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Last Stock of 3g TL A-Spec Suspension Received

  • Posted: 09-10-2015 02:23 PM
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Updated 12/21/2017:

We have found that while these A-Spec Suspension kits are NO LONGER AVAILABLE, people still want this sort of kit for their Honda/Acura Models! So Heeltoe made a move to combine great aftermarket components to give that A-Spec ride and handling. Read more here: When A-Spec and HFP Suspension Kits Are Discontinued, What To Get Instead?


Original Text:


These are a run of a the last inventory we could find of A-Spec suspension kits. These are 08W60-SEP-201B kits, which are officially 6MT kits, but can be used without any fitment or handling concerns on ANY 2004-08 Acura TL, including Type-S models. The 5AT kits have been discontinued for some time now and we have been selling 6MT kits in their place without problems for more than a year. But, they supply has come to the end of the line! We bought up this inventory to supply to our customers. This is possibly the last chance you will have to get a new in box A-Spec suspension for your 3g TL!


Order one of these last available kits from Heeltoe today!


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