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Maven Shift Knob by Fastline Performance, Countersunk, M10x1.5, Silver, Honda/Acura Manual Transmission, FLP-SKMAV-SSC1015

Part Number:
Fastline Performance
Product Line:
Maven Shift Knob (Stainless Steel)
Vehicle Fitment:
Universal (M10x1.50)
Maven Shift Knob by Fastline Performance, Countersunk, M10x1.5, Silver, Honda/Acura Manual Transmission, FLP-SKMAV-SSC1015
Machined SS Version (shown in 6MT TL)



Every detail of the Maven Shift Knob has been meticulously examined and engineered to achieve the maximum look, feel, and effect. The material, shape, weight, height, and finish were all painstakingly scrutinized in realizing the final design.

Materials – On the stainless knob, a custom alloy of medical-grade stainless steel provides superior corrosion and tarnish resistance. The Maven Shift Knob will maintain it’s luster throughout the life of your car. The aluminum knob has the same machined shape with a black anodized finish to perfectly compliment the Fastline Performance Shifter, which the aluminum knob was specifically intended to sit on top of.

Weight – Precision balanced to 472g (1.04lbs), the Maven Shift Knob is exactly twice the weight of the factory Acura unit. Careful consideration was made to ensure the majority of the Shift Knob’s mass be placed at the very top to provide an incredibly smooth feel while shifting.

Height – The standard Maven knob sits lower than a standard shift knob, but many customers prefer the shortness of throw provided with a countersunk knob. We counter-bore the already timeless Maven Mark One or Mark Two to sit 1/2" lower than stock providing the look and feel demanded by street-sports drivers.

Finish – Machined to a satin finish, the Maven Shift Knob maintains a micro-texture that ensures a solid grip without being abrasive.


Customer Questions


Maven Countersunk Shift Knob by Fastline Performance (Stainless/Limited Metallic Gun), Honda/Acura Manual Transmission 10x1.5 can that fit in a 2000 Civic with a Skunk2 Short Shifter?


Yes, it would fit that shifter combination. This knob will fit any M10-1.5 application used on most all Honda manual transmission vehicles.


Do you have any for AT TSX?


We do have an application for the automatic transmission in our catalog. Find it here: Maven AT Knob


Can you do a 6 speed shift pattern on it?


Installing a shift pattern on this knob requires the use of a lock-nut at the base of the knob. This would mean we could not counter-sink past the threads and the knob would sit much higher. We elected to produce the knob without a pattern to favor the function.


Does the oem boot for a 3rd gen TL clip onto the bottom of this shift knob?


It does not, but the knob does thread down far enough to meet the boot and close the gap there.

Q:Will this for properly with the oem shifter assembly and shift boot or would modification need to be made to the boot? The factory boot will only go so far down on the shifter rod, I like the boot and knob to sit together flush
A:This part is not made to connect to the shift boot. The boot would sit below the shift knob. You can put a spacer under the boot to hold it in place against the knob as you wish.

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  • BEST KNOB EVER!!!!! February, 3
    By Anthony , Grocery Getter
    Have This Knob In My 2000 Civic DX Hatch And In My 2001 Integra Type R. Both Are Installed On Skunk2 Dual Bend Short Shifters And Energy Suspension Shift Bushings. BEST SET UP EVER. The Weight And Feel Is AMAZING!!!! Heaviest Tear Drop Style Knob I've Found. COMPLETELY WORTH IT!
  • Great Feeling Shift Knob! April, 19
    By Troy J, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    I have always used OEM shift knobs on the cars, and never thought about getting another shift knob, but this shift knob is excellent. Like others said, it is very well crafted and smoothly designed. It feels awesome in the hand, and I love the extra weight, and the way it now sits compared to the stock knob. It definitely feels like the gears are effortlessly locking into position while shifting. My only issue is that I wish the knob had some type of locking system for the oem shift boot. Other than that, highly recommend this knob!
  • Smooth and Heavy August, 13
    By Johnny Tsunami, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    The shift knob appears to be high quality. I find the lower height to be more ergonomic when resting your elbow on the arm rest. The stainless finish looks great and matches the trim in my black TSX.
    Install was simple and easy, though the knob rotated freely when I first installed it. It has since found its place and is secure. I'll update my review if I encounter any problems.
  • WOW! Heavy February, 4
    By Cimon, Grocery Getter
    Really great product, very satisfied of it! Much more heavier than the OEM one, great feeling!
  • awesome October, 1
    By Vinson Tan, Grocery Getter
    perfectly weighted , top quality finish - goes well with comptech short shifter + metal shift bushings
  • Can't go wrong with this knob June, 25
    By J-Trix, Street Performance Enthusiast
    When I'm doing my daily driving cruises I like to have my elbow rested on the arm rest. The stock knob felt a little bit high when I had my elbow/arm on the center rest- not much but still not where I would like it. At first I was scared the CS Maven knob was going to sit too low and I would have to stop using the elbow rest. Once installed, it sits perfectly for me. No gap in the boot anymore like the stock knob!

    Shifting effort is a notch more positive going into the gates. I was just hoping the extra weight of the knob would counteract any negative shifting effort from the countersunk knob but it actually improves shifting slightly.

    And lastly, I have yet to see a shift knob that looks as stylish and comfortable as this.
  • Excellent knob! April, 25
    By CKo, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    Works great on my Civic SI. Makes shifting a breeze! All I have to do is tap the shifter and it goes into gear with ease!
  • Nice Knob November, 4
    By Steven M, Track or Competition Racer
    This thing here feels better in my hand then the ball style knobs that I have tried.

    It is a bit heavier then the stock shift knob but not as much as you'd think. It's a very nice machined piece with a nice semi-smooth texture that has a good amount of grip.

    Shifting in the s2000 though feels much more precise (in an already nice shift setup) due to the lack of it practically being in the dashboard. Its lower then the factory one, but it isn't crazy.

    The only thing its missing is a nice metal ring to wrap around the top of the shift boot to match the knob, perhaps that can be released in a later model, or built into the next one.

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