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No Clutch Alignment Tool? No Problem!

When installing a clutch it is necessary to align the disc with the flywheel before installing the cover (pressure plate). If you don't, the input shaft from the transmission will not engage the disc properly and you will never get the transmission lined up and installed!

The clutch alignment tool is a specific tool with splines match your transmission and a snout that fits in your flywheel. It holds the disc perfectly centered on the flywheel. Most clutch kits come with a clutch alignment tool matching your application.

But it has happens very often that you are not supplied the tool on accident, or you are doing a non-standard install, or are installing something tool! Many customers get upset and concerned that they need the tool to complete the install. Getting the tool outside the kit is sometimes difficult and can take time.

Instead of freaking out, grab a socket or tube some sort which is a bit smaller size than the flywheel snout and wrap some tape around it to fit into the the flywheel and disc size. The splines are really less is all about getting a snug fit.

Build the tape up a wrap or two at a time and test it a few times. Add tape as needed. You'll find that you can get the disc pretty firmly in place by adding the right layers of tape.

There you have it! Installing a clutch with a clutch alignment tool is definitely preferred, and in some cases may be required. But for many installs a little ingenuity is all you need to install your clutch without relying on tools you don't need.


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