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Only 3 days left to get FREE SHIPPING on New HT-Spec V2 Damper Kits!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Another reminder…the newly revised HT-Spec Damper Kits by Function/Form are going to be shipping out VERY soon! We had a free shipping promo that is going to end very shortly now. Read up on it in this past Pitboard Post:

Don’t forget about out 10% off Fastline Summer Special!

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

In case some of you have forgotten, we are doing 10% off Fastline Products ALL SUMMER! Check out with coupon code “flpsummerbash” by the end of August to say BIG on FLP!

Link to FLP products on

Tell yer friends!

Tell yer enemies!

S2000 News, yes you guys get some love too!

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

This post is just a little reminder for S2000 folks about some news and events. Here are some details:

Fastline Locking Top Latches
These are finally all ready to go! Kits are complete and shipping now. The locks are completely usable and compatible on ALL hardtops including OEM ones. There is one component to resolve still, and that is for those of you with OEM Hardtops. We don’t have a real clean way to use the key yet but are diligently working on it now! Still, the buttons fit and function perfectly!

S2KI Members! Enjoy a special discount on!
Don’t forget to use the coupon code “s2kfan” when checking out! You’ll get a special discount on all items online!

Fastline Performance Summer Bash!
Get huge savings on Fastline Maven Knobs, Bumper Caps, Cross Beam Covers, and Locking Top Latch Buttons until August 31st with coupon code “flpsummerbash”

New items adding to all the time!
We’vre recently gone and added items from some really nice brands like Bilstein, Berk, and J’s. Coming up next is a the entire J’s exhaust lineup, including the all new FX Pro!

That’s all for now, thanks for checking in with us!

!GROUP BUY! Skunk2 Front Camber Kit, 04-08 TSX/TL, 2003-2007 Accord !GROUP BUY!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Cliff’s Notes:
Total People Needed: 15
Price: $242 (with 15 people)
Incentive: Add Ingalls Rear Kit for $145!
Link to Where To Buy In and Product Details:
!GROUP BUY! Skunk2 Pro Series Front Camber Kit, 04-08 Acura TSX & TL, 2003-2007 Honda Accord CM, 516-05-0004 !GROUP BUY! – HeelToe Automotive

Ending Date: 5/31/2011

Ok cheater, read on for more specifics…

Join this Group Buy to get a great deal on the Skunk2 Camber Arms today!

We are assuming you are familiar with this product, but below are a few benefits of adding a Skunk2 Camber Arms to your 04-08 TSX/TL or 03-07 Accord:

  • Adjust camber for reduced inner or outer tire wear!
  • More GRRRIP in corners!
  • No interference to the wheelhouse on slammed cars!
  • Installs and adjusts much easier than the competition!
  • Helps you get your wheel fitment PERFECT!

For More Details On This Product, Please Visit The “”Buy-In”" Link Provided In The Instructions Below!

Retail Price: $299
Regular Heeltoe Price including coupons: $269
GROUP BUY DEAL: $242 (with 15 people)

Additional Incentive for Participants! :: Add Ingalls Rear Kit for $145!

General Shipping and Payment details:

  • All those who need shipping = Shipping cost is calculated in the shopping cart when checking out.
  • Payment options in the cart are Credit Card, PayPal, Money Order by mail, or Cash Local Pickup.
  • Payment is due at the time of JOINING the group buy, unless you pay cash then you pay when you pick up. All payments are 100% refundable should the volume requirement not be met. Read this link for money management procedures.


1- BUY IN on using this link:

  • Goto Buy-In link above and choose to add a set of Ingalls rear camber kits for a great lowered price, or not.
  • Add parts to shopping cart for your shipping cost (you may choose local will call at this time as well).
  • DO NOT ADD ANY PROMOTIONAL COUPONS IN THE CART. This offer cannot be combined with others.
  • Choose your payment option (CC, PP, or Cash) and then check out!

2- Wait for your name to be added to the list on your respective forum.
For security purposes you may request to remain anonymous. Your order number will be indicated instead of your name.

