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HTSpec Ultimate Camber Kit Combo, 2004-08 Acura TSX

HeelToe Automotive
Product Line:
Ultimate Camber Camber-Alignment Kit
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08
Front & Rear, 8pc Set
HTSpec Ultimate Camber Kit Combo, 2004-08 Acura TSX



The ultimate camber-adjustment package for the most alignment flexibility available. This kit is designed for use on modern vehicles with extreme camber adjustment needs.

Car super slammed? Got an aggressive wheel fitment? Need a lot of camber adjustment but not sure what kits to get?

Heeltoe has the answer! The HTSpec Ultimate Camber Kit Combo features the right combo of parts to give you wide, reliable camber range.

For the front we start with the best camber-adjustable arm on the market, the Skunk2 upper camber arms, and then we "Hella-Flush" modify them to increase the camber range. The Skunk2 kit normally adds an additional 1 degree negative on a TL but with our modification you will get 3 or more degrees negative in the front past the natural camber from lowering. Heeltoe is the only company out there offering this ultimate custom HTSpec modification!

In the rear we offer two kits. The SPC upper kits are a no-brainer as these will allow movement of the wheel relative to the fender-lip. For the most flexibility where it counts you get an Ingalls* lower kit to move the bottom of the wheel in and out to give even more camber, while increasing the toe adjustment ability for extremely low rides and extreme camber angles. You can achieve more than 5 degrees negative in the rear as needed. Or, get the wheel right on the fender while not having to go extreme with the camber if you don't want.

This truly is the Ultimate Camber Kit combo and therefore is fully branded HTSpec!

*As of 2018 this kit ships with ALL SPC rear upper and lower arms instead of the Ingalls arms which were discontinued in 2017. You still get 3 rear arms (rear upper camber, rear lower camber, and rear lower toe), just all SPC.

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"Hella Flush" Mod Now Optional On HTSpec Ultimate Camber Kits
HTSpec Ultimate Camber Kit Combos now offer the option of the front arm modification to be removed.

Customer Questions


Was wondering if I'm not going for a crazy fitment do I need to get the lower toe arms or do I just need front kit and rear kit with out the lower toe arms


The Ingalls camber kit for the rear is a pair of lower arms per-side of the car. These two arms together adjust camber.

One of the arms happens to be a Toe arm, and as such you will get additional Toe adjustment with this package. Most of the time you will not need any more Toe adjustment than stock unless you are adding a lot of negative camber.

To answer the question, if you are not doing a "crazy fitment" (lots of negative camber, wide wheels, low offset), then you should not need this package. We would suggest the Ingalls 38725 kit in the rear and the Skunk2 Upper control arm kit 516-05-0004 in the front.

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