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HTSpec J37 ZDX/SH-AWD TL Magnesium Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Kit, Honda J-Series V6 (ALL Single-Port Exhaust Engines)

HeelToe Automotive
Product Line:
HTSpec J37 ZDX/SH-AWD TL Magnesium Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Kit
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda V6, J-series SOHC (w/ Single Exhaust-Port Heads)
HTSpec J37 ZDX/SH-AWD TL Magnesium Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Kit, Honda J-Series V6 (ALL Single-Port Exhaust Engines)
Painted versus unpainted J37 manifolds.



Swapping the intake manifold on the J-Series Honda V6 engine is a simple way to add power. The largest manifold Honda has made for these engines to date is off the 3.7L J37 variants found on SH-AWD TL and ZDX engines. Depending on your engine, a few options are available to make sure you get the right parts at the best value. Heeltoe has made buying a J37 manifold package easy!

The basics:

  • The J37 manifold is a high-capacity manifold that was offered on the highest output J-series engines from the factory. Right out of the box they support over 300 naturally aspirated horsepower. The added volume and flow of the J37 manifold is a great upgrade over the J30, 32, and 35 engines; especially if the engine is modified with higher flowing exhaust and engine tuning.
  • Additional to the manifold itself being larger thank your stock J30/32/35 one, the throttle body opening is larger as well. In fact, the entire J37 throttle body is larger; meaning your stock throttle body will not fit on a J37 manifold. You'll need to ugprade that, too!
  • The J37 manifolds are made out of cast magnesium, making them lighter weight than the standard aluminum ones. However, cast magnesium is not very attractive. These manifolds came on a couple different models of engines, some of which have engine covers over them to give the engine an attractive look. Others had the manifold exposed and to improve the look of the manifold it was painted.
  • J-series manifolds came with various configurations of bypass valves. The top plate on the manifold has a valve that is opened by an actuator at different times to alter the runner length, varying performance by RPM. Some other J-series share this configuration. Others have a valve built into the manifold itself. Others still have no valve arrangement at all. Below we have an outline of what cars should or should not need this option.
  • The J37 manifold installation is a complete bolt-on affair onto the smaller J-series engines. THIS LISTING IS ONLY FOR SINGLE PORT J-SERIES ENGINES. If you have a J32A1/2 from a 2001-03 CL or 99-03 TL, this package is not for you! Newer applications will be supported by this package.

More information to help you choose the right options:

  1. Do you care if the manifold is painted? There are two different J37 manifolds we can offer. One comes with a nice silver paint over the cast magnesium manifold. The other is bare metal, which is not as attractive. If your engine cover hides the manifold, you plan on painting the manifold a custom color, or simply don't care how it looks; buy the non-painted one and save some money.
  2. Does your stock engine have a top-plate with a butterfly valve bypass actuator valve? If it does then your stock top-plate and internal EGR tube will work on the new J37 manifold and you don't need this additional option. If the top plate on your engine does not have a bypass valve actuator on it, you'll need this option. You can also choose this option if you wish to change the top plate finish between a plain one, a one with an "A" on it, or one with the "HONDA" logo on it.
    • Do Not Need Top Plate Kit: 07-08 TL (ALL), 2009-14 TL (Base), 2007-09 MDX, 2010-14 TSX (V6), 2008-12 Accord (V6 5AT & 6MT), 2005-07 & 11-17 Odyssey, 09-14 Ridgeline, 09-15 Pilot, 2010-12 Honda Crosstour (V6)
    • Need Top Plate Kit w/ Butterfly Valve: 2004-06 TL, 2003-07 Accord (V6 6MT), 06-08 Pilot, 06-08 Ridgeline
    • Need Top Plate without butterfly valve: 2003-07 Honda Accord (V6 5AT), 2013-17 Honda Accord (V6). Note that 13-17 Accords also should get this install kit to mount and plumb the purge control solenoid valve.
  3. Do you have a J37 throttle body already? The J37 throttle body itself has been a popular upgrade for many years. You might already have one and if you do, you don't need this option. But if you have any other throttle body now, you will need to add this option. If you do we'll provide you with a 80-70mm TL SH-AWD throttle body, brand new from Acura!
  4. Do you want thermal-blocking gaskets with your order? We work with P2R who provides thermal-blocking gaskets which help keep the manifold cool. A cool manifold will provide the best power. If you don't choose this option we'll be providing new a factory throttle body gasket, and expect you'll reuse your stock metal manifold gasket.

