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J's Racing Front Tow Hook Page: Acura TSX & Honda Accord 2003-08 CL7/CL9

  • Posted: 02-28-2016 06:35 PM
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This page was created out of demand from a customer or group of customers who were interested in a J's Racing Front Tow Hook for 2004-08 Acura TSX & 2003-08 JDM/Euro Honda Accord CL7/CL9 models. The reason for this special buy is that this tow hook was discontinued a few years ago, but since then a demand has resurged.






Heeltoe has created a process that is reliable and organized for successfully completing this buy. Our process is as follows:

  1. Create a single Official Interest List.
  2. Collect Initial Deposit payments to validate the Interest List.
  3. Collect Commitment Deposits to being the production or distribution of the item.
  4. Coordinate with the vendor to schedule the production or distribution efficiently. PARTS BEING MADE NOW. Estimated delivery to the USA is end of May.
  5. Collection of Payments and quotation of shipping (order online here). Please Order NOW to reserve a part!
  6. Complete the final distribution of product to customers.

If a line above is crossed off we have completed that step. More information on our progress is provided in the content below.


Important Links

Interest Item Page

Official Item Ordering Page

Initial and Commitment Deposit Payment Page

Process Detail

  1. Customers will decide they want to buy an item. They will petition Heeltoe by placing Interest Orders and creating user accounts. The minimum number of Interested parties for this buy is 10. Sufficient Interest was established to proceed!
  2. Once Interest is established, Initial Deposits are collected. We are working on these details now. We have established interest and begun production.
  3. With Initial Deposits collected, Commitment Deposit Payments will commence. More to come on this. Payments for item are due now to reserve an inbound part.
  4. Production Details: Parts In Production Now.
  5. Balance Payments: Order part here
  6. Shipping of Product: More to come

Tracking Chart


J's Front Tow Hook Progress Tracking Chart
Count User ID Ordered Paid
1 Danny Sayavong YES YES
2 gia tran YES YES
3 Emmanuel Foundoulakis    
4 ---- open space ----    
5 ---- open space ----    
6 Kelvin GU YES  
7 Nathaniel Soriano YES YES
8 Tommy Huynh    
9 Morgan Busuttil    
10 Eric Ramos YES YES
12 David Zhang YES YES

Progress Report

May 4, 2016: Updates have gone out to our interested list twice now, and in another week or so we'll open sales to the public!

April 18, 2016: Due to the demand for this item, we have bypassed the Deposit stage of this process, and are now collecting orders. Parts are being made now, and they are expected to be delivered around the end of May, 2016. Please order now to reserve a part!

Feb 28, 2016: Tracking Page and Interest Item Pages Created

More Info

Heeltoe is qualified and authorized to perform this group action. Heeltoe is working directly with J's Racing USA to complete this buy. As authorized agents we are able to guarantee that you will receive either the product of interest, or a complete refund, per the outlined process above. Our vendor relationships and reputation for excellence will be our "vouch" earning your confidence in us.

People should enter into group buys without an expectation of a time commitment. We are creating this process because an item was demanded be made or be had at a discounted rate. The compromise the customer makes is an open-ended delivery time. While Heeltoe is not interested in buys that go on forever, we do ask that customers refrain from frequent status updates, as this page is showing the most current information available.

Refunds are something that are important to people. Therefore they are important to Heeltoe as well. Deposits can be made with confidence that they are completely refundable up to a point where the commitment level allows us to proceed with production. Once we begin production steps, you will be notified and this is your single last chance to back out without losing your deposit refundability.

Shipping fees are not part of the buy. Everyone needs their parts in different places. For this reason, shipping is made on an individual-order level. If shipping is to be combined only one order shall be made with multiple items in it.

The speed of this process depends on cooperation. Heeltoe will need your help in promoting this project. We can do all the management, organization, vendor communication, shipping, and customer service. But spreading the word through forums and social networks will go a long way toward making this process a success!


03-01-2016 01:40 AM at 1:40 AM
How much is it going to be AUD
Administrator Note:
Given the constant exchange rate changes, this is not possible to quote.
gia tran
03-01-2016 12:45 AM at 12:45 AM
I can't wait ready to pay!!!!!!!!
Dominic Felarca
02-29-2016 05:13 AM at 5:13 AM
I'm ready to order. Just let me know the next step.
Administrator Note:
If you've already completed the step we are on, currently it is ordering the interest item, then please sit tight and we will contact you when the next step comes about!

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