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Name-That-Orange Swag Prize Announcement

  • Posted: 06-29-2015 01:33 PM
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If you are going to vacation on a tropical island, and you must get a rental vehicle, it better have a roof that comes off. And it really better be a Jeep Wrangler. No other vehicle screams "I'm a tourist, here to have fun" than a Jeep Wrangler!

When we waltzed out to the Thirfty rental yard to acquire our Jeep, it was an impossibly blinding orange that we were both thrilled and embarrassed to be driving.


WOW. So, we decided to have a little fun and ask our Facebook and Instagram followers what they thought a creative name would be! Here are the suggestions we got:

  • "ohanaorange" because ohana means family :)
  • "Call Me Alani" (alani is Hawaiian for orange)
  • "Dana Scully". Your favorite red head on X-Files
  • "Orange You Glad"
  • Can't go wrong with "Orange Bang"!
  • "Clemintine"
  • "The sunkiss strikes again!!"
  • "Annoying Orange"
  • "Calvin & Hobbsmobile"
  • "Jersey Shore Spray Tan"
  • "Sunset in Maui Orange"
  • "Creamsicle"
  • "Papaya whip"
  • "ToeJam" HT: I dont get this one, Danny...
  • "Orange peel mobile"
  • "Oompa Loompa"
  • "Hawaiian pineapple"
  • "It ain't easy being cheesy" HT: You didn't have much trouble, Ryan
  • "Tanjeeprine"
  • "Pumpkin"
  • "Ohrangrockola"
  • "Lava"
  • "Pakalolo Pumpkin"
  • "Magic mango"
  • "Wrangee"
  • "Sunburnt Orange"
  • "Nacho Jeep" HT: MrsHeeltoe's entry, inelible to win, but in his own best interest MrHeeltoe degreed it his favorite
  • "Outsider Orange"
  • "Inmate orange"
  • "Tangerine Ream"
  • "Maui Meltdown"
  • "Orange is the the new Black" HT: Funny, the folks we were with had a black Jeep. We parked alongside a lot and mostly all we could think of was Halloween.
  • "Sunset crawler"
  • "Orange you glad this isn't your DD?" HT: YES.

We bolded our favorites up there, but there can be only one winner, and the winner is....



Maui Meltdown! suggested by Ken Biddulph on our Facebook wall!

Hard to pick a favorite, but Maui Meltdown gets the nod for being related to the islands, and suggesting heat (which it was unseasonably so during our stay). The color really did look like the lava that created these islands. We'll message Ken shortly for prize pack details, and Mahalo for playing along everyone!

Ken won a Heeltoe Swag Pack incluing a shirt, plate frame, socks, key tag, and a couple ATLP stickers!



Daniel E Sadoski Jr
06-29-2015 05:46 PM at 5:46 PM

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