Other stuff you may want to order:

  • The J37 throttle body you'll be using with this kit has a much larger inlet diameter than your stock intake tube. Depending on the size of your intake you'll probably need a different silicone coupler to attach your intake. You'll find that related item linked to this product listing.
  • To get even more power out of your manifold upgrade you may want to add an intake manifold spacer from P2R. This spacer fits under the manifold and gives an even greater volume to the intake tract for improved part-throttle and roll-on throttle gains. You'll also find that item linked to this listing, and it works with all single-port J-series engines.

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Customer Questions

Q:What would be the power gains roughly going from my 3.5 J35A8 to this?

These manifolds are generally good for gains between 5-13 hp, which can vary depending on the application and tuning. On your J35A8 engine you'd probably see gains right in the middle of that range.

Q:Would I need a tune after installing this and the throttle body? 07 TypeS

Tuning is ideal to make the most out of these intake upgrades. However you will notice a definite benefit even without tuning.

Q:i have a j32a2 motor that I\'m building and I\'m planning on putting it on a 06 Honda accord would I be able to use this manifold ?

This manifold will fit on a J32A2 engine and work with the DBW throttle body system in the 2003-07 Accord.

Q:Which throttle body comes with this as I've seen two different ones I believe, is this the 80mm one.

We've changed the throttle body around between the different J37 applications. The current one on offer is the TL SH-AWD one. This one has the 80mm inlet.

Q:Will this work good for a 2004 Acura TL? And will I get any benefits?

Yes this package would work great on the J32A3 in your 2004 TL. The manifold will give you better throttle response and more power throughout the powerband! Read more on the description details for the options right for you.

Q:Are the manifold top plates interchangeable? Could i reuse the top plate on my J30a5 manifold on the J37? Or do i have to purchase the one listed here?

In many cases the top plate is reusable on the J37 manifold. In your case, with the J35A5 we believe you would need to get the top plate and delete the butterfly valve off the plate to make it all work (on an automatic transmission car).

Q:will this work on a 2008 acura rl?

Yes, the RL has a similar J35 engine to that in the 2007-08 Acura TL Type-S and so you should be able to install this on the RL without issue.

Q:would it fit a 2004 accord v6?
A:Yes it will fit the J30 engine in all 2003-07 Honda Accord V6 models.
Q:Will this work on a 2017 Accord V6? If so will it need a throttle body and/or a top plate? Thanks for the info.

Yes it will work on the 2013+ Accord V6. The needed parts for install may vary if you have an Automatic or Manual transmission though.

Q:Do I need to order a intake manifold gasket or it does not need one, I have a 07 TL type S will the top plate fit?

An intake manifold gasket is included in this kit, and your Type-S top plate will work on the manifold so you won't need a new one.

Q:which throttle body comes with this package?

The optioned throttle body in this kit is from an SH-AWD TL. It is a new genuine Honda part.

Q:Will this work on a 2017 Accord V6 Manual? Will I need an adapter to run a CAI for the normal inlet?

Yes this kit can be used on an Accord V6 manual, but a special top plate is needed which Heeltoe can provide. Also you will need a new silicone coupler to fit over the kit's new larger throttle body.

Q:Would this work on my 02 Odyssey and would I need the adapter plate from the mdx?

This manifold can be installed on any J-series 3.0/3.2/3.5 engine, however compatibility of the intake tube and other wiring can be variable so customization should be planned.

Q:what would i need to complete kit for my 2010 honda accord coupe ex L. automatic. 3.5 v6.

You would order the manifold and the throttle body, and reuse your stock top plate.

Q:Where would I find wireing details for the butterfly valve bypass actuator valve so I can activate it on my 08 Accord Automatic?

It is more appropriate, on your 08 Accord V6 AT, to use your stock top plate and not use the butterfly function.

Q:Do you guys off any manifolds that will fit the 98 Accord J30A1's?

This J37 manifold can fit, it does get a little complicated with the throttle body, though. You'll need an upgraded throttle body from Skunk2 or another manufacturer and a special adapter to make it backwards compatible with the J37. P2R offers those adapters: P383

Q:If I have a 2010 Acura MDX (Base Model). Do I already have this manifold and TB? You would be surprised at the relative lack of information out there regarding performance upgrades for the MDX. Thanks.

