Product Announcement: Medieval-Pro Torsion Bars Now Available

The torsion bar front end of a Honda Civic/CRX from 84-87 or Acura Integra from 86-89 is one of the more widely misunderstood components on these unique Honda models. But what generally isn’t misunderstood is that you want larger ones if your car has any sporting pretense.

The torsion bars are these cars’ front springs, supporting each corner of the car. They function as front springs but work a lot like sway bars. In these Hondas, splined bars connect a free-floating front control arm to the subframe via an adjustable “torsion tube.” Stock bars are around 17-19mm in diameter. The size relates directly to how “stiff” the suspension is.

For many years, a company in Los Angeles called Upgrade Motoring produced torsion bars, which Heeltoe had sold under our in-house label “Medieval-Pro.” However, in 2016, the supply of these bars began to fade. The pricing continued to rise and customers were unable to afford them any longer. In January 2017, Upgrade Motoring announced they could no longer produce torsion bars.

This sad day came just around the time that Heeltoe has decided to combat the rising prices by producing bars through another manufacturer. One was found and the second generation of Medieval-Pro Torsion bars are here!

Currently, Heeltoe offers bars in 24, 27, and 30 mm diameters, in CRX lengths. New circlips and snap rings are included.

Astute readers will know that some Civics actually come with a shorter torsion bar than the CRX does and that the Integra bars are nearly 1″ longer. Due to current production and demand limitations, Heeltoe is only producing CRX-length bars at this time. The good news is, any of these cars can use the CRX bars. If you have Civic tubes, the CRX bars will stick out the back slightly, which is not a functional problem. You will need CRX torsion tubes if you have an Integra, which can be found at junk yards and the like. For evidence, find this link: Integra Torsion Bar Installation

Keep in mind, the change in length from an Integra or Civic bar will also change the wheel rate. To make sure you are selecting the right bar for your application, find our Honda Torsion Bar Wheel Rate Guide here.

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