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New In Store: HAWK Performance's full line. Featuring the new "HPS 5.0!"

  • Posted: 10-24-2016 05:03 PM
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Heeltoe's been sourcing and supplying Hawk Performance products since our 2002 inception but had never fully listed their products on Today we can say that sin has been atoned for as we have added Hawk's complete line to our server!

As you browse our store and enter your car selection in the My Car menu, you'll find everything Hawk has to offer for Honda and Acuras, from the popular HPS and Performance Ceramic compounds, to mixed street and track use pads like the HP+ and the new Street-Race, to their complete like of Blue, Black, and DTC-series linings. (Please note, we have added Hawk's line for all cars and trucks but to find non-Honda parts you'll need to search by the part number)


hawk performance friction materials on Heeltoe. HPS 5.0, Street Race, DTC, Ceramic, Sector 27


In addition to top-performance friction linings, Hawk produces a line of brake rotors branded "Sector 27" which they sell in pairs as well as in Combo Packages with their popular HPS, HPS 5.0, LTS (light truck & SUV), and Performance Ceramics pads.

So which Hawks are for you?

If you are a street driver with a minimal need for added performance, but do want the benefits of that performance in situations like year round emergency avoidance and confident braking, Heeltoe recommends the HPS compound. It will provide all the great features of low/no noise and minimal brake dust that comes from stock pads, but performs at a higher level where stock pads don't cut it.

For those looking for a pad that will give all the street performance one might ask for in an OER situation, and even might venture onto the track once in a while, the HPS 5.0, which is a newer compound from Hawk released in 2016, is a great choice. The feedback we'd gotten from some of our early adopters and distributors is that these pads are the new "bees-knees" of the sport/performance brake pad world. Give them a try!

For track day drivers, the Hawk HP+ and Blue 9012s have and probably always will be about the best you can do for a reasonable price, wide range of applications, and historical success.

Racing applications will get into a whole other layer of variables and so the DTC series tends to be where people go. We've added temperature notes in the descriptions of the various compounds to help you choose the right pad for your needs.


Hawk Performance listings on have helpful charts for DTC compounds


Look for more on Hawk pads coming soon, including some all new custom HTSpec brake packages including them for 2017!

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Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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