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Fastline Performance Milled Key/Fob, 2002-06 Acura RSX All Models

Fastline Performance
Product Line:
Milled Remote-Fob Key
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura RSX, 2002-06
Fastline Performance Milled Key/Fob, 2002-06 Acura RSX All Models

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Accessorize your 2006-06 Acura RSX with a Genuine Honda key/remote fob combo, modified to work in your car!


FAQs about ordering milled keys from Heeltoe!

What are we selling?
A Genuine Honda sidewinder-style key which is "milled" to work in an Acura RSX.

Why do the keys need to be milled?
So they will physically slide into the lock on your alternative car.

Who does the milling?
As far as we know, there are not many others doing the milling. Some people did it in the past and they quit. We know for a fact, ours are the best ones available, due to the high tolerances of the equipment we use.

So other milled keys aren't as good?
We did not say that. We can only say we have seen and heard, and CUT keys from other vendors and we know that not all vendors have the same high tolerances, quality control, or use read factory Acura/Honda yes for their work. Heeltoe has been doing this longer than anyone and we can spot fakes and shoddy work. With Heeltoe, you do get the best.

What do I need to do, after buying the key, to get it to work?
First, you need to get it "cut." Next you need to program the Immobilizer chip. Last, you need to program the remote buttons. After all that the key will work just like stock.

Step 1: Cutting

What is cutting and is it different than milling?
Cutting is the process of adding a profile to the key that allows it to turn in you lock. Milling is different, as it is a process that makes a new generic key for your car. Cutting makes the key specific to your car

Can anybody do the cutting?
Anyone with a key duplicator can, like a dealer or locksmith. However depending on the individual and the equipment they use, not everyone will do the cutting for you.

Can the key be cut by the VIN?
Yes, but not through Heeltoe.

How does Heeltoe do the cutting?
We use a duplicating machine that copies the profile from one key to another. You need to send us one of your original keys for us to copy.

If I can get cutting locally, why have Heeltoe do it?
The Heeltoe cutting service offers insurance against bad cuts. We GUARANTEE our milled key will work in your car, and we will rework or replace it if for any reason it doesn't. Other places won't do this. They will also not be able to replace the key for you. You end up with an expensive key that does not work.

Don't others know how to cut keys accurately?
Yes they do, but it just happens from time to time the cut comes out bad. There are a lot of reasons, many that cannot be controlled, why a cut would be bad. The insurance is against the unknowns. Our record is excellent as no Heeltoe customer has ever ended up with a key that didn't work.

Ok, so I will send you a key for cutting. Does it matter what key I send? Can I send a valet key?
Yes you can send any key that works in your ignition. Although we do discourage aftermarket keys. This is because the chips inside don't always transfer over to the switchblade well when ordering chip swapping (read on for details on chip swapping).

I only have one key to send in. What do I do in this case?
DO NOT MAIL THE ONLY WORKING KEY FOR YOUR CAR. If you only have one key, and you want Heeltoe to do the cutting, go to the hardware store and get a cheapie metal blank cut and send us that after confirming it turn in your ing. It won't start the car so we can't do a chip swap, but you will get insured cutting.

Step 2: Chip swapping

What is chip swapping?
Chip swapping replaces the programming of the immobilizer chip. Rather than paying the high price to a dealer to program your chip, we can remove a working, pre-programmed chip from your original key and insert it into the switchblade.

What key can I send you for the chip swapping service?
In general, any key that works in your ignition and starts the car will work. Although we do discourage aftermarket keys. This is because the chips inside don't always transfer over to the switchblade well when ordering chip swapping.

If I do not have Heeltoe do the chip swapping, can I do it myself?
Heeltoe stocks all the parts of the keys in addition to the keys themselves. You can swap on your own, but there is a risk you will strip or lose the tiny screws holding the switchblade together. There is also a risk that in trying to remove the chip from your stock key it will get damaged (only a very small nick to the outside of the chip will ruin it).

I am just not sure I want to pay Heeltoe to do this work. What are my other options?
By all means, you can have the programming done locally. They key will already have a chip in it that can be programmed with special equipment. Heeltoe does usually have a cost advantage over other places though, as we do have all the spare parts, new batteries, extra screws, and more to ensure the key you get will work well, out of the package with no other needs on your part to get it working.

What happens to my stock key after swapping?
You will get it back a metal key with no chip so it will not start the car, but can be handy for getting the door open if you lose any other keys for the car.

Step 3: Remote button programming

Does Heeltoe do this step as well?
No, your car needs to be present to do this step. However it is easy and you can do it on your own with the supplied instructions.

So if I send me remote fobs, you cannot transfer the program to make my buttons work?
No, we cannot. Do not send your remotes because we cannot do anything with them, and they could be lost in the mail.


I am ordering services and need to ship something to Heeltoe. What do I ship?
If you are ordering cutting services, you need to ship and key that turns in the ignition cylinder of your car, including a valet key if you choose. If you are ordering chip swapping services, we need a key that not only turns in the ignition, it actually turns on the car. Factory keys preferred.

Do I need to send any remotes?

So, can I just drop a key in an envelope and mail it?
Regular envelopes are too thin and cannot be guaranteed to keep the key safe. Spend a buck or two on a quality padded envelope.

Where do I send the key?
We will provide shipping instructions once the key is ordered.

In the event I need my key re-cut because it doesn't work, who pays for the shipping?
You pay all shipping to us, and we pay all shipping to you. Typically we do use expedited services.

Does the same apply to Canadian shipping?

Once you have my order, when can I expect shipping?
This depends on our stock level at the time of your order. Usually we have keys in stock so if you order without services shipping can take place in 1-2 days after your order. If you have ordered services we typically will ship within a week or so after we receive your donor key.

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