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Don’t forget about out 10% off Fastline Summer Special!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

In case some of you have forgotten, we are doing 10% off Fastline Products ALL SUMMER! Check out with coupon code “flpsummerbash” by the end of August to say BIG on FLP!

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Fastline Performance Shifter for Civics and Integras is On Now!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

By popular demand on, we have opened up a group buy for the world famous Fastline Performance shifter!

Link HERE to see the details on this awesome deal! :::

The Fastline Performance Shifter was originally developed in 2003 to be the absolute BEST Honda/Acura shifter available.

More than a short shifter or retrofit to a stock part, the Fastline Performance Shifter was designed from the ground up as a completely new solution to getting faster shifts.

How does it work? Two key features are the key to this shifter’s effectiveness in achieving the smoothest and fastest shifts possible.

1) Close reach. By placing the knob a close distance from the “4 o’clock” position of the steering wheel you will find that grabbing a gear is unbelievably fast. A huge amount of time is wasted on reaching down for the knob in the stock location. Making things even better is the ability to adjust the shifter, allowing you to compensate for personal preference or different diameter steering wheels.

2) Counterweighting. It is no secret that a heavier knob is a great way to improve the smoothness of shifts. However simply sticking a weight on top of a long lever has a drawback…more mass to move in the shift. This means, more effort. The Fastline shifter places weight at an equal distance from the pivot to the shift linkage mounting, where it does the most work with the least effort. This allows you to use a light-weight Maven Aluminum or Delrin shift knob which reduces the effort needed to shift. It is the best of both worlds!

But, Fastline didn’t stop at engineering the best shifter. They also took it further by adding in the be absolute best hardware kit. Machined Delrin bushings add a crispness in movement that is unmatched by notchy-feeling bearings or squishy-feeling rubber.

Even the set screw that is included is an engineered part, featuring a toothed face that bites into the shifter base. This set screw will never come loose until you want it to!

For more details and for a neat You-Tube video of the Fastline Shifter in action, visit

Purchase today on or!

Add a Maven Black Anodized or Black Delrin Shift knob to your Fastline Shifter order. These match the Fastline Shifter finish excellently and provide the most ergonomic feel of any knob on the market. It will feel better in your hand than the one you have now or we’ll buy it back*!

* Yeah that is right, if you get a Maven Shift Knob and it does not honestly feel like one of the best knobs you’ve ever held, we will buy it back from you (less shipping fees, must return within 1 week of receipt, must be in new condition).

Fastline Performance S2000 Locking Top Latch Buttons Update

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

For more details on this product, please link here: Fastline Performance Locking Top Latch Buttons, AP1/AP2 Honda S2000

The production on our S2000 Locking Top Latch buttons is progressing nicely, however we are not going to make our “end of February” shipping date. So, because of the delay we are making this posting to give and update as to where we stand now.

  • Machining the buttons: The first article samples were CNC’d last week (week of Feb the 21st). Some minor changes were made to the program and now the machining of the buttons is in full swing. We are expecting the machining to be done this coming week (March 1-3rd, something like that).
  • Anodizing: has to start after the machining is done, and will take about a week to complete.
  • Lock Cylinders: were ordered a while ago but are not in yet. We are expecting them in the next week or so, and some minor machining is needed on them as well that will happen in-house.
  • Security Screws: a vendor was found and these are on order now, to be received within about 6-7 business days (just before anodizing is done we expect).
  • Warning decal: Still being designed. The “contest” we had going on on S2KI is not really going well. We have only received 2 submissions and nether is really ready for print. We’ll have to either wait for a better design or simply make our own. Printing only takes a few days, but we are not going to worry about completing these in time to ship buttons. In all likelihood we’ll snail-mail the decals once they are done if they take longer than the buttons themselves.
  • Packaging: already ordered and received in our warehouse.

So there you have it! We are chugging along surely as ever. We’ll have these in the mail before long!

