HTSpec J37 ZDX/SH-AWD TL Magnesium Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Kit, Honda J-Series V6 (ALL Single-Port Exhaust Engines)

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HTSpec J37 ZDX/SH-AWD TL Magnesium Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Kit, Honda J-Series V6 (ALL Single-Port Exhaust Engines)

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Price: $239.12

Please allow 2-4 days for assembly and shipping.

Product Line:
HTSpec J37 ZDX/SH-AWD TL Magnesium
Part Type:
Intake Manifold & Throttle Body Kit
Vehicle Fitment Note:
w/ Single Exhaust-Port Heads
Supply Note:
Please allow 2-4 days for assembly and shipping.


Swapping the intake manifold on the J-Series Honda V6 engine is a simple way to add power. The largest manifold Honda has made for these engines to date is off the 3.7L J37 variants found on SH-AWD TL and ZDX engines. Depending on your engine, a few options are available to make sure you get the right parts at the best value. Heeltoe has made buying a J37 manifold package easy!

The basics:

  • The J37 manifold is a high-capacity manifold that was offered on the highest output J-series engines from the factory. Right out of the box they support over 300 naturally aspirated horsepower. The added volume and flow of the J37 manifold is a great upgrade over the J30, 32, and 35 engines; especially if the engine is modified with higher flowing exhaust and engine tuning.
  • Additional to the manifold itself being larger thank your stock J30/32/35 one, the throttle body opening is larger as well. In fact, the entire J37 throttle body is larger; meaning your stock throttle body will not fit on a J37 manifold. You'll need to ugprade that, too!
  • The J37 manifolds are made out of cast magnesium, making them lighter weight than the standard aluminum ones. However, cast magnesium is not very attractive. These manifolds came on a couple different models of engines, some of which have engine covers over them to give the engine an attractive look. Others had the manifold exposed and to improve the look of the manifold it was painted.
  • J-series manifolds came with various configurations of bypass valves. The top plate on the manifold has a valve that is opened by an actuator at different times to alter the runner length, varying performance by RPM. Some other J-series share this configuration. Others have a valve built into the manifold itself. Others still have no valve arrangement at all. Below we have an outline of what cars should or should not need this option.
  • The J37 manifold installation is a complete bolt-on affair onto the smaller J-series engines. THIS LISTING IS ONLY FOR SINGLE PORT J-SERIES ENGINES. If you have a J32A1/2 from a 2001-03 CL or 99-03 TL, this package is not for you! Newer applications will be supported by this package.

More information to help you choose the right options:

  1. Do you care if the manifold is painted? There are two different J37 manifolds we can offer. One comes with a nice silver paint over the cast magnesium manifold. The other is bare metal, which is not as attractive. If your engine cover hides the manifold, you plan on painting the manifold a custom color, or simply don't care how it looks; buy the non-painted one and save some money.
  2. Does your stock engine have a top-plate with a butterfly valve bypass actuator valve? If it does then your stock top-plate and internal EGR tube will work on the new J37 manifold and you don't need this additional option. If the top plate on your engine does not have a bypass valve actuator on it, you'll need this option. You can also choose this option if you wish to change the top plate finish between a plain one, a one with an "A" on it, or one with the "HONDA" logo on it.
    • Do Not Need Top Plate Kit: 07-08 TL (ALL), 2009-14 TL (Base), 2007-09 MDX, 2010-14 TSX (V6), 2008-12 Accord (V6 5AT & 6MT), 2005-07 & 11-17 Odyssey, 09-14 Ridgeline, 09-15 Pilot, 2010-12 Honda Crosstour (V6)
    • Need Top Plate Kit w/ Butterfly Valve: 2004-06 TL, 2003-07 Accord (V6 6MT), 06-08 Pilot, 06-08 Ridgeline
    • Need Top Plate without butterfly valve: 2003-07 Honda Accord (V6 5AT), 2013-17 Honda Accord (V6). Note that 13-17 Accords also should get this install kit to mount and plumb the purge control solenoid valve.
  3. Do you have a J37 throttle body already? The J37 throttle body itself has been a popular upgrade for many years. You might already have one and if you do, you don't need this option. But if you have any other throttle body now, you will need to add this option. If you do we'll provide you with a 80-70mm TL SH-AWD throttle body, brand new from Acura!
  4. Do you want thermal-blocking gaskets with your order? We work with P2R who provides thermal-blocking gaskets which help keep the manifold cool. A cool manifold will provide the best power. If you don't choose this option we'll be providing new a factory throttle body gasket, and expect you'll reuse your stock metal manifold gasket.

Other stuff you may want to order:

  • The J37 throttle body you'll be using with this kit has a much larger inlet diameter than your stock intake tube. Depending on the size of your intake you'll probably need a different silicone coupler to attach your intake. You'll find that related item linked to this product listing.
  • To get even more power out of your manifold upgrade you may want to add an intake manifold spacer from P2R. This spacer fits under the manifold and gives an even greater volume to the intake tract for improved part-throttle and roll-on throttle gains. You'll also find that item linked to this listing, and it works with all single-port J-series engines.

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Customer Ratings + Reviews

Reviewed by Eli
on May 6, 2021
Perfect fitment
Mo powah baby!!! Yeah
Reviewed by Steven
on May 6, 2021
Easy to install, everything was clean
Love this upgrade, since I have the time I ported and polished the whole thing. This took awhile, but it is finally nice and shiny on the inside. This piece comes apart in half, which makes it a lot easier to port and polish. When putting it back together I used high temp silicone gasket.
Reviewed by Cliff
on May 6, 2021
Not hard to install
Noticed a big difference in power
Reviewed by Michael
on May 6, 2021
Hoping it wasn't a waste and can still use it
I am in need of the spacer so I can use my stock fly by cable system. I am unfortunately stuck with my stock TB witch I'm okay with
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