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Honda Genuine Intake Manifold Spacer Kit, Most J-series Engines

Product Line:
Genuine OEM Intake Manifold Spacer
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda V6, J-series SOHC (w/ Single Exhaust-Port Heads)
Honda Genuine Intake Manifold Spacer Kit, Most J-series Engines



Multiple independent tests have shown dramatic increases in torque and engine response with the installation of intake manifold spacers on J-series Honda/Acura engines. This spacer from the first generation Acura MDX (J35A3 & J35A5) is a factory piece that when bolted onto other, lesser J-series will noticeably increase engine output.

The intake tract holds a certain amount of volume, and when the throttle plate is opened, the air filling that volume rushes into the engine. This creates a surplus of Oxygen and more fuel to be added, increasing power. Intake manifold spacers such as this MDX part add power by increasing the volume of the intake manifold. The upgrade is inexpensive, and effective.

Heeltoe has assembled kits to allow the installation of this spacer with all GENUINE HONDA hardware necessary to bolt it in place*. Included are:

  • Intake Spacer-1
  • Longer Bolts-7
  • Longer Studs-2
  • Intake Manifold Gaskets-2 (P2R gasket optional)

Needed to install a spacer in the J-series is a minimum of two gaskets (one for each side of the spacer, against the runners below and the manifold above). The factory gasket is perfectly reusable in most cases, but we have found most customers prefer to install with all-new gaskets, so our kit is assembled with two new gaskets. Note the option of adding a P2R thermal intake manifold gasket, which adds the benefit of blocking heat from the cylinder heads from soaking the manifold. This helps keep the intake manifold cool, insures maximum horsepower even when the car is being driven hard.


* IMPORTANT: This spacer will dramatically raise the height of the engine-assembly, and some users have noted fitment concerns such as: hood clearance concerns, plumbing length issues, intake system customization, and possible sensor relocation needed. While our kit contains parts needed to install the spacer, it does not account for nay other customization needed for your specific application. If you have concerns about the fitment of this item on your application, you may consider a P2R Intake Manifold Spacer instead which is manufactured a little smaller to allow much of the same performance gain while minimizing other fitment concerns.

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Customer Questions


Is this compatible if used with a j35z3 accord and your HTSpec J37 Magnesium Intake Manifold and Throttle Body Package?


It should be, yes.


Will it fit my 06 MDX


Yes, it should fit the J35A5 in your first generation MDX. Although this engine already has a spacer in it from the factory so the supplied hardware will not be long enough to install.


Would this fit my Acura tl 08


It will, as it will fit all 3rd gen TLs. However you may have a clearance issue at the hood. Consider the P2R spacer instead as it is not as tall.

Q:Will this fit on a 2009 Honda Accord V6 coupe
A:Yes, it will fit the engine in your Accord. It would fit all Accords from 2007-2012, and possibly later years as well.

What is the measured thickness of the spacer?


This spacer is 1 3/4" thick. When combined with two P2R gaskets, the resultant total thickness is about 2".


I'm not clear on one of the topic, but isn't OEM a genuine factory part? So is this part made from Honda/Acura factory OEM?


Yes OEM and Geniune are used interchangeably a lot of times. This is a GENUINE part, meaning it comes straight from Acura. Read more on this topic here: What is the difference between OE, Genuine, OEM, and OER/Aftermarket Parts?

Q:Will this fit my 06 ridgeline

Yes, this spacer will work fine on all J-series since 2004 up through the newest DI engines.

Q:Have you had any issues with fitment of this spacer on a 2016 or 2017 Accord V6? (ideally with dual thermal gaskets)

This part may cause an interference with the hood where it may contact the engine. Also note that some hoses or wires may need to be lengthened to fit with this spacer in place. For a thinner spacer you may look at the P2R P392 spacer instead.

Q:Will this fit an 08 pilot? Do you know about hood clearance?

Yes this kit should fit your Pilot engine. We don't believe you would have hood clearance issues, either. That would mostly happen in sedans such as Accords and TLs.

Q:With this being a genuine part, I am thinking of picking up the J37 IM+TB combo for my '15 Accord V6. Is it necessary to purchase this spacer as well or does the spacer come included with the manifold?

No this product is not necessary for use with the J37 manifold, nor is it included with that manifold. With that said, this spacer is rather large and will most likely cause an interference with hood closure. We would more strongly recommend the P2R P392 spacer which is sized to produce similar power but will not have such a clearance issue.

Q:I noticed my J37A1 in my 2G MDX does not have a spacer like the J35A3 in the 1G MDX.. Can this be fitted to my J37A1? The 2G MDX has a generous hood clearance so there should not be any issues but to extend some vacuum lines..

Yes, it can be fitted.

Q:Will I have good clearance issues with this product for my 01 Acura cl type s?

No you should not experience such issues as this spacer is not exceedingly thick.

Q:Will this part fit a 2010 Honda Accord coupe 3.5?

Yes it will.

Q:Will this fit the J35A1 and if it does which gen should I purchase? The engine is from a 1999 - 2001 Honda Odyssey.

Yes it will fit your engine although sometimes hood clearance is an issue. People sometimes prefer the P2R manifold spacer since it is a more reasonable thickness for clearance and balanced power. See that part here: P2R P392 Spacer

Q:Hi, will this "spacer kit" fit my 2007 Acura MDX (gen-2)? This 4,600lbs beast can use some extra torque. If yes, have you heard of any fitment issues for my model, like the ones listed above? I know I have the room under the hood, but I'm more concerned of any harnesses and plumbing being short after install. What is the actual thickness of this and the P2R spacer. Most likely I'll be using the P2R thermal gaskets.

Yes it will. You would get low end power, probably with some sacrifice with top end power. The spacing on the manifold is rather large so there are likely some unforeseen fitment concerns to address, but in your MDX it is not likely anything dramatic.

The P2R spacer is about 3/4" thick, a more manageable size with a more balanced power profile.

Q:Will this fit the J35A8 from the TL type s?
A:Yes, fits 100% no problem.
Q:Would it fit a 2009 accord ex-l v6 sedan with 3.5 I-vtech?
A:It will, although the P2R spacer is recommended to give a better low/high RPM power balance and prevent hood clearance issues.
Q:Will this fit 2010 accord coupe v6 5at?
A:Yes it does, although you will probably have some hood clearance issueand this spacer is not good for top end power. We recommend the P2R P392 spacer kit instead which has more balanced power and no clearance concerns.
Q:Will this fit my 2013 honda ridgeline? Will it give it a good bump in low end power for towing?
A:Your Ridgeline engine already has this part on it from the factory.
Q:Anything to fit a 2011 honda pilot exl
A:Yes this part will fit your Pilot engine.

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