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Honda Genuine Throttle Body, J37A5 Spec (ZDX SH-AWD), 78-70mm In-Out (use on K-series)

Part Number:
Product Line:
Genuine OEM Throttle Body
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda I-4, K-Series
Honda Genuine Throttle Body, J37A5 Spec (ZDX SH-AWD), 78-70mm In-Out (use on K-series)



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Oversized throttle body for increased power on other Acura vehicles.
10-12 Acura ZDX SH-AWD Throttle Body Size:
Inlet ID: 78mm
Outlet ID: 70mm

PLEASE NOTE, you will need a special adapter to use this part with your intake manifold for a 2004-08 TSX or TL application. The option to add this adapter above also includes a new thermo-shield gasket.

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Customer Questions


I see the title says for j32/35, but is there a way to make this fit on a j30a4? (03 Accord v6)


Yes we believe this should fit with the P2R adapter.


I have read that this can only be used on automatics, will this work with my 06 6mt TL?


We do not have data to support that claim. The engines and throttle bodies all mount and work the same from 2004-08 and we find no parts variance to support the 2006 MT being different than other models. The stock 2006 6MT throttle body is found on all 2005-08 TL models.


Will Kpro or Flashpro be needed for use with an upgraded throttle body?


An upgraded throttle body is generally benefitial when used with a higher volume intake manifold, to support and engine with higher breathing needs (such as one with aftermarket camshafts). All of the above will require the engine be tuned for maximum benefit.

That said, it is not required to use a fuel tuning solution to simply bolt on a throttle body and run the engine safely.


Hi guys, and confirmation that this could be used on 2009-2014 Acura TSX (Honda Accord Euro) K24Z3? - Any adapters required for fitment - Any adapters of conversion required for control


A special mounting adapter would be needed, but yes this part may be used on a CU2 with a K24Z3.


Trying to mate this to CTE Intake Manifold, do you folks sell the adapter needed for this TB to fit?


We do! Find the adapter here: P2R SH-AWD/ZDX J37 Throttle Body Adapter, P384


I'm not clear on one of the topic, but isn't OEM a genuine factory part? So is this part made from Honda/Acura factory OEM?


Yes OEM and Geniune are used interchangeably a lot of times. This is a GENUINE part, meaning it comes straight from Acura. Read more on this topic here: What is the difference between OE, Genuine, OEM, and OER/Aftermarket Parts?

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