon code rbbbk10 in the shopping cart for an additional 10% off!
Stage 4 Brake Kit
Stage 5 Brake Kit

Kit contents:

324mm BBK (1 pc) $1,470 (retail) (Sept 2011)
Disc: 90371A (Slot)
Caliper: RB4045-RD (Red or Black available)
Adapter: AD137
Pads: PD647-33 (ET 300), option up to ET500 or ET800
Brake Lines: BStainless Braided

324mm BBK (2pc) $1,850 (retail) (End July 2011)
Disc: D216-09-381 (Open Slot)
Hat: H704-18 (Forged aluminum)
Caliper: RB4045-RD (Red or Black available)
Adapter: AD137
Pads: PD647-33 (ET 300), option up to ET500 or ET800
Brake Lines: Stainless Braided

These kits are simply amazing value for technology offered. Where do I begin? How about the most obvious part; the calipers.

RB Performance calipers are designed from the ground-up to be the most cost-effective, high-performance caliper on the market.

Pre-Order Online now with special discounted pricing! Use coupon code rbbbk10 in the shopping cart for an additional 10% off!
Stage 4 Brake Kit
Stage 5 Brake Kit

    RB Performance calipers:

  • Caliper Body: Light weight at only 4.5lbs, these new RB4000 calipers are re-designed and built for the toughest brake jobs with extended service life before any rebuild is required.
  • Low Profile: Together with RB Center-Mount design two-piece rotors, you hardly even need to require a spacer to install the kit. It fits under 16’ wheel for 300mm rotors.
  • Piston Material: Made of stainless steel instead of aluminum commonly used by other caliper mfgrs which can substantially reduce the heat transfer (approx 1/10 of aluminum) from the pad to brake fluid. Pistons are vented to further reduce the heat contact area and improve air circulation thereby reducing more heat transfer. Being that stainless steel has a comparable melting point (2700°F) to brake pads’ steel backing plates, the pistons will never melt to the pad backing plates. Aluminum pistons (1220°F) can melt to brake pad backing plates under extreme high speed braking.
  • Dust Seal: Our dust seal is of built-in type (instead of external boot type) uniquely designed to shield the dust and foreign material from contamination and will not rip – as commonly seen on boot type dust seals.
  • Hardware: Brake pad pins and banjo connections were re-designed for easier brake line connection and brake pad replacement.
  • Surface Coating: Powder coating with most durable finish for lasting appeal.
  • Hardware: Most hardware is made of stainless steel for durable performance and appearance.
  • Never Get Lost Bleeder Cap: Newly designed with a retaining loop so you will never have to find it again and/replace the lost ones. (made of durable EPDM)
  • Use standard FMSI brake pads (D647): A very common P/N (same as WRX 4-pot fix pistons calipers, plenty of choice for suppliers and compounds.
  • Made in USA: Calipers are designed, fully assembled and hydro-tested in our Fullerton, CA facility, with full after sales support/service.

Stainless steel pistons are a major feature, as they significantly reduce heat transfer from pads to brake fluid as opposed to aluminum used by other companies.

You’d possibly read all about the awesomeness of Racingbrake rotors on Acurazine, TSXClub, or even on Honestly I would say the best bet to read up on the rotors will be to read up in the numerous articles we’ve written about them here:
Racingbrake Rotors Break The Mold: The Best Rotors EVAR!!! So awesome, they are HT-SPEC!>/a>

The brake pads included in the kit are ET300, but a number of upgraded compounds are available in upgrade. We ET500 will offer the same low/no noise and dust of the ET300 but will work better with more aggressive driving. For the maximum in street performance we suggest the ET800 pads, which again are quiet, clean and livable but withstand higher temperatures.

Lastly, brake lines are included to provide the best possible pedal pressure and modulation ability.

Read up on all the grear RB BBK package benefits here

Pre-Order Online now with special discounted pricing! Use coupon code rbbbk10 in the shopping cart for an additional 10% off!
Stage 4 Brake Kit
Stage 5 Brake Kit

HT-Spec Stage 4 Big Brake Kit Now Available!

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

These…are so cool. Thanks so much to Fastbrakes for helping us assemble this most awesome, street high performance and track worthy brake package.

First, Specs. Then PICS! Last, blah blah blah about how they work and stuff.


