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MFactory LSD Group Buy Page: Accord J-series Applications (8/9 g)

  • Posted: 01-27-2016 12:21 PM
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The MFactory Differential has been posted for initial sale here:

MFactory Helical (Gear Type) Limited-Slip Differential, J-Series (2008- Accord V6)



Feb 4, 2016

The next step in the process of making this part is to collect Intitial Deposits from people to secure the production of this part. The following schedule is in place:


  1. Interest List
  2. Initial Deposit orders and payments
  3. Commitment Deposits and payments
  4. More complete details in terms of production scheduling are published
  5. Coordination of Balance Payments and Shipping times
  6. Receipt of product and Shipping to customers


  1. Customers will decide they want to buy an item. They will petition Heeltoe by placing Interest Orders and creating user accounts.
  2. The minimum Initial Deposit for this buy is 10 people at $100 each.
    1. Customers will order the item using instructions provided on the order page.
    2. Once and order is made, Heeltoe will email a request for an Initial Deposit.
    3. Customer will pay the Initial Deposit.
      • Initial Deposit refunds may be refunded at any time until the Commitment Deposit minimum is met (more in step 3 on this).
    4. Once we have the minimum number of Initial Deposits
      • Heeltoe will communicate with the vendor that we have proven a viable market for the product, and will review the terms and time frame for the buy, and those details will be communicated to Customers.
  3. The Commitment for this buy is 6 people at a total of 50% of the product price.
    1. The product order page will be updated with details involving the estimated product time frame, R&D needs, and other details pertinent to the development and production of the product.
    2. This deposit is not refundable unless the minimum need is not met after 30 days.
    3. When the minimum number of Committment Deposits are paid, Heeltoe will coordinate production with the manufacturer. Once this starts, Initial Deposits are no longer refundable.
  4. Production Details: More to come
  5. Balance Paymeants: More to come
  6. Shipping of Product: More to come

Feb 3, 2016

We've received 10 interested parties! The next round will be collecting REFUNDABLE deposits to lock in interest. This will be posted soon.

Feb 1, 2016

Heeltoe has added an "Interest" link to the page, and begun recording interest.

Jan 27, 2016

Heeltoe's listed this page as a resource and management page for Accord J-series limited slip development. We'll keep this page up to date with interest from users, and keep track of deposits paid, updates, etc.

First, we will gather interest on the production of this part; we need interest from at least 10 before we pursue deposits. After enough interest is meet, we'll correct deposits for preproduction; we need at least 6 deposits for production to begin.

Link to show interest: MFactory Helical (Gear Type) Limited-Slip Differential, J-Series (2008- Accord V6) INTEREST ITEM

Link to place a deposit order: Pending Interest Is Reached

This original post will house a table to help us track the process (best viewed landscape on desktop):

Accord V6 6MT MFactory LSD Tacking Chart
Count User ID Deposit Paid? Final Paid?
1 22197    
2 22201    
3 22207 PAID  
4 11766, first PAID  
5 11766, second PAID  
6 22227    
7 19113    
8 22231    
9 22233    
10 22111    
11 22234    
12 22238    
13 21896 PAID  
14 22042 Pending  



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