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New Mobile Nav Update for June 2015

  • Posted: 06-12-2015 12:43 PM
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Our statistics show that more people access by phone than desktop computers. So we made sure last year's update to our site was responsive and loaded great in mobile browsers.


In an ever-increasing effort to make the best shopping experience for our customers, announces an all new left-nav for mobile, along with a complete re-organization of our store catalog! The mobile version of the Heeltoe Automotive site has been enhanced with the addition of a 3-tab design.



The vehicles tab is designed such that you can now more easily save and administer cars.


The catalog tab has our parts catalog, where you can find just the part you are looking for easier than ever.


Read the latest news, updates, tech, and commentary in our blog.

Take a little tour!


This update represents a sweeping catalog update that replaces a design that we put in place just 6 months ago. Heeltoe is all about making an impact on customers because your experience with us is what keep you recommending us to friends! If you like our mobile nav, share it!


James Farr
07-14-2015 03:46 PM at 3:46 PM
Very rarely does the "Vehicles" area display correct information about the vehicles I stored with my profile. I don't recall this being the case prior to your site nav changes. Also, my name is displayed correctly, so the site does recognize and read my profile, or at least part of it. Just food for thought.
Administrator Note:
We have correct default data waiting in the wings for a new update coming soon!

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