Front Upgrade (for 04-08 Acura TSX, 99-08 Acura TL non-Brembo):
AP Racing 4-Pot Calipers
12.6″ Front One-Piece Slotted/Dimpled Rotors, Zinc Plated for corrosion prevention
Stainless Braided Brake Lines
Hawk HPS Brake Pads
Optional – Hawk HP+ Brake Pads (to-on-from the track)

Optional – Rear Upgrade (for 04-08 Acura TSX only right now):
12.3″ Rotors
Brackets to use standard calipers
Stainless Braided Brake Lines
Hawk HPS Brake Pads
Optional – HP+ Brake Pads (to-on-from track)

Brake Fluid Upgrade:
Motul RB600F (track use)

For pricing and ordering information, please visit this link:


HT-Spec Stage 4 Front One-Piece Kit

The easiest pad change you could ask for!

Slotted and Dimpled Rotors

Added rotor mass is capable of handling all the heat you can throw at them.

Reduced mass in the calipers helps balance out unsprung weight against the heavier rotors.

Perfect fit behind HT-Spec 949Racing wheels.

There is room to spare, should fit behind a variety of wheels.

Ready to rock!

Front kit after running around for a couple weeks.

Rear kit after running around for a couple weeks.

The HT-Spec Stage 4 brake kit steps up the looks and performance of the TSX considerably!

For pricing and ordering information, please visit this link:


    Install Notes

  • The design of this kit is spot on. The only thing that needs some massaging is the fitment on the hub-centric ring that centers the front rotor on the hub. It is snug (as it is supposed to be) so it needs a little finesse to get it onto the hub. Then when installing the rotor over it you really need to run the lug nuts down on the rotor to “press” it over the hub ring to get it flush against the hub face. A flush hub face placement is needed to install the caliper properly.
  • The kit comes with a fantastic bracket for mounting the caliper. Included spacers mount the caliper to the correct spacing so that it is centered on the rotor. I used one black spacer and it was perfect. Hint- install the pads in the calipers to help you visually center the assembly (psst, a micron off here and there is not the end of the world. Fitment within 1/16″ is really pretty acceptable).

  • The front rotor shield does not need to be removed however you need to tweak the lower rib (flatten it out).
  • The rear is only slightly trickier than the front. The rear shield does not come off here either, but requires more bending. No tools are needed, just some hand-bending.
  • Little metal isolators on the factory caliper mounting locations needed to be rotated or removed to fit the bracket.
  • This assembly needs to be centered as well. Here is the spacer arrangement I needed. Yours might be different! Note, you need the rotor installed to check the centering but you don’t need the calipers/pads installed. The bracket itself is all you need to check the centering.
  • The assembly without the rotor so you can see how it all is supposed to fit:
    Driving Impressions

  • The HP+ pads are super noisy when they are cold, and this kit never get hot on the street…use HPS pads for the street!
  • Even though there is a slightly greater pedal travel to this kit initially, once the pads bite the pedal is firm and awesome feeling with a reassuring solidity that makes you really feel like the brakes are working.
  • The amount of pressure needed to slow the car is dramatically reduced. TSXs have over-active ABS already and this kit makes that tendency more apparent. If ABS kicks in just modulate the pedal to keep it at the threshold. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the car stops.
  • Dive…if your suspension isn’t made firmer in the front this kit will induce more dive than the stock brakes, however the rear kit does an excellent job of stabilizing the car so it isn’t nervous or tail-happy in the slightest. If you feel like the kit is diving too much there are two things you can do: 1) practice transitioning to braking more softly and gradually, 2) firm up the front suspension a tad.
  • Reliability: this kit should be every bit as reliable as standard components, however if flushing fluid was good practice to do annually with standard brakes, I’d consider it requisite with this package. It will keep the seals in great shape preventing untimely rebuilds. Rebuild kits are available if you notice a sinking pedal or leaks after prolonged use.
  • Brake fluid: Don’t let people fool you into believing you need upgraded brake fluid for the street with a BBK. We offer it with our Stage 2 and 3 kits because the rotors are standard sized (and even have less mass int he case of the 2-piece rotors) and can transmit a higher amount of heat to the calipers and fluid than standard fluid is designed to come with. The Stage 4 kit can take a lot of abuse before the fluid boils so standard fluid is all that is needed. If you figure you “might as well” change the fluid to a higher grade since you are flushing, there is nothing wrong with that. But you don’t need to.

