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New Fastline Performance Inner Axle Joint Kits

  • Posted: 08-31-2015 01:09 PM
  • Drivetrain

It is no secret that a vibration on acceleration has plagued many Acura TSX and TL owners. Heeltoe had successfully fixed this issue for MANY owners who were previously unaware that a new inner axle joint kit would solve the problem.

As these kits began to sell (and Heeltoe has moved more than 100 ourselves!), Honda has continually increased the pricing on the required parts. They have more than doubled in cost in the last couple years, as the issue is found to be growing now having been seen in Acura TLs in both 3rd and 4th generations and 2009-14 TSXs.

Also, many customers were left looking for something "better" than stock. We've had customers come back for second inner joint kits after only a few years' of vibration-free driving.

So, we teamed up with Insane Shafts to make our own, better solution! The Fastline Performance Inner Axle Joint Kits are now available to sale, based on the super-strong, 500 whp capable Insane Shaft inner joint design, but modified for use with stock axle shafts!

What makes The FLP Inner Joints better than factory?

  1. The cups are made of a hardened steel, making them wear resistant. This prevents what causes the issue of vibration in the first place.
  2. 15% larger tri-pod arms, and the tripods themselves are hardened as well. This prevents deflection that can put additional load on the cups.
  3. The tripod rollers ride on needle-bearings which help maintain a true relationship between the cup and the rollers and the inside of the cup. (The bearings are also captive on the tripods, making that "oops" moment when you accidentally tug the joint apart inside the boot a lot easier to recover from...some of you know what I am talking about here...)
  4. The roller surfaces are flatter, giving a wider distribution across the inside of the cup.

All that adds up to a more stout inner joint package which has been tried and tested in the #HTSpecTSX!

Over the years, people have asked us, "why not just put all new axles in?" Well, the answer lies with the fact that aftermarket axles, be they parts-store replacements, overseas imports, aftermarket remans, and even the Insane Shafts axles themselves, have been very inconsistent when it comes to vibration mitigation. And we don't know that inner joints are always the problem. Through man y years of testing, Heeltoe has found that the single-best approach for getting rid of vibration has been to replace the worn part only...the inner joint cup.

That is not to say that increased strength isn't needed at some point. Higher power applications with high traction and load (read: drag racing clutch-drops on a high grip surface) require stronger axles to prevent failure. In these cases, vibrations are not only accepted, they are expected. Heeltoe does offer the complete line of Insane Shafts parts for those needs.

But for your average, well-rounded, HTSpec'd ride, look no further than Fastline Performance's improved Insane Shafts on your stock axle shafts!


2008 Honda accord V6 AT does this kit work with?
11-02-2016 08:12 PM at 8:12 PM
Hello! I am having the shimmy/vibration between 55 & 75 MPH as well. Will this kit work on my ride? Please comment. Thanks. Great info on here!
09-14 TSX Axle Joint Kit?
10-11-2016 05:28 AM at 5:28 AM
Where is the listing for the upgraded joint kit for the 09-14 TSX? I don't see it anywhere on your website. I'm specifically looking for the Fastline/Insane Shafts Kit, rather than the OEM kit.
Administrator Note:
We are not at this time, no. We'll write a new article on that if or when those come available.
Upgraded inner joints not on website
10-05-2016 02:23 AM at 2:23 AM
I can't find the Fastline / Insaneshafts upgraded inner joints for the 09 TSX on your website. The only one showing is a OEM replacement inner joint and an OEM replacement complete axle. Where can I find the "upgraded" inner joints for sale?
Administrator Note:
We don't currently list them for that model of car. This is why you are not seeing them.
Onassis DIAZ
09-16-2016 06:16 AM at 6:16 AM
I just had both front axles replaced by acura of Charleston South Carolina on my 2007 Tl Type s and to my surprise the car still vibrating/shaking. Wow, brand new axles?????? oem...driving me crazy, it was done under warranty.
Administrator Note:
You need to be sure they put factory axles in. If not, then you may still have shaking. And no, they would not necessarily install factory parts just because it is a dealer!
500bhp Insaneshafts
05-25-2016 05:46 PM at 5:46 PM
Hi I had severe judder under excelleration and so bought myself some Insaneshafts around six months ago now. The aggressive wheel wobble went after having them installed but some slight wobble was still present. It has now got worse and am still struggling to find the cause. Would it be worth getting these as the inner CV would have been covered when had new driveshafts fitted and as you teamed up with Insaneshafts to create them surely theirs are substantial and wouldn't have perished already as I am not running massive power? Any ideas on what I should do?
where to get installed
03-11-2016 08:29 PM at 8:29 PM
I live in Palm Springs. Will the Acura dealer service centers install them?
Administrator Note:
Different service centers have different policies on installing aftermarket parts. You would need to ask your preferred dealer their thoughts on installing these parts.
12-08-2015 06:16 AM at 6:16 AM
So will these be priced higher then OE current listing's? Also I can't find them on your website. Do you guys have some type of option for the replacement of the otter boot and its inner working as well?
Administrator Note:
They are priced lower! At the time of your question the items might not have been active, but they should be now. We would currently recommend outer boots be replaced with factory parts.

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