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Info on Skunk2 TSX exhausts shipping internationally

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

We get asked quit a bit about shipping Skunk2 TSX (Accord CL9) Exhausts to far off locations like Australia and Europe. International customers are mostly aware that shipping costs can get pretty high for large items such as exhausts. They are heavy and ship in “oversized” boxes.

Oversized boxes are ones where the outside dimensions of the box are larger than a typical or average package are. There are usually different tiers of over-size a box can fall into, and with each tier comes a fairly significant price hike. Skunk2 exhausts fall into the highest tier of oversize box that there is! Fujitsubo and A’pexi systems are also quite large. So shipping these systems ends up being quite costly.

Heeltoe, being advocates for customers and sympathetic to the high costs of freight, like to reduce cost to customers whenever possible. So with many oversized packages like lip-spoilers and exhaust systems we open the box and repack the contents in such a way that we can cut the size of the box down to get it into smaller oversize tiers. Apex’i shipping many times gets cut in half (Apex’i has actually consulted us on our packing techniques to reduce their own cost as well!), Fujitsubo cat-back shipping we reduce by 20% or more, and front lips we can usually save customers 20% as well!

Skunk2 exhausts, unfortunately, are designed in such a way that we cannot physically reduce the size of the package while keeping the contents intact. So we came up with a really unique idea for a customer in Malta (a small Mediterranean island south of Sicily) who absolutely HAD to have a Skunk2 system for his CL9 but wanted costs of freight dropped below nose-bleed territory. As you can imagine, shipping to Malta is a pretty costly thing to do.

So, WITH THE CUSTOMER’S CONSENT, we CUT the exhaust. We marked the pipes and put a cut in the muffler section so that we could dramatically reduce the cost of the package shipping.

Doing this allowed us to DRAMATICALLY reduce the cost of shipping the exhaust. I think it was something like a 60% savings. Our cut was clean and lined up perfectly when the customer got the exhaust. One simple weld at a fab shop was all that was needed to get the system going. The customer was extremely happy with how things turned out!

So, if you are interested in this service please let us know. We know this seems like a dramatic thing to do, but reducing shipping costs to places like Australia, for example, from something like $800+ US to under $300 US is a pretty dramatic savings!

Latest video of 4g TL SH-AWD ATLP Quads in action: We need a 2012 car in Socal!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Hey folks, our ATLP SH-AWD Quad prototype is getting all kinds of work out on the streets. Check out the latest video of it!

Order your SH-AWD ATLP system here!:

Also we need to test fit this system on a 2012 model here in Socal, to ease concerns about it not fitting. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WITH A 2012 SH-AWD TL IN SOCAL LET US KNOW!

ATLP Cat-Back for 09- TL SH-AWD Prototype DONE, collecting orders now!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Hey folks, at long last our prototype of this long-awaited system is complete. Now we are coordinating the production of this system and are collecting backorders NOW. Order online at to be one of the first with this exclusive new system:

Place an order now! :

See this Acurazine link for more discussion on this system:

Place an order now! :

Skunk2 TSX Exhausts Coming Back In Stock In MAY 2011!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Hey there, we have been getting asked about this system on and off for a couple years and we always thought they were discontinued.

Well I just got word that a very limited quantity is about to arrive from over-seas and are available for pre-ordering on Link to the product and a video by clicking the image above :)

Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust for 04-08 Accord/TSX CL7 CL9 : Unbeatable price until 8/6 ONLY!

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

If you are keeping up with our HT-Spec Project TSX, you know that we recently installed a Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust on it along with a Fastline Performance Test Pipe.

About the exhaust I wrote:

The Legalis R by Fujitsubo is truly a special part. The pipes are made of the most luminescent polished stainless steel, from cat to tip, built up with perfectly tuned resonators to produce a melodious sound that is both prominent and understated. Artfully crafted hangers are carefully braced and gusseted to the pipes for a suspension that exudes engineering prowess. The perfectly-sized muffler tips are slash cut to provide just a hint of performance. But the system is always classy and never immature. Yes, it is a “tuner” exhaust…but for those with style.