3- Watch the list grow (Psst, frequent bumping and adding a link to your sig will help things progress quicker).

4- Wait for the deadline. When the deadline is reached…

  • … if there are enough people on the list we will proceed with filling the orders!
  • … if there are not enough people, we will give you the option of exclusive pricing on the Skunk2 Camber Arms (after all, you did want it, right?).
  • … if you decline to participate, regardless if we have enough people or not, we will process a 100% refund for store credit, or a 95% money-back refund.

5- Enjoy your Skunk2 Camber Arms and Ingalls Rear Camber Kits.

Requirement for pricing guarantee: 15


Skunk2 TSX Exhausts Coming Back In Stock In MAY 2011!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Hey there, we have been getting asked about this system on and off for a couple years and we always thought they were discontinued.

Well I just got word that a very limited quantity is about to arrive from over-seas and are available for pre-ordering on Link to the product and a video by clicking the image above :)

Fastline Performance Shifter for Civics and Integras is On Now!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

By popular demand on, we have opened up a group buy for the world famous Fastline Performance shifter!

Link HERE to see the details on this awesome deal! :::

The Fastline Performance Shifter was originally developed in 2003 to be the absolute BEST Honda/Acura shifter available.

More than a short shifter or retrofit to a stock part, the Fastline Performance Shifter was designed from the ground up as a completely new solution to getting faster shifts.

How does it work? Two key features are the key to this shifter’s effectiveness in achieving the smoothest and fastest shifts possible.

1) Close reach. By placing the knob a close distance from the “4 o’clock” position of the steering wheel you will find that grabbing a gear is unbelievably fast. A huge amount of time is wasted on reaching down for the knob in the stock location. Making things even better is the ability to adjust the shifter, allowing you to compensate for personal preference or different diameter steering wheels.

2) Counterweighting. It is no secret that a heavier knob is a great way to improve the smoothness of shifts. However simply sticking a weight on top of a long lever has a drawback…more mass to move in the shift. This means, more effort. The Fastline shifter places weight at an equal distance from the pivot to the shift linkage mounting, where it does the most work with the least effort. This allows you to use a light-weight Maven Aluminum or Delrin shift knob which reduces the effort needed to shift. It is the best of both worlds!

But, Fastline didn’t stop at engineering the best shifter. They also took it further by adding in the be absolute best hardware kit. Machined Delrin bushings add a crispness in movement that is unmatched by notchy-feeling bearings or squishy-feeling rubber.

Even the set screw that is included is an engineered part, featuring a toothed face that bites into the shifter base. This set screw will never come loose until you want it to!

For more details and for a neat You-Tube video of the Fastline Shifter in action, visit

Purchase today on or!

Add a Maven Black Anodized or Black Delrin Shift knob to your Fastline Shifter order. These match the Fastline Shifter finish excellently and provide the most ergonomic feel of any knob on the market. It will feel better in your hand than the one you have now or we’ll buy it back*!

* Yeah that is right, if you get a Maven Shift Knob and it does not honestly feel like one of the best knobs you’ve ever held, we will buy it back from you (less shipping fees, must return within 1 week of receipt, must be in new condition).

Holy $H!t Buddy club prices going up 4/1/11

Monday, March 28th, 2011

My email from Buddy Club just now said:

“Buddy Club 2011 New price, Effective 4/1/2011.
Sorry, no April fool.”

And attached as a file that had new pricing. TSX N+ are going to be hiking like $300, so I think you better order in the next couple weeks if you want them!

To ease the pain a bit I am giving out this coupon good for a full 5% off all Buddy Club items on our site: bcpricebeater

N+ Damper for TSX

Racing Spec Damper for TSX

Heeltoe Automotive : Promotions : GROUP BUY for AASCO Motorsports Billet Flywheels, all Honda/Acura applications

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Spread the word of this GB to your friends in other forums! It is open to one and all!

