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Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing is a grassroots brand, founded in the early 2000s out of the newly-realized K-Swap. They have been one of the innovators in K-swapping since the engine was released and have always placed a high value on customer service and product quality. One look at a Hybrid Racing shifter assembly will leave you in awe of their design capability. Our most popular item has been their spherical cable-shifter bushings which we have sold countless of, even to applications outside HR's official offerings. Heeltoe has carried Hybrid Racing products since late 2010 as proud direct dealers.

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Clearance Rack
Drivetrain/Axle & Driveline
Drivetrain/Clutch Release System
Drivetrain/Transmission Case
Electrical/Gauges & Meters
Engine Swap/Shifter Conversion
Engine Swap/Swap Accessories
Engine Swap/Wiring Conversion
Engine/Camshaft & Timing
Engine/Oil System
Fuel/Pressure Regulator
Fuel/Rail & Injector
Heating & Cooling/Fan
Heating & Cooling/Hose
Heating & Cooling/Radiator
Induction (Intake)/Air Intake Systems
Induction (Intake)/Throttle Body
Interior/Shift Knob