For pricing and ordering information, please visit this link:

Breaking News! Braking News! Racingbrake Open-Slots Shipping Now!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Racingbrake rotors have been a major part of the Heeltoe lineup for over 5 years. We are the number one global supplier of Racingbrake rotors for Acura vehicles. The reason why? Because the technology and innovation that is cast into each rotor they make results in the best oem replacement rotor you can buy…period!

We’ve written many times about the benefits of Racingbrake rotors. The curved cooling vanes, wear resistant heat-treated material, and reinforced hub all have made Racingbrake a standout rotor choice for Heeltoe customers over the years. If you are new to Heeltoe and Racingbrake, check out these part articles for all the skinny on brakes and where Heeltoe stands on the issue of rotor replacement:

Now let’s look at how Racingbrake did the very thing they simply did not need to do…make their rotors BETTER.

They are still really awesome looking, so that is good.

Temp resistant black EDP coating, cross-hatched friction surface still provides the best possible pad bedding, and as always Racingbrake rotors are dynamically balanced. But what’s up with all the holes in the slots and the hub?

Here is where you can see the real improvements.


  • Has the advantages of both drilled & slotted rotors
  • Allows the disc to expand and contract and prevents the disc from cracking or warping
  • Increasing cooling area and retains more friction surface
  • Slots relieves thermal stress
  • Slots are self cleaning and the pad build up will not clog the slots and are exhausted via the rotor edge keeping the disc surface clean
  • Reduces brake pad dust buildup and keeps the wheel clean through vacuum effect

The hubs also have openings in them now, which allows a considerably greater amount of airflow into the vanes. It is amazing how much aerodynamics come into play with these rotors. Convergent vanes, open slots, vented hubs…all these features come together to provide the best cooling possible, and therefore a rotor that resists overheating and warping like no other! We’ve never had a substantiated claim that Racingbrake UP rotors have warped or produced vibration.

Are they for you?
A lot of people tell us they don’t race or track their cars and so they don’t need racing parts. We can certainly agree with that! We know that street drivers need to have a rotor that makes economical sense. Racingbrake rotors are the best possible choice for your street car because they cure two of the huge ailments that street drivers have!

  1. SHAKING: Racingbrake rotors are reinforced and will not warp. Therefore, they never need to be resurfaced. Therefore, they have a considerable longer life-span than conventional rotors do. In fact, we have seen these rotors exhibit 2-3 times the life of a conventional rotor!
  2. WEAR & DUST REDUCTION: Racingbrake rotors are made from a proprietary material that is harder than conventional rotors. Add to that, they are heat-treated (similar to cryo-treating but a more developed science) which increases hardness even more. What it means is, these rotors don’t wear out, and don’t produce that super-fine, very black brake dust that coats wheels in a week (TL Type-S people, you know what I’m talking about).

All applications are in stock NOW. Open-Slot rotors will replace all normal slotted Racingbrake rotors in Build My Own and HT-Spec packages! Prices have changed a little to reflect the improvements made, but these are still the most competitive prices on the best possible braking components your money can buy!

Give us a call if you have any more questions or concerns!



Racingbrake: Blow Acuras Away With Standard Open-Slots!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Who has heard of Racingbrake’s latest innovation: Open Slots? This really inventive concept was first introduced on their super-high-end rotor offerings for NSXs and Corvettes, and now is becoming standard on all Acura 2-piece rotors and the newest 1-piece rotor for the Brembo-equipped TLs!

See this link to learn about the THREE big patented advancements made in rotor design available for your Acura TODAY! When it comes to making rotors, there is no better OE replacement part available!

We have updated all our 2-piece rotor descriptions (we tried anyway, there are so many of them between “Build My Own Brakes” Combos, HT-Spec Staged Brake kits, and individual listings…let us know if something is wrong!) to reflect the new Open-Slot finish.

New Racingbrake 2-piece Open-Slot design for TSX

New RB 2-piece open-slot rotor installed on a customer's TSX. They work SOOOO nice!

For a limited time, Racingbrake is offering the new Open-Slot finish for Acuras for the same price as the old style slot rotors! If you have been thinking about getting some 2-piece rotors, now is the time to pull the trigger!

We have updated all our 2-piece rotor descriptions (we tried anyway, there are so many of them between “Build My Own Brakes” Combos, HT-Spec Staged Brake kits, and individual listings…let us know if something is wrong!) to reflect the new Open-Slot finish.