Yes, your 2010-13 MDX already has this manifold. (A 2007-09 MDX does not, though).

Q:will this fit the 9th gen accord v6 6speed

It does however you need to order the manifold with the top plate without butterfly valve.

Q:Which coupler would I need to attach the stock intake tube to the larger throttle body for a 2014 Accord V6 ?

We do not have a coupler for use with the stock intake arm at this time. A different arm would actually be needed. We are working to determine which arm would be suitable.

Q:Why does this not work for my j32a2??

This manifold can be retrofitted to your J32A2, but special equipment is required to accommodate the throttle-cable actuated throttle body. We're actually planning a specific package for installation on a J32A2 soon!

Q:What do I have to do to make this fit my j32a2 motor?

It is a bolt on product, just choose your selections based on the info in the details on the page. The only other thing you will need to have is an aftermarket intake and appropriate coupler to make the attachment.

Q:I have a j32a3 in my del Sol. Will this work? Thank you.

Yes this manifold will work on a J32A3.

Q:Can i reuse my existing top plate without butterfly valve?

The answer depends on what engine you have. Since you have a 9th gen Accord, no, you need to buy the new top plate without the valve.

Q:I have noticed that this manifold doesn't have a intake manifold temp. sensor port like my 08 Acura TL Type-S. Should I be concerned concerned with installing it without one?

No, simply relocate the IAT from your manifold into your intake tube (just forward of the throttle plate). You may need to make a custom hole for this.

Q:i have a j37a4 is this manifold better than mines or i dont need to switch manifolds?

This is the same manifold you have on you engine from the factory. You already have the largest manifold available from Honda.

Q:will a j32a3 top plate fit on this j37 intake manifold?

No it will not, if you have a J32A3 you will need to add the top plate to your kit.

Q:Will my AFE power TB spacer for my 2008 Accord 3.5 work with this kit as well?

It will not. The upgraded J37 throttle body and manifold are a special size and other spacers will not fit.

Q:I have a j35z3. Would I need the butterfly valve and plate or just the manifold
A:You will not need the top plate kit, no. Just the manifold and a throttle body if you don't have the throttle body already.
Q:Would this fit a 2006 acura rl 3.5? If so what setup?
A:This kit could be adapted to an RL. In general you have the same engine as a 2007-08 Acura TL Type-S so use that information to make selections.
Q:I have 06 accord v6mt6. Will my top plate fit?
A:According to our data you would need to get a top place with a butterfly valve with your engine.
Q:The J35 I/M has a hole for the IAT sensor while the J37 you are selling does not; how is this issue accommodated for?
A:Yes, correct. This is resolved by simply relocating the IAT sensor to the inlet tube before the throttle body.
Q:Would this fit a Honda Accord 2016 EXL V6 Automatic transmission? If so what are the ítems i need to purchase, and is anything needed for me to use my current Cold Air Intake?
A:Yes, this kit does work on a 9g Accord. Also you would need this install kit for best fitment: Heeltoe Automotive HT-Spec J37 Magnesium Manifold Install Kit, 2013-17 Honda Accord (All V6 Models). For the current intake to work you only need a new coupler: J37 retrofit coupler
Q:Would this fit a 2007 Acura rl it's a j35a8 and what will the hp gains be probably going to give it a race tune also what is the top plate do I need on
A:Yes, the J35A8 in a 2g RL can use this manifold the same as a TL-S. You could re-use the top plate on your engine with this manifold. We don't have published numbers on the performance of this part.

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  • J37 intake manifold and throttle body January, 17
    By John Walton, Grocery Getter
    Worked very well with my existing modifications on my j32a3, fitment was great, also the staff at heel toe helped tremendously and communicated with me very well, I’d recommend for those who want to add more drivability to their cars even the guys who have a j swap who need the extra good clearence
  • Great Performance Mod April, 13
    By Sri, Street Performance Enthusiast
    Ordered the J37 Kit for my 2010 Honda Accord V6. It was a perfect bolt on kit, I also coupled it with the P2R manifold spacer for increased power. The horsepower gain is definitely worth it for the price. For other people considering this upgrade on 2008 - 2012 V6 accords (MT or AT), the stock top plate is fully functional. You do not need to purchase any top plate, just transfer over the old one. One quick tip is, if the idle speeds seem to be abnormal at first, try the idle relearn procedure for the car, and if that doesn't solve the idle, check for any leaks near gaskets.

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