We actually have a really nice video showing the fit and sound of this system here:

So impressed with the posting were the Fujitusbo Distributors that they offered us the opportunity to pass on an incredible price on this system for a limited time only (until 8/6/10). To get your special limited-time price you must do the following:

  1. Visit the order page here: Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust for TSX
  2. Add the item to your shopping cart.
  3. You price will automatically display in the cart! Simply add your shipping and you are done!

Ultra Racing Rear 4-point Brace…will it clear my 04-08 TSX’s exhaust?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

UR Rear 4-point brace clearance to exhaust system.

We find that from the bottom of the gas tank as a reference, the UR brace has about 2 5/8″ clearance available for the exhaust to pass through on an 04-08 TSX.

Check out or HT-Spec bracing packages on!

HT-Spec TSX Gets An Exhaust System from Fastline Performance and Fujitsubo

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Coming off last week’s debacle of having the rear glass in the TSX shattered (which incidentally is not fixed yet) I thought I would look back at two of the most significant upgrades done to date on the car.

First off, I must highlight the exhaust upgrades that have been made so far. The addition of a Fastline Performance (FLP) Open Track Pipe and a Fujitusbo Legalis-R Cat-Back have added a new dimension of performance and style. The first performance mod I did to the TSX was the 2.5″ FLP test pipe. Before going on, I must warn you that it is illegal to remove a functioning catalytic converter from any car in the USA. This is true even if the intent is to install another functioning converter! In the state of California, it is only legal to install a converter on a car that is specifically certified for that car. In other words, FLP cat- and track- pipes are intended for track or racing use only!

Fastline Performance Open Track Pipe

2.5" Open Track Pipe. Mega-high flow and a built-in CEL Eliminator provide worry-free power gains.

FLP pipes come in straight, open test pipe, resonated test pipe, and metal-cat versions. Also, all pipes are available in your choice of 2.25″ or 2.5″ diameters. Usually people like to match their cat pipe diameter with their exhaust or header. We accommodate this demand however strongly urge people to choose 2.5″ diameters in all cases. Truthfully the only reason to go with a smaller pipe is to limit the power you will ultimately get. Don’t let your anal-side take over…in this case, BIGGER IS BETTER.

FLP Open Track Pipes come with pre-installed heat-shield tabs for a stealthy look. They also come with super-high-end laser-cut flanges for a leak-free install WITHOUT GASKETS.

Test pipe installed?

One drawback that I have noticed with the deletion of the converter is definitely a distinct, environment-damaging waft of emissions coming out the tail-pipe. To alleviate this guilt inducing stink, we’d recommend installing a Fastline Performance Metal Cat instead. It has most of the cleansing qualities of an OEM converter which kills the smell, but gives up no performance to it’s wide-open siblings. Just don’t count on it passing a tail-pipe emissions test.

My intention was to do some dyno testing with these cat-pipes, because I know for a fact they make significant power. I also wanted to do some sound testing with them as well to alleviate concerns people have about noise. The best I can do at the moment is say, I definitely felt the car had more kick coming off turns, and the sound changed so mildly that it actually added an aggressive growl that should have come stock on the car!

Another common misconception regarding FLP pipes, particularly on the TSX, is that they are less effective on 06-08 models which come with a so-called “high-flow” converter form the factory. While it is true that the 06-08 converters flow more exhaust than a 04-05 model converter, it is completely untrue to say that there isn’t a gain to be had on those cars. In fact our first prototype car for the metal cat was a 5AT 2006 model, where the test-fitter was very pleased with the performance gained! If you have an 04-05, don’t get suckered into buying a used 06-08 cat that will only provide an imperceptible gain, and if you have an 06-08 don’t think an FLP cat pipe isn’t a worthwhile upgrade!

We just opened a GROUP BUY with Special Pricing on FLP Track and Metal Cap Pipes! Click here for details!

With the converter happily in place, and the Eibach 2010 meet quickly approaching, the HT-Spec TSX was still without an exhaust system. In the weeks closing in on the event, imagine my surprise when my family, led by my wife, presented a Fujitusbo Legalis-R Cat-Back exhaust system on my birthday!

Legalis R Mufflers.

