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Hybrid Racing Shifter Bushing Kit, 2001-03 Acura CL & CL-S

Part Number:
Hybrid Racing
Product Line:
Spherical Shift Cable Bushing Set
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura CL, 2001-03
Hybrid Racing Shifter Bushing Kit, 2001-03 Acura CL & CL-S



Shifter cable bushings are a cost-effective, simple way to add that notchy, crisp feel that you associate with a solid feeling shifter.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all shifter cable bushings are created equal. Many companies make the mistake of assuming both bushings used in the k-series shifter cables can be replaced with solid metal or delrin bushing. This is not the case. Honda uses rubber bushings in their cables because it's a cost-effective way to allow 2-degrees of freedom. A solid metal or delrin bushing allows only 1-degree of freedom. Generally speaking, eliminating a degree of freedom in the bushings translates into more effort required to shift and the potential to bend and ruin your shifter cables.

That's why the Hybrid Racing incorporates a chrome-plated steel spherical bearing into their shifter bushings. This gives the crisp, notchy feel you expect from shifter bushings without the extra effort required to shift, like other brands of bushings.

Hybrid Racing shifter bushings are so good, they are now the recommended bushing for use in HT-Spec shifter packages! Read more on the benefits and installation of these bushings here!

Customer Questions

Q:I have an '03 Acura CL Type-S--I cannot pry the larger rubber bushing out to save my soul (haven't tried the smaller one yet). Are there any other tricks to removing these? Looking forward to installing the Hybrid Racing bushings, but attempts to remove the old bushings have been futile. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The best method we have used is to put a screwdriver in the center hole of the bushing and twist and pry it out. Some silicone spray may be helpful here.

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