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Out with the Tein MONO FLEX, in with the MONO SPORT.

  • Posted: 04-03-2014 07:19 PM
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Well, time to spill a 40 for the Tein MONO FLEX. They are officially discontinued and completely out of stock for the 1G TSX. But, in their place, Tein is releasing the new Mono Sport. We've now updated the 1G TSX MONO FLEX GSA86-F1SS4 product status on to Discontinued.

So what is changed with the new MONO SPORT?

Please note, the image we are showing here is a stock photo from Tein. Obviously the TSX is a double-wishbone car, not a strut car, so the actual TSX kit will look a bit different.

Most notable is going to be a much lower price. The MONO FLEX retailed at $1970 while the MONO SPORT is a much more attainable $1650. Of course, is always hooking up a nice discount off MSRP on Tein products.

Beyond that, the upper pillow mounts (spherical bearings in the upper mounts) have now been ditched for rubber upper mounts. We are a little wincy on this change since rigid upper mounts definitely improve road feedback. Yet this is at the expence of some comfort which the rubber upper mounts will improve upon.

There is also a revision made to the Micro Speed Valve (MSV) inside the damper. This is a valve inside the shock piston on Tein mono-tube dampers which allows for more preceise response in low-speed imputs. In short, it rides better on the street while still offering appropriate dampening in performance situations. The MONO SPORT takes this concept and graduates it to "Advanced MSV" spec, allowing a wider adjustment-range over the previous MSV. The stiffs are stiffer and the softs are softer. For those saavy readers, here is a chart:

So...what else? Not much, little things like revised bump stops, dust boots, and spring seats. I think that about rounds out the significant changes. You can read the entire rundown on Tein's site, so check that out.

These kits are inbound to the USA as of this posting and we will start shipping around mid-late May 2014.

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10-13-2014 07:18 PM at 7:18 PM
as in spring rates what will be offered?

[mrheeltoe]: Heeltoe will typically mention the spring rates for various Tein models with the specific model listing. Please find the listing for your car for more details on the spring rates included.
04-17-2014 01:07 PM at 1:07 PM
It would be great if they came out with the Mono Sport for the 8th gen Accords.

Just sayin' ;)

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