At long last! A TSX Rear BBK with an upgraded caliper and reasonable cost!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Fastbrakes has finally completed their rear big brake kit for the TSX using Wilwood E-Brake Calipers and a massive 12.2″ two-piece rotor! The benefit of this kit over stock is increased brake torque through greater clamping force on the pads and a greater moment from the bigger diameter.

Fastbrakes rear bbk for TSX

The pictured rotor has slots and dimples but the supplied rotor has slots and drills. The performance of this kit is probably best matched to one of Fastbrakes’ front 2-piece kits with either 4-pot or 6-pot calipers. Look for a Stage 4 HT-Spec kit with these products supplied in comprehensive combo packages really soon!

Tech Info: Is it ok to use new pads on used rotors, and vice-versa?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

There is a myth in the automotive world that tells us new rotors should be installed with new pads, and vice-versa. And that if you are not going to replace the rotors, they should be resurfaced to generate a new friction area for proper bedding.

False, with one minor exception.

When properly bedded and used over time, a thin layer of brake pad material is transferred to the brake rotor surface, and this helps create optimal friction for stopping. When a set of pads is worn out and need to be replaced, it is perfectly ok to install a new set of pads on the old rotors. The fact that a layer from the old pads has “contaminated” the surface of the rotor means little once the new pads are bed in.

See, bedding in the new pads will wear off the old pad material and replace it with the material from the new pad. This is especially true when the pads you are installing are even the slightest bit more aggressive than the old pads. The relatively weak material from the old pads is readily replaced with the stronger material of the new pads. Even when changing pads like-for-like, it is easy to recognize that the material on the rotor face indeed does not need to be replaced at all!

The exception to this assertion comes in when you are replacing pads with weaker ones than you have already installed. In my personal experience working with Japanese cars I find that it is most often the case that the OEM pads really are quite weak and nearly any grade of aftermarket pad that is installed will readily replace the material left by them. In fact the OEM pads more often than not as so weak they have a layer built up that is uneven and causes shaking. This is often confused with the idea that the rotors might be warped. In fact installing more aggressive pads on shaky rotors can many times FIX the shaking completely. This concept is put to work in our HT-Spec Stage 0 brake kits.

Sometimes, the rotors on the car are creating shakes that are so violent simple rebedding and pad replacement are not adequate for mitigating them. In some cases, the brake rotors may indeed be warped and are needing to be replaced. But, if your brake pads are going to be replaced, and the brakes cause little or no shaking in the wheel or pulsing in the pedal, a simple replacement with something a bit more HT-Spec will be all that is needed!

HT-Spec Brake Pad Bed-in Procedure, recommended by Heeltoe on all HT-Spec braking systems.

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

First it is important to know what pads you have, and what they are capable of. Heeltoe Automotive recommends Racingbrake or Hawk Racing pads, which offer different levels of performance depending on your needs. Find out more about the differences in pads under product descriptions on!  


Bed in is not a one-time thing. If you overheat the brakes or use them irregularly they can “un-bed” as it were and the friction surface is not ideal. It can manifest itself with noise, glazing, shaking….you need to go out and re-bed the brakes. Sometimes you need more aggressive pads to get it done!
The following bed-in procedure is drawn from our personal experience in breaking in pads, and from technical information gathered from the Racingbrake Website.
All brake pads must be bedded-in with the rotor they will be used against. Even though those performance street pads have been burnished at the factory, a transfer film must be generated at the pad and rotor interface for optimal performance. Whether it is new or used rotors, you must follow the bed-in steps listed below to maximize brake performance.
STREET PADS, example Racingbrake ET300/500,  Hawk HPS, Ceramic, and HP+

  • After installing new brake pads, confirm pedal pressure before driving car. On an open road with no traffic, make 6-10 heavy slow-downs, NOT complete stops, from 30-10 mph then fast
    accelleration and repeat with increasing pedal effort/brake effort each time until just shy of ABS activation. The idea is to heat and maintain that heat in the pads and rotors during the
  • On an open road with no traffic, make an additional 2 to 3 hard slows from approximately 45 mph to 5 mph applying firm pressure.Do not drag brakes or come to a complete stop. Engagement of ABS or threshold braking is not required.
  • Now, gradually building heat into the brakes, I like to run up to about 80 and bring the car down to about 40 mph in a short distance with heavy pedal pressure. Do this 2-3 times. You may experience some fading if your brake fluid is not upgraded and you have stock brake lines.
  • Allow 15 minutes for brake system to cool down by cruising at normal speeds.

