2004-08 TL Front Camber Arms from Skunk2

UPDATE 6/11/10

We have just learned that the camber adjustment range of the Skunk 516-05-0004 kit on the 04-08 TL models is limited to 3-4 degrees positive and 1.1-1.2 degrees negative. For customers looking for more negative camber in the front, this kit must be modified in order to achieve the result. When you order this kit on there is an option for getting this modification done. Out of the box, we know the kit will correct negative camber you get from lowering the TL front end, but cannot provide adequate negative adjustment for extreme camber angles without modification.


Ok, so despite my previous professing about how a camber kit is not technically needed to prevent excessive tire wear, I have sold an unprecedented amount of them. Ingalls rear camber kits alone have moved more than enough units to support our WD program with Ingalls direct.

However, the front end of the 04-08 TL is not usually found far enough out of spec to warrant adjusting camber unless extreme lowering is performed. And in the case of extreme lowering, we find that the Ingalls retrofit adjustable ball joint, while effective, is a major pain to adjust, and does not provide enough clearance to the inner shock towers. This usually results in contact between said camber kit and inner shock tower!

Skunk2 has resolved this issue by releasing their ever-popular and much-refined camber adjustable upper arm for the TSX. As per usual, the TL got no love, but and Heeltoe Automotive has the exclusive scoop! This camber arm fits the 04-08 TL as well!

Check out the following pics to see the height difference between the stock, Ingalls, and Skunk2 ball joints.

Stock on the left, Skunk2 on the right.
Ingalls on the left, Skunk2 on the right (take note of the difference in adjustment and how much easier the Skunk2 kit is going to be to adjust after being installed on the car!)

So with Skunk2 the inner shock tower clearance issue is a thing of the past. Also, here is the part installed on a 04-08 TL:

Here are two pics showing the clearance to the wheels house at max and min camber settings:

Here are two pics KINDA showing the visual difference of the wheel hub orientation at max and min camber settings. The steering wheel is not turned, the car just has a toe impact when the camber changes. Just pay attention to the hub face and how it goes vertical when adjusted with the Skunk2 arms:

Chassis You Can Do It! DIYs

Koni Yellow Sport Shock Assembly Steps, Most Honda/Acura Models

Koni Yellows come with lame Ikea-style instructions that are significantly less than intuitive and actual Ikea instructions are. We’ve typed out the steps for assembling these items for you here. These steps will apply to most Honda/Acura cars with coil-over damper design. 

  1. The circlip on the shock body sets the height. Different cars have different height setting locations, but in the instructions, it is not stated which cars should use which clip location for a given height. We are planning a document outlining this but for now, the best bet is to compare the Koni shock with your stock shock to get an idea of the best place to put the circlip.
  2. Slide the silver-colored spring seat cup onto the shock body, paying attention to which side is up. The cup should be facing down.
    • Some applications, like S2000s for example, will require you to remove the spring seat from the stock damper and transfer it to the Koni.
  3. Install the white shock protection cup on the top of the shock tube. It presses in place but probably will not sit completely flush with the shock. 
  4. Install the factory bump stop trimmed per the spring manufacturer suggestion, or proportionate to the drop of your springs. Another option is to install aftermarket bump stops if you are not taking apart your stock shocks.
  5. Put the spring on per the spring manufacturer’s directions.
  6. Put the two flat washers on the shock shaft supplied with the Konis. One washer is larger than the other, and we routinely install the smaller diameter one first.
  7. Exchange the Koni supplied silver collar with the OEM collar in the top hat bushings.
    • Note if installing on an Acura TL-S or other car with metal reinforced upper hat bushings. You will need to ream or drill out the holes in your bushings to approximately 1/2″ in order to install them on the oversized Koni shafts.
  8. Install the top hat on the shock/spring assy.
  9. Install the flared washer, flare-up on top of the assy.
  10. Install one shock nut and tighten to spec.
  11. Install the second shock nut and tighten it to the first nut.
  12. Adjust the baseline firmness (usually in the middle of the rotation range).
  13. Install shock/spring assemblies and fine-tune the ride firmness your liking.