The Legalis R by Fujitsubo is truly a special part. The pipes are made of the most luminescent polished stainless steel, from cat to tip, built up with perfectly tuned resonators to produce a melodious sound that is both prominent and understated. Artfully crafted hangers are carefully braced and gusseted to the pipes for a suspension that exudes engineering prowess. The perfectly-sized muffler tips are slash cut to provide just a hint of performance. But the system is always classy and never immature. Yes, it is a “tuner” exhaust…but for those with style.

Blah blah blah…we need pics!





Surly a system that looks this good can’t provide performance. I myself was guilty of the notion that the stock exhaust system would be difficult to improve upon in the area of efficiency. Imagine my pleasant surprise as the HT-Spec TSX pulled harder in each gear than it ever had before once the system was in place. Unlike most mods like this I have done, I really noticed a power gain the first drive I took.

I have rambled on about the Fujitusbo Legalis-R Cat-Back long enough. The superb combination of looks, fit, performance, sound, and status earns this exhaust an HT-Spec Certification!

An Outline Of The Converter Layout On J-Series Honda V6 Engines

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

The J-series Honda V6 has a special cylinder head that has a manifold integrated into it. As such, there is only a single port coming off the head that leads to the exhaust system.

The first generation of the J-series found in 01-03 CLs, 98-02 Accords, and 99-03 TLs featured a traditional manifold layout with a front and rear bank of primary tubes that heads down to a collector.

1g J-series header from CT Engineering: Link image to other brands!

Later 04+ J-series engines have quite a different design.

Diagram of the J-series cylinder head showing a single port.

The single port then dumps directly into the “pre-cats” as people refer to them. As a matter of fact, these are the primary converters in the car, containing 2 O2 sensors each. These cats are restrictive and are frequently removed (albeit illegally) in favor of open units, which we are told make a significant power increase. RV6 Performance makes produces the Pre-Cat Deletes. Another company used to make high-flowing cats for the J-series, although they no longer produce them because of problems in keeping the converter cores from breaking up.

RV6 Pre-cat deletes.

Immediately after the pre-cats there is a “j-pipe” as has been dubbed by the industry. This pipe takes the flow from the front and rear bank cats and brings it together into a single exhaust system. There are significant gains to be made from replacing the factory j-pipe to an aftermarket version. Larger diameter piping and a smoother collector improve the volume capacity and flow of the system. RV6, ATLP, and XLR8 all make j-pipes for the TL/Accord. We prefer the ATLP version as it has been redesigned to allow more ground clearance due to customer demands. The others may have been updated recently, but ATLP remains our preferred brand because of it’s price point, ability to keep the stock cat, and provide a lot of ground clearance.

ATLP J-Pipe, smooth transition, large piping, ground clearance, can use stock 3rd cat.

After the J-Pipe there is a 3rd cat. This cat, which lacks any O2 sensors, exists to provide additional of the exhaust not taken care of by the primary converters. This pipe can also be replaced by a test pipe or a high-flowing converter to produce more power. ATLP, RV6, and XLR8 all make both options to replace this converter, although it should be noted that replacing this converter is completely illegal as well.

ATLP Race pipe, a 3rd car delete.

The K24A2 in the CL9 Accord/TSX, and P2R Thermal Gaskets

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

To help clear the air a bit on P2R’s offerings for the K24 in the TSX and Accord CL9s, we are posting the article.

Throttle Body Spacers and Gaskets

There are different parts for an 04-05 TSx than for an 06-08 TSX.

For all 04-08 P2R Spacers, order HERE .  We have made this order page so you can choose what color, and what year you are looking to order. We also added an option for you to add one or two P2R throttle body gaskets with your order. We only feel one P2R gasket is really needed between the throttle body itself and the spacer, but MOST people order two P2R gaskets.

For just the throttle body gasket and its thermal insulating benefit, order 04-05 HERE and 06-08 HERE.

For the Intake Manifold thermal gaskets you have two options.

For the 04-08 gasket that goes between the Manifold Assembly and the Cylinder Head, order that one HERE.

P2R Gasket P113, between manifold and head

P2R Gasket P113, between manifold and head

For the 04-08 gasket that goes between the plenum section of the manifold and the injector mounting base, order that one HERE.

P2R Gasket P103, between TSX plenum and the injector base

P2R Gasket P103, between TSX plenum and the injector base

Again, some people get both of these. I don’t specifically see the benefit to doing so, but theoretically it will not hurt :)