Do not sand or grind the brake pads or rotors after this burnishing procedure has been completed. Your performance street pads are now ready for driving! I generally recommend to drive the car normally from here on out. I do not recommend using the brakes as a way to slow the car down, but rather use them as a way to CHANGE SPEEDS to a lower one. Keeping this thought in mind while braking will prevent you from making long gradual stops that raise brake temperatures above the desired level for street pads. When street pads get too hot, they can glaze the rotor surface or put inconsistent pads deposits on the rotor which will cause a shimmy.
Also, be aware that Racingbrake rotors have a special metallurgy that may require up to 500 street miles before break-in is achieved. You will need to get these rotors HOT! If there are not plumes of smoke billowing from new Racingbrakes you probably did not get them hot enough.
Lastly, do your best not to engage the ABS system within at least 300-500 miles of bed-in. If a shimmy should develop, one should reapply the bed-in procedure listed above.
! Added 6/8/10 !
You will know your brakes are bedded correctly when they look smooth without much or any trace of the factory’s cross hatched finish.
These Racingbrake 2-Piece rotors were returned to us because the customer was having a shimmy problem. We saw as soon as we opened the package we noticed that they had not been bedded properly. Even with ET500 pads the bedding was not aggressive enough to take down the cross hatching.

The same rotors as above after being bedded properly. I took the returned rotors and put them on the HT-Spec TSX. Some initial shimmy was noticed until heat was built up and pedal pressure increased. All shaking prompt went away ad has not returned in months of mixed driving. It is not the greatest image, but you can see the cross hatching is gone after one bedding session.

If you hear a noise after bedding that sounds like the brakes are dragging a little, this is relatively common. As your brakes wear in this noise will go away or at least will get very faint.
If you are looking at the not-bedded image above and notice that dimple in the rotor face, it is also normal. This dimple is evidence that the rotors have been hardness tested to ensure quality control. The dimple is deep an will not go away, and it does not hurt anything. If anything, be glad it is there, since no other brake companies really seem to care enough about their products to test their hardness before shipping them!

RACE PADS, example Racingbrake ET700/800, Hawk Blue or other Motorsports Pad
Prospective racers are cautioned that unless these racing pads are properly bedded-in at race track conditions it can result in pre-mature failure or ill effect.

  • Seal all brake ducts if any.
  • Slowly engage brakes 6 to 8 times at medium speeds (60 – 80 mph).  Do not drag brakes or come to a complete stop.
  • Increase speeds to simulate race conditions; allow 6 to 8 high pressure (about 500 psi) snubs at racing speed. Total engagements for Step 2 should be a maximum of 15 to 20.
  • Remove brake duct seals.  Allow the system to cool for about 15 minutes.  Do not engage brakes while car is parked during cool down period.

Do not sand or grind the brake pads or rotors after this burnishing procedure has been completed. Your motorsports pads are now ready for race!  
Base text sourced from Racingbrake Street Pad Beak-in and Racingbrake Motorsports Pad Break-in. Edited by 01TL4TL

HT-Spec Brake Packages: Mending Your Honda/Acura’s Achilles Heel

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

As great as Honda and Acura cars are, it seems pretty consistent for drivers to complain about their braking performance. If not the performance itself, but the life and consistency of the braking. We have spent countless hours in the forums and on the phone consulting people and helping them find braking solutions that will meet their needs. For a long period of time we were marketing order pages where people could build their own braking packages to suit their needs. Over the years, we have seen many kits being ordered over and over again, and we have taken these particular kits and built packages out of them to remove any and all guess-work out of the purchasing of a brake kit. With the introduction of HT-Spec Brake Packages, we hope you will find enough information here and on the order pages to show you that your hunt for brakes to suit your needs is over!

Stage 0: Standard-Plus

By far the number one complaint we get is with regard to shaking in the steering wheel. Many people falsely assume this is a warping problem, although our experience has told us that it is largely caused by an inadequacy of the brake pads to cope with slightly higher temperatures than normal. We have written extensively on this subject, and you may access our documentation here. Our general feeling is that, in order to get consistent, smooth, and reliable braking out of your Honda/Acura it needs a significant change in brake pad compound. The Stage 0 Brake Packages are dubbed “Standard-Plus,” which is intended to give you a sense that these packages will take your standard brakes and up the performance and economy to a level that you’d expect from the factory. It is a shame that Honda is unable to produce a brake pad that is able to stop smoothly, confidently and quietly without producing excess dust. Stage 0 Brake Packages do just this.