For more details on this product, please link here: Fastline Performance Locking Top Latch Buttons, AP1/AP2 Honda S2000

Q/A: Rusty Fastline Performance Shifter

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

We recently got this email from a customer and thought we’d share our reply, what with the recent weather situations (i.e. winter).

Hello. I purchased a fastline performance shifter for my ek civic on dec.19,2009. Order#xxxx. A while back I noticed pen dot sized rust spots on the bends of the shifter. I wiped it off and didn’t thing much of it. Well with the recent rain/moisture, I found more rust spots on the shifter, and in more spots too around the bends of the shifter. I was wondering if this is a defect is the powder coating of the shifter?

Here is our reply:

Hi there, thanks for the email! The shifters are not powder-coated. They are treated with a coating called “black oxide.” Basically, the shifters are a black -colored oxidation that resists further rusting. As you can see, the shifters are not impervious to getting rust spots from time to time. The black oxide is not worn off, but some surface spots can appear. What you want to do is treat the shifter with an oil, like WD-40 and allow it to soak into the metal. This will clear up any rusty spots you have, and will prevent more from appearing. You might need to do this once a year.

One might ask why we choose black oxide rather than powder-coating or chroming. Well, Powdercoat really doesn’t hold us as well as we like it to in this application, especially considering the tight tolerances where the two-pieces fit together. And chrome, as awesome as we have seen our samples turn out, would raise the cost of our shifters by about 10% putting them well over $199. We figure the occasional lube job is more favorable that raising the price.

First Look: Fastline Performance S2000 Top Latch Locking Button!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Hey folks, after a number of weeks of work by our fabricator we are proud to announce that our prototype for a locking solution for the S2000 is working and looks simply amazing. This patent-pending design is about to be released to the masses!

Again, this is not a first article and is not indicative of the final design (which will have a lip of material covering all the mechanical parts and a bright-dipped anodized finish) but you can really get the idea of our product from these pics:

Here is a prototype of what you get (shown one side only, we are making parts for both sides, fyi). We are also going to toss some decals in to alert would-be thieves not to try breaking in.

Here is the prototype installed. Our part is a simple replacement of the stock latch button on your S2000's OEM latch assembly.

Installation is super simple. Two little screws and that is it! No need to remove the latch from the car either. Install should be less than 2 min a side with no alignment or fitment concerns whatsoever.

Closer view. See the little peg sticking out of the lock? That means the latch is UNLOCKED and able to be opened.

The button pushes in just like normal when unlocked.

Engage the peg in the lock...

...and now the latch is LOCKED. This is the 'normal' state of the lock, so you should never have a problem forgetting to lock it, or feel tempted to be lazy and not install it or twist the lock if you happen to take your roof down from time to time.

It is locked really solid, too. There is no wiggle/play/movement/etc. The button straight will not move! No button actuation means no getting your roof off!

High-end security key is used to unlock the button. Made of hardened steel, this isn't something that will be easily drilled out.

Here is a lame photoshop of what the final button will resemble. We left the extra material off for R&D, but the final part will be very similar looking to the stock button, just a little wider to accommodate the lock cylinder. Not ugly. Not an eyesore. Just good solid protection.

Reminder: Fastline Performance Holiday 2010 Savings! 10% off ALL FLP Items!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

To celebrate the growth of Fastline Performance products in 2010 we are offering 10% off until January 31st, 2011! Use coupon code “flpholiday2010″ during checkout for 10% off! Normally this level of discount is only available through group buys, so jump on it now!

REAL Acura Switchblade keys for 04-08 TSX and TL models

Maven Shift Knob for Automatic Transmission Honda/Acura

Composite Spark Plug Cover for K-Series Engines

Metal Cats and Open-Track Pipes


ATLP Quad exhaust group buy for 04-08 TLs is NOW LIVE!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Check out the details regarding this awesome product and the group buy it is being offered through on by clicking on the image below!

ATLP Quad exhaust for 04-08 TLs

Got an S2000? Fastline Performance Has Parts For You!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Fastline Performance has recently released a few S2000-specific items that we wanted to share with you!

