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Policy Announcement : Automated Price Matching

  • Posted: 03-12-2014 12:57 PM
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Best Price

A common practice in online shopping is surfing around for the “best price.” We put “best price” in quotes because it is in imaginary term; or at the least a very relative one. There is no one “best price.” Every person is a little different and therefore the price that is best for them is not always going to be the same. For a store’s perspective, the “best price” is the highest a customer is willing to pay!

“Oh come on, you know we mean ‘lowest price’!” Ok, lowest price. We definitely understand that. Nobody wants to overpay for products or services, and when you search the internet you almost assuredly will find a lower price SOMEWHERE; even if it is a place you almost certainly would not willingly give your hard-earned money to.

Heeltoe Automotive wants their customers to know that, while we don’t always list the lowest price on products on the web, they are usually the best we can do at the time they were adjusted. Also, we are always interested in seeing lower prices so we can qualify, match, or even beat them to earn your business. That is why we have created this Price Match policy.

Price Matching

Price Matching is something almost ubiquitous in the automotive industry. Nearly every store will tell you they Price Match. But NOBODY does it as fast and easy as Heeltoe Automotive.

To do a Price Match, you simply:

  1. Log in
  2. Add items to your cart that you want to match
  3. Visit the “Price Match” page to shoot us a link to the competing offer
  4. Wait for a reply!

Our system alerts us of the request, and once we approve it you go straight to the cart to check out! It is the fastest, easiest, and most automated system in the industry for requesting and completing a price match deal.

People also use the Price Match function of our site to see what kind of deal we can do on large orders. We have the ability to add multi-layer discounts, free or reduced shipping cost, or even add and remove items from the deal.

The instructions are all there on the ”Price Match page”. Check it out and submit a Price Match today!

Of course there are some rules by which Price Matching is governed, but they are all pretty sensible. Read these details on our Automated Price Match FAQ.  



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