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J's Racing Fit rollcenter adjuster, Fit GK, FCJ-F3

Part Number:
J's Racing
Product Line:
Roll-Center Adjusting Ball Joint
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Fit, 2015+
Front Lower, Pair
J's Racing Fit rollcenter adjuster, Fit GK, FCJ-F3



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Lowering a car is a popular modification that nearly every enthusiast does. But doing so can alter suspension geometry actually causing performance to go down. Altering the roll center is a nasty byproduct of lowering the car. When a car is lowered, the lower control arms are placed in a different neutral position that will allow improper weight transfer in turns. By installing these Roll Center Adjusters (which are really just extended ball lower ball joints), the steering knuckle is moved upward about an inch, thereby allowing the lower control arm to stay in a more normal location.

Since Roll Center Adjusters will lower the car a bit, it is ideal to install these in conjunction with adjustable-height suspension to tune the suspension height accordingly.

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