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Hasport Performance Replacement Engine Mount Kit, 2013-15 Acura ILX (2.4L), 88A (Extreme Race), FG4STK

Part Number:
Hasport Performance
Product Line:
Replacement Engine Mount Kit (88A (Extreme Race))
Vehicle Fitment:
2013-15 Acura ILX (2.4L MT)
Hasport Performance Replacement Engine Mount Kit, 2013-15 Acura ILX (2.4L), 88A (Extreme Race), FG4STK



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Hasport Engine Mounts - Replacement and swap mount kits are a specialty for Hasport. Their expertise is rooted in engine swapping experience dating back to the days of the HAS salvage yard owned by the Gillespies, owners of Hasport. Playing with engine swap became their forte and the fit, function, and quality of Hasport mounts is striking evidence of it. Hasport makes mounts for all the most desireable swaps, making your perfect build limited only to what Honda themselves produces in terms of cars and engines!

Hasport Engine Mount Brackets - Proper mounts are only part of a comprehensive swap package. Don't be left up on jackstands because you don't have correct mount brackets! Hasport offers different brackets for swapping various mounts in to different chassis. They even have brackets for incorporating AC into your swap! the right mounts won't do you much good without the proper brackets, and Hasport has got most all needs covered!

Hasport Swap Axles - As natural Hasport makes engine swapping seem, frankenstein cars often require a little extra grey matter to make them work. Axles are a main sticking point and various powertrain sizes and chassis widths conspire with altering engine mount placement. Also the spline sizes in different diffs and hubs create fitment concerns. Hasport offers a comprehensive array of swap axles to address the concern of getting the power from your swapped powertrain where it will make you smile the the wheels!

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