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Now offering spare parts for Fastline Switchblade Honda/Acura Keys

  • Posted: 01-10-2015 01:59 PM
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Heeltoe Automotive has been a leader in the Honda/Acura milled switchblade key market for many years. Now we are offering even more support for DIYers out there with spare parts for Honda/Acura switchblades!

For those unfamiliar, Heeltoe has offered service second to none on Honda/Acura switchblade keys. Specifically we take Acura TL Type-S switchblades and adapt them to other popular Honda/Acura vehicles such as the RSX, 1g TSX, and standard 3g TLs.

For more information on these keys, please link up here and ready the FAQ in the product details.

Fastline Performance Memory 1 Flip Key

Fastline Performance Memory 2 Flip Key

Now, in addition to offering these great keys, cut and chip swapped ready to run in your car, we are supporitng the DIYers out there with spare parts to make their old keys work like new again.

Remote Cover Plate, 2-Button

Remote Cover Plate, 3- Button

ID 46 Immobilizer Chip

Replacement Blade, Pre-Milled

Spring Set

Swivel Plate

Screw Set

Cover Plate Nut


Brian Randall
01-20-2015 10:28 PM at 10:28 PM
Are you going to have the buttons available I really need them for my TSX.
Administrator Note:
Buttons are coming with new remote modules. We don't offer buttons separately from the remote, though.

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