S2000 owners! Want a “home base” to do all your one-stop shopping! Keep checking for all your parts needs. We are building our catalog now so if there are parts you’d like to order but don’t see them on our site, please let us know!

NOTE: All composite parts are available in fiberglass, twill weave carbon, 1×1 weave, and carbon kevlar!

S2000 Composite Cross Beam Cover

Composite AP1 Single-Outlet Bumper Cap

Composite AP2 Single-Outlet Bumper Cap

Maven Shift Knobs for manual transmission Hondas.

We’ll have more coming soon! If you are interested in any of the above items or anything else S2000 related, please visit! Don’t forget to contact us if you don’t see something you want!

Fastline Performance Now On Facebook To Commemorate Development of New Site!

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Do you like Fastline Performance Products? Now you can like them on Facebook and be up on the latest happenings!

We will be posting up there as we develop the new Fastline Performance website!

!GROUP BUY! Fastline Performance Bolt-in Open Track & Metal Cat Pipes !GROUP BUY!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Cliff’s Notes:
Total People Needed: 20
Price: $124 for Track Pipes, $179 for Resontated Pipe, $249 for Metal Cat
Incentive: 8% off any cat-back or header purchase made (contact us for details)
Link to Where To Buy In and Product Details:
Fastline Performance Bolt-in Open Tack & Metal Cat Pipes, 04-08 Acura TSX and 03-07 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder – HeelToe Automotive

Ending Date: August 31st, 2010

Ok cheater, read on for more specifics…

Join this Group Buy to get a great deal on the Fastline Performance Bolt-in Open Track/Metal Cat Pipe today!

We are assuming you are familiar with this product, but below are a few benefits of adding a Fastline Performance Bolt-in Open Track/Metal Cat Pipe to your 04-08 Acura TSX and 03-07 Honda Accord 4 Cylinder:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Increase of up to 5-10 horsepower
  • Expensive gasket-less, laser-cut flanges.
  • Built-in Check Engine Light Eliminator.
  • Mounting tabs for factory heat-shields (except Resonated pipe).

For More Details On This Product, Please Visit The “Buy-In” Link Provided In The Instructions Below!

Retail Price: $160 for Open Pipe, $235 for Resonated Pipe, $335 for Metal Cat
Regular Heeltoe Price including coupons: $Free shipping + Forum Coupons (4-5%)
GROUP BUY DEAL: $124 for Track Pipes, $179 for Resontated Pipe, $249 for Metal Cat

Additional Incentive for Participants! :: 8% off any cat-back or header purchase made (contact us for details)

General Shipping and Payment details:

  • All those who need shipping = Shipping cost is calculated in the shopping cart when checking out.
  • If you are using credit card, or credit card via PayPal, or payment with PayPal balance = 3% processing fee will be added to your order.
  • If you pay CASH payments, or Money Order by Mail, PayPal using eCheck (bank transfer) there will be no additional fee
  • Payment is due at the time of JOINING the group buy. All payments are 100% refundable should the volume requirement not be met. Read this link for money management procedures.

1- BUY IN on using this link:

  • Visit the GB purchase link.
  • Select the pipe options you prefer.
  • Select your payment method to add applicable surcharges.
  • Add to cart and check out using whatever ship and payment method you prefer.

2- Wait for your name to be added to the list on your respective forum.
For security purposes you may request to remain anonymous. Your order number will be indicated instead of your name.

3- Watch the list grow (Psst, frequent bumping and adding a link to your sig will help things progress quicker).
4- Wait for the deadline. When the deadline is reached…

  • … if there are enough people on the list we will proceed with filling the orders!
  • … if there are not enough people, we will give you the option of exclusive pricing on the Fastline Performance Bolt-in Open Track/Metal Cat Pipe (after all, you did want it, right?).
  • … if you decline to participate, regardless if we have enough people or not, we will process a 100% refund for store credit, or a 95% money-back refund.

5- Enjoy your Fastline Performance Bolt-in Open Track/Metal Cat Pipe.

Requirement for pricing guarantee: 20