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Fastline Performance Honda/Acura Immobilizer Chip ID46

Fastline Performance
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Fastline Performance Honda/Acura Immobilizer Chip ID46



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Fastline Performance Honda/Acura Immobilizer Chip ID46. Rolling code immobilizer chip, a la carte. May be programmed to your Honda or Acura (utilizing this type of immobilizer system) and affixed to any key blade which will work in the ignition to start the car. May be kept inside the car and attached inside the column cover to effectively disable the immobilizer system (use with remote start systems, etc).

Customer Questions


I have a key purchased somewhere else but it doesn't recognize the memory seat functionality. I'm wondering if this chip would work as that.


Your problem is not related to the chip. Simply toggle the seat memory function by holding down the lock and unlock buttons at the same time. The LED will strobe and then it should work fine!


Are all the Immobilizer chips the same? I think I need one because I took an MDX key in to get programmed for my tl and it wouldn't take.


This chip can be used in other-vehicle keys to be programmed to START a 2004-08 TL, provided the cut is done correctly. However the buttons cannot be programmed to work across many models.. The immobilizer chip will not change the function of the remote buttons.

Q:If I have this programed to my car and stash it somewhere in the steering column, would that eliminate the need for a "bypass module" or whatever that additional thing needed when adding a remote starter is called? Thanks.

Yes, it should.

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