Check it out our time sensitive group buy on!
Heeltoe Automotive : Promotions : GROUP BUY for AASCO Motorsports Billet Flywheels, all Honda/Acura applications – HeelToe Automotive

Gain back your engine’s lost power !

Drivetrain losses account for 15-25% of reduced power output. Energy is produced by the engine but is sapped by spinning accessories and other reciprocating parts of the engine. The flywheel is the largest mass on the engine that robs power. By installing a light-weight aluminum AASCO Motorsports flywheel, you can get much of that lost power back!

Gain in efficiency is the main benefit of installing an AASCO aluminum flywheel. Whether you are a street driver looking to reduce load on the enging and increase gas mileage, or a performance driver looking to increase your car’s practical power output, AASCO flywheels fit the bill.

AASCO aluminum flywheels offer all the reduced weight possible and are strong enough to take all the abuse a street performance or road race driver can dish out. AASCO incorporates a replaceable friction surface that allows you to keep the same flywheel for the life of the car by simply replacing the steel friction disc when changing clutches.

  • Low mass reduces drivetrain loss = MORE POWER
  • Never replace or resurface your flywheel again!
  • Lighter and longer lasting that chromoly.
  • Tough enough for the rigors of GT3 racing.

Most other flywheels people use today are made of billet steel, while light and strong, these one-peice units are one-time use only. They cannot be resurfaced safely in most cases.

Don’t confuse 100% American made AASCO flywheels with other overseas-manufactured units. AASCO wheels are made with ANSI-certified 6061-T6 aluminum. With something as important as your flywheel, don’t trust one billet material over another unless it carries the proper certification that only ANSI can provide.

Check it out our time sensitive group buy on!
Heeltoe Automotive : Promotions : GROUP BUY for AASCO Motorsports Billet Flywheels, all Honda/Acura applications – HeelToe Automotive

If you like this item, you might also be interested in:
Unorthodox Racing produces aluminum pulley kits that compliement the crankshaft weight savings offered by AASCO flywheels.

Heeltoe offers a wide range of clutch kits through our direct dirstributor sources: ACT, Exedy, Clutchmasters, Cusco, Carbonetics, and more! Email us if you don’t see it on!

When you pull out your transmission, you might as well change your transmission fluid as well! Order Honda Genuine MTF fluid change kit to get everything you need.

Thanks for checking out our post!

Announcing: FREE SHIPPING on all P2R products on!

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Since we recently started buying direct from P2R we decided to celebrate the new relationship with free shipping on all P2R products on our site. We might not have all items listed quite yet, so if there is something you want that you don’t see online hit us up!

Get what you want for your car this Christmas! Plus, we’re paying YOU to get gift certs!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Many people have used our site’s handy gift-giving features in previous years. In fact, we have gotten some of our best compliments AFTER Christmas from gift recipients who said their spouses, parents, or friends were treated extremely well and were happy with the service they got from Heeltoe! If you have something for your car you want but don’t want to send your friends and family into a poor service situation, have faith in Heeltoe to get them to get you what you want and make everyone happy :)

    Ways to get what you want for the holidays:

  • Ask for a Gift Certificate! Link your friends and family to this handy link: Gift Certificate on! Certs can be purchased in any amount, and this holiday season if someone buys a gift certificate for you we’ll issue a second cert to you for an additional $5! (limit one $5 match per $100 in certs bought)
  • Make a Wishlist on! You’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one, which is very simple to do. After you log in, “shop” for items and add them to your Wishlist. Once the Wishlist is populated, you can email it to whoever you like! The whole list is emailed to them with pricing and a convenient link right in it. Make sure you let them know you sent it and give them whatever coupons we offer!
  • Simply have them request a call. Tell them what you want, and shoot them this link and have them request a call. I will be my normal polite self. This is best for folks who really are unsure what they are doing and don’t trust the internet :)

Heeltoe loves helping people all year, but especially in the Holiday Season. We love knowing the parts we are sending will be making someone really happy, and no way of getting upgrades is as a present!