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New Product: ATLP Prefab Muffler Boxes, 2009-14 Acura TLs

  • Posted: 01-18-2016 11:57 PM
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ATLP exhaust systems, with their hand-made tips and mufflers, are a shining finish to the already amazing Honda and Acura models we produce them for. However, many ATLP customers are not looking for full cat-back systems. These folks have asked us for a muffler-only option for some time now. We've never offered that option...until now.

Introducing ATLP Prefab Muffler Boxes:


These cans are welded up all the same as our cat-back systems. They include the tips and hangers already welded in place for a perfect hang under the car, yet the inlets are left open, allowing users to seek professional installation at a local fab shop.


These changes allow us to offer these muffler sections at a much lower cost that a complete cat-back. Installation is typically less than a couple hours' labor if they are installed with the factory piping.

It should also be noted, these 4th generation TL muffler applications are in fact the recently announced V2 versions.

We are excited to offer this all-new addition to the ATLP product line, and we plan to offer these parts for more applications soon! Looking for a Prefab Muffler Box kit for your Honda or Acura? Shoot us a line!


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