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S2000 News, yes you guys get some love too!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

This post is just a little reminder for S2000 folks about some news and events. Here are some details:

Fastline Locking Top Latches
These are finally all ready to go! Kits are complete and shipping now. The locks are completely usable and compatible on ALL hardtops including OEM ones. There is one component to resolve still, and that is for those of you with OEM Hardtops. We don’t have a real clean way to use the key yet but are diligently working on it now! Still, the buttons fit and function perfectly!

S2KI Members! Enjoy a special discount on!
Don’t forget to use the coupon code “s2kfan” when checking out! You’ll get a special discount on all items online!

Fastline Performance Summer Bash!
Get huge savings on Fastline Maven Knobs, Bumper Caps, Cross Beam Covers, and Locking Top Latch Buttons until August 31st with coupon code “flpsummerbash”

New items adding to all the time!
We’vre recently gone and added items from some really nice brands like Bilstein, Berk, and J’s. Coming up next is a the entire J’s exhaust lineup, including the all new FX Pro!

That’s all for now, thanks for checking in with us!

ALMOST THERE: S2000 Top Latch Lock Update 5/4/2011

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Oh my lord, we are so close. The aim for this part’s completion was back in Jan, but we have proven positive that perfection cannot be rushed. Here are some fully machined buttons, ready for anodizing and assembling.

I am beyond saying what day these will ship but this was the biggest hurtle, getting this far. Security screws for catchers are in stock now, and the decals are in the final design process. It won’t be much longer!


Fastline Performance S2000 Locking Top Latch Buttons Update

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

For more details on this product, please link here: Fastline Performance Locking Top Latch Buttons, AP1/AP2 Honda S2000

The production on our S2000 Locking Top Latch buttons is progressing nicely, however we are not going to make our “end of February” shipping date. So, because of the delay we are making this posting to give and update as to where we stand now.

  • Machining the buttons: The first article samples were CNC’d last week (week of Feb the 21st). Some minor changes were made to the program and now the machining of the buttons is in full swing. We are expecting the machining to be done this coming week (March 1-3rd, something like that).
  • Anodizing: has to start after the machining is done, and will take about a week to complete.
  • Lock Cylinders: were ordered a while ago but are not in yet. We are expecting them in the next week or so, and some minor machining is needed on them as well that will happen in-house.
  • Security Screws: a vendor was found and these are on order now, to be received within about 6-7 business days (just before anodizing is done we expect).
  • Warning decal: Still being designed. The “contest” we had going on on S2KI is not really going well. We have only received 2 submissions and nether is really ready for print. We’ll have to either wait for a better design or simply make our own. Printing only takes a few days, but we are not going to worry about completing these in time to ship buttons. In all likelihood we’ll snail-mail the decals once they are done if they take longer than the buttons themselves.
  • Packaging: already ordered and received in our warehouse.

So there you have it! We are chugging along surely as ever. We’ll have these in the mail before long!

For more details on this product, please link here: Fastline Performance Locking Top Latch Buttons, AP1/AP2 Honda S2000

Follow up on S2000 FLP Top Latch Locking Buttons: Fits With OEM Hardtop Well!

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

This posting is to quell concerns people have expressed regarding the ability to use the supplied key in conjunction with a very space-limited OEM hardtop installed. We’ll tell you now, the kit works perfectly! Read on for pics on how!

Pre-order your Fastline Performance Top Latch Locking Buttons Today!

We can definitely see how there was concern about the fitment of our buttons with the OEM hardtop. The recess is deeper than we imagined.

Step one was to install the FLP button on the oem latch. This was a 45 second job with a simple screwdriver.

Here is the latch/FLP button combo installed and locked. Remember, the finished version will have a lip that covers all the guts of the button, and comes in anodized red or black.

In order to unlock the button, you need to swivel the key head to the side. This is a built-in function of our keys, and they need no modification whatsoever to do this.

The key fits into the lock cylinder and turns perfectly without contacting the interior of the roof. There is basically NO room to spare, but we unlocked the button 4-5 times and not a mark was left on the interior.

Open the latch, key and all, and the top is open!

In addition to this concern, people have expressed a concern with an ability of a thief to access and unscrew the latch catchers. We are addressing this concern by including a set of security screws with our buttons. Pre-order customers will be getting these screws with their latch button order, free of charge!

Pre-order your Fastline Performance Top Latch Locking Buttons Today!

First Look: Fastline Performance S2000 Top Latch Locking Button!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Hey folks, after a number of weeks of work by our fabricator we are proud to announce that our prototype for a locking solution for the S2000 is working and looks simply amazing. This patent-pending design is about to be released to the masses!

Again, this is not a first article and is not indicative of the final design (which will have a lip of material covering all the mechanical parts and a bright-dipped anodized finish) but you can really get the idea of our product from these pics:

Here is a prototype of what you get (shown one side only, we are making parts for both sides, fyi). We are also going to toss some decals in to alert would-be thieves not to try breaking in.

Here is the prototype installed. Our part is a simple replacement of the stock latch button on your S2000's OEM latch assembly.

Installation is super simple. Two little screws and that is it! No need to remove the latch from the car either. Install should be less than 2 min a side with no alignment or fitment concerns whatsoever.

Closer view. See the little peg sticking out of the lock? That means the latch is UNLOCKED and able to be opened.

The button pushes in just like normal when unlocked.

Engage the peg in the lock...

...and now the latch is LOCKED. This is the 'normal' state of the lock, so you should never have a problem forgetting to lock it, or feel tempted to be lazy and not install it or twist the lock if you happen to take your roof down from time to time.

It is locked really solid, too. There is no wiggle/play/movement/etc. The button straight will not move! No button actuation means no getting your roof off!

High-end security key is used to unlock the button. Made of hardened steel, this isn't something that will be easily drilled out.

Here is a lame photoshop of what the final button will resemble. We left the extra material off for R&D, but the final part will be very similar looking to the stock button, just a little wider to accommodate the lock cylinder. Not ugly. Not an eyesore. Just good solid protection.

Group Buy for Ingalls ETD announced now! 04-08 TSX and S2000 folks join in!

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Our rep, Max, has been buggin me to start a GB for Ingalls ETDs for a while now, mostly because of their superior fitment over other brands and reasonable price. I thought, hey, why not get TSXs in on it, too?

So we started the GB to end 12/10/10, allowing us, presumably, enough time to ship before Xmas!

Here is a link where you can buy in now!

Got an S2000? Fastline Performance Has Parts For You!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Fastline Performance has recently released a few S2000-specific items that we wanted to share with you!

S2000 owners! Want a “home base” to do all your one-stop shopping! Keep checking for all your parts needs. We are building our catalog now so if there are parts you’d like to order but don’t see them on our site, please let us know!

NOTE: All composite parts are available in fiberglass, twill weave carbon, 1×1 weave, and carbon kevlar!

S2000 Composite Cross Beam Cover

Composite AP1 Single-Outlet Bumper Cap

Composite AP2 Single-Outlet Bumper Cap

Maven Shift Knobs for manual transmission Hondas.

We’ll have more coming soon! If you are interested in any of the above items or anything else S2000 related, please visit! Don’t forget to contact us if you don’t see something you want!