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New Policy Postings: Making Payments, Splitting Payments, and Layaway Orders

  • Posted: 02-01-2014 08:54 PM
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Have you ever wanted to make a few payments on an order before it ships?

Have you ever wanted to change your order but wanted to avoid canceling it and starting over?

Got a gift card that won't cover the whole balance of an order you are trying to make?

Heeltoe can help!

Sometimes you'll want to add an item to an order or upgrade shipping. When we need you to make an additional payment for something, we have a process outlined right here: Making Payments and Splitting Payment

Did you know Heeltoe offers Layaway? If you wanted to spread your payments out and reserve an item while doing it, but don't want to lump the whole thing on a credit card, choose Layaway! Details here: Layaway Orders.

Whatever your needs are Heeltoe is here to help you get the right parts in your hand, and we don't want making a payment a problem. Give us your feedback, or shoot a request over today!


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