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New Heeltoe Corner Combo: 2004-06 Acura TSX Flashpro Conversion Kit

  • Posted: 11-19-2017 10:19 PM
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Heeltoe Corner Combos are great for when a package of stuff is needed to one mod together or to pair compatible or complimentary items together. We're announcing this nee corner combo for the 2004-06 TSX to upgrade it to 2007-08 Spec to employ an awesome Hondata Flashpro for tuning!

The Hondata Flashpro is able to uncork massive power potential from the Acura TSX. The 2004-06 models are hampered with the need for an ECU conversion to a 2007-08 ECU, though.

This combo includes a Hondata Flashpro, a used Acura 2007-08 ECU, and the necessary Hondata CAN adapter harness to get the kit all working together. We provide an auto-trans ECU because the manual-trans ECUs are hard to come by, and the AT ECU will work great in an MT 2004-06 TSX. There is one caveat which is the reverse lock-out will no longer function on an MT car with an AT ECU. People have resolved this with custom wiring (one person we heard from wired the reverse lockout to the brake light signal so that it would always be on except if the brake pedal was depressed). In our HTSpecTSX we have just left it alone and falling into reverse on accident has never been an issue.

The used ECUs we source come with a fully functional guarantee from Heeltoe for 90 days.

The process for getting going with your 04-06 TSX is to do the following:

  1. Order this package, and receive your parts.
  2. Install the CAN adapter harness in your 2004-06 TSX with the supplied instructions.
  3. Download and install the Hondata Flashpro manager to your laptop (again, details supplied with the product).
  4. Make an appointment with your local dealer to "learn" the used ECU to your car's immobilizer system.
  5. VOn the day of your appointment, visit the dealer with your laptop and the used ECU. Change the ECU at the dealer and then have them learn it to the immobilizer.
  6. Use your laptop to load an appropriate base-map into the used ECU.
  7. Feel the power increase!
  8. Mod your engine even more with an upgraded cam and VTC, then custom tune for more power!

About the Author

Marcus di Sabella Marcus is the founder of Heeltoe Automotive. He's been working with cars (mostly Honda cars) since 1996, and has been providing enthusiasts with excellent products, services, and web experiences since 2002. He's been published in Honda Tuning, and holds a degree in Engineering Technology.


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