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Donate to Child's Play through Acurazine and get $10 from Heeltoe

  • Posted: 12-19-2014 08:38 PM
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If you have ever spent more than a couple days in a hospital, you know how inexplicably sorrowing it can be. It is no place for a child to live their lives, yet many children are too ill to leave, even for the holidays. Child's Play aims to improve the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 70 hospitals, abuse shelters, and rehabilitation centers worldwide.

With cash donations, Child's Play purchases new video game consoles, peripherals, games, and more for hospitals and therapy facilities. These donations allow for children to enjoy age-appropriate entertainment, interact with their peers, friends, and family, and can provide vital distraction from an otherwise generally unpleasant experience.

For many years now, the Acurazine enthusiast forum has run a donation campaign to raise awareness and charity for this uplifting cause. Vendors of the forums to donate prizes for the donating masses, usually offered by raffle.

Heeltoe Automotive is participating this year by
committing a $10 gift certificate to EVERY donor
who uses the donation link in the forums. 

Click the image to donate


Learn More about Child's Play on their website:

It is a pleasure to be a part of a process that helps bring some joy to people in painful situations. We are hoping our involvement will help encourage people to donate. Even a donation of $10 helps, and we've got your back on it! Thanks for your participation!


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