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2014 Spring Season Promotional Schedule

  • Posted: 01-29-2014 11:01 PM
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Springtime is our busiest time of the year. This comes as no surprise what with people's tax returns flowing back to their bank accounts, Winter's cold, heavy, hand lifting, and an entire Summer of car shows and events ahead. In 2014, Heeltoe is doing something different to celebrate the 2014 Spring Season!

This year, instead of plugging a couple parts here and a couple brands there, we thought about doing something a little more exciting that should have broader appeal (even to CU2 and S2000 folks!)

Over the next 9 weeks, we will roll out a deal a week. The promotions will go for a certain amount of time (we'll have announcements of new sales weekly but each promotion may last longer). Some of the promotions will have limits on the number of participants as well so you'll want to be on the ball, and opt in to our email newsletter to make sure you don't miss a Facebook or Forum post.


And...instead of keeping it a secret and risking losing your interest, I am going to tell you the schedule right here, right now.

Mark your calenders!

February 1

  • High Flow Promotion: Fastline Performance Metal Cats and Test Pipe Sale*
    Getting us off to a mild start, these very popular High Flow Cats and Test Pipes for 2004-08 Acura TSX models is a limited access promotion.

February 8

  • Infinite Power Promotion: Mugen Power Sale*
    When have you ever heard of a Mugen sale? Nothing is off limits here. If it is still available we can get it for you. If you don't see it on our online cart (we know it is not yet complete) then hit us up and we can add it!

February 15

  • Exhaustive Promotion: ATLP Cat-Back Exhausts and J-pipes*
    It would be cruel and unusual not to have a massive ATLP sale in the Spring, since so many of you asked for it!

February 22

  • Big Brands Promotion: All Ingalls Engineering, Hondata, Innovative Mounts, and Progress Group products*
    This quartet represent some of our oldest and most trusted brands! We're digging a little deeper with them to give you some great savings this season.

March 1

  • Full Blown Promotion: CT Engineering Supercharger Sale*
    Superchargers only go on sale at very limited times. Last year we had a great promotion and sold twice as many as we expected! Maybe we'll beat last years' record?

March 8

  • Molded Promotion: Fastline Performance and Medieval-Pro Composite Parts*
    This simple line item encompasses so many great parts: The best K24Z3 engine dress up items available, S2000 single-outlet bumper caps, replacement panels for the 1984-87 CRX, spoilers for the 1g TSX and 2g TL, and more! Don't let this deal pass you by!

March 15

  • Medieval-Promotion: Medieval-Pro Damper Kit Group Buy*
    Every time we sell out of Medieval-Pro Dampers it blows us away. And there always seems to be demand for more! This will be out FIFTH run bringing us to a cool 100 sets! This run will be an updated one featuring the new valving design of the Street Advance damper, and we are taking your input to revise the design to meet customer demands. I've you've been waiting to get in on this set, now is the time to strike!

March 22

  • Rising Sun Promotion: J's Racing & Cusco Sale*
    J's Racing and Cusco are brands we have carried for a long time and faithfully promoted as some of our favorite parts. We're making this promo just about them, and the excellent products they produce.

March 29

  • Stop-The-Presses Promotion: HTSpec Brake Package Sale*
    Our HTSpec Brake packages have the features people want in their every-day rides as well as their over-achieving street machines. We have slowly been revamping these kits and will celebrate the new package formats with an unbeatable promo!


* Don't worry, this isn't some dramatic caveat...all we want you to know is that the products you order in our promotions here are subject to the normal lead times for those products. That means stuff from Japan, Superchargers, etc may have a certain wait associated with them. We'll give you more deets as time goes by.


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