HT-Spec Stage 0 Brake Kit, Now Available For 04-08 Acura TSX and TL! Choose between RB ET300 Pads or Hawk Ceramic Pads

You’ll notice that ALL HT-Spec Brake Packages include Fastline Performance Stainless Braided Brake Lines and new brake fluid. The idea behind this is to highly encourage people to increase the frequency that they change their fluid. Honda only recommends a change every 3 years irregardless of mileage. We are sure this is a reasonably safe interval, but in that time braking performance degrades significantly. More frequent changes, in conjunction with brake lines that will not expand or deteriorate, will help your brake pedal feel firmer, confidence inspiring, and consistent for the life of your car.

Stage 1: Street Enhanced

Stage 1 Brake Packages up the ante by including a front brake rotor upgrade. This “Street Enhanced” kit includes a set of rotors most chosen by our customers: The Racingbrake UP 1-Piece front rotor. Racingbrake rotors have been a favorite of HeelToe’s for the last 5 years and counting. We have written extensively on the benefits of Racingbrake UP rotors, and you may link here to read up some more on them. Strictly speaking, if you are not going to get Racingbrake rotors, we would just as soon recommend keeping the rotors stock, or simply buying the cheapest rotors possible. None others match the functionality of longer life and cooler performance than Racingbrake offers and to pay for marketing bullet-points that don’t include engineered alloys, curved cooling vanes and reinforced hubs is simply a waste of money! Racingbrake ET300 pads compliment the UP rotors, as they are formulated to mate well and perform flawlessly with the UP rotors in normal or sporty street driving while producing extremely low dust and no noise to speak of. At this stage, rear rotors are optional, as a frontward brake bias does not cause much of a benefit to upgrading the rear rotor beyond appearance.

HT-Spec Stage 1 Brake Kit, Now Available For 04-08 Acura TSX and TL! Rear Rotors Are Optional.

Stage 2: Sport Package

For the serious street performance driver, HeelToe is proud to introduce the Stage 2 Brake Package; The “Sport Package” that the A-Spec cars SHOULD have come with. Building on Stage 1, the Stage 2 Brake Package increases the braking performance of the car dramatically by increasing the brake pad compound to an aggressive street spec. Racingbrake’s ET500 brake pad is a phenomenal street performance pad that is tractable enough to be used in cold morning weather, yet has a high enough temperature rating that it can be used for light track duty. You won’t find a rotor and pad combination that provides a better balance between performance, long life, low dust and noise at any cost. The brake fluid supplied with the Stage 2 Brake Package is upgraded from Honda OEM to Motul RBF600. This DOT 4 level fluid that offers a higher boiling point than standard DOT 3 fluid to resist boiling under extreme use. We haven’t seen a better value in temperature rating versus cost, so the Motul RBF600 is our choice for high end street and entry level track performance! Rear rotors are still optional here for street use, but we do recommend track use cars upgrade the rear rotors as Racingbrake’s engineered alloys will help extend rotor life and balance braking.

HT-Spec Stage 2 Brake Kit, Now Available For 04-08 Acura TSX and TL! Rear Rotors Are Optional.

Stage 3: Performance Package

For the ultimate braking package using the stock brake calipers, look no further than the HT-Spec Stage 3 Brake Package. We have dubbed this kit the “Performance Package” since it provides a massive improvement over stock. The addition of 2-piece rotors to the kit and aggressive ET500 or ET800 pad options make this a highly track-worthy kit. The benefits of 2-Piece rotors are huge (we go into detail in this link; highly efficient cooling, forged aluminum hats for strength; curved cooling vanes; highly upgraded alloyed iron material extends life even with track pads; weight savings of over 10 lbs off the front axle. The Stage 3 Brake Package will make your tires strain for traction lap after lap!

HT-Spec Stage 3 Brake Kit, Now Available For 04-08 Acura TSX and TL! 2-Piece Front Rotors Make This The Ultimate OE-Replacement Kit Available.

More stages will come later offering larger rotor diameters. But for 90% of us, we feel than the Stage 0-3 options will fit the bill for all your Acura’s braking needs!