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HT-Spec Brake Package: Stage 1 Street Enhanced, 2004-08 Acura TL & TL Type-S UA6 UA7

HeelToe Automotive
Product Line:
Stage 1 Street Enhanced Brake Combo Package
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TL, 2004-08 (ALL Base, Sport, & Type-S)
Front & Rear
HT-Spec Brake Package: Stage 1 Street Enhanced, 2004-08 Acura TL & TL Type-S UA6 UA7



Kit Contents :

  • Honda Genuine Brake Fluid, 2 Pints
  • RB Performance ET500 Front Pad Set
  • RB Performance ET500 Rear Pad Set
  • RB Performance Patented Open-Slot Front Rotor Set on Brembo-caliper models
  • RB Performance UP Front Slotted Rotor Set on Standard-caliper models
  • Stoptech Rear Slotted Rotor Set (Optional, matching finish to RB Fronts)
  • Fastline Performance Steel Braided Brake Lines

Read on to learn why these selections are the best for you!

Who this kit is for :

This Stage 1 kit is designed for the:
Spirited/Stylish Commuter

  • Enhance braking stamina and longevity.
  • Eliminate "warping" issue.
  • Increase stopping ability.
  • Improve pedal feel
  • Extremely low dust and no noise

HT-Spec brake packages are formulated by HeelToe Automotive concentrating on the most successful customer upgrades available. By focusing on individual customer concerns and needs, sensible upgrade packages are shipped right to your door or your installers shop. Order one kit, get all you need!

Kit Details :

The Stage 1 kit takes the factory braking system to a new level of braking not achievable with stock rotors.

Most people consider a comprehensive brake upgrade to include pads and rotors. The factory brake rotors are not bad, and contrary to popular believe are not warp-prone. However they have severe limitations related to cooling. Their inability to efficiently shed heat will overheat the pads, ultimately leading to fade and dreaded steering –wheel shaking (often falsely identified as warping rotors).

At Heeltoe we believe if you are going to change the rotors, it makes sense to get the best ones available. Most other rotors are essentially the same; many different companies even use the same part number roots to identify them. Yes, RB Performance rotors have slots for clearing dust from the rotor face, and a black EDP coating to prevent unsightly rust buildup. But these are hardly features in a market full of copycats. RB Performance is one of the few companies to craft rotors from the ground up as enhanced over stock. And we are not talking about fluff like the slots.

These features make RB UP rotors stand out:

  • Curved cooling vanes for greater airflow within the rotor. Brake over and over without excessive heat build-up.
  • Engineered alloy with increased carbon over stock grey iron, for wear resistance and to increase the coefficient of friction of the rotor compound.
  • Heat treated to further increase hardness, reducing wear. Change expired pads multiple times without resurfacing.
  • Reinforced hub section for the strongest hat/hub interface in the industry. Guaranteed not to warp.

If you are fortunate enough to own a manual-transmission or Type-S model TL, you probably notice the front brake calipers are special. The "Acura" logo on the Brembo caliper cars indicates your brakes are a little larger than those of a base TL, and are capable of considerably more performance potential. For these models, RB has developed an exclusive, patented Open-Slot design. Open-Slots, featuring CNC milled holes located in the slots. These holes efficiently draw brake dust away from the rotor face minimizing excessive transfer-layer buildup. Keeps pad action consistent and predictable.

With great rotors you want to use great pads. RB started as a rotor company, but soon found that there were not many pad choices that would complement their rotor compound without causing excessive noise. This led to the development of the ET-series brake pad. Formulated specifically to provide smooth and consistent breaking with a low noise and dusting that people look for in a street/sport pad, the ET500 is the perfect fit for Stage 1 brake kits. The bite well without being grabby, and are easy to modulate. All but the most aggressive street drivers will not exceed their performance limit.

Rounding out the package is a set of Fastline Performance Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines and a couple pints of Honda Genuine fluid. Many will say upgrading the fluid should be done for performance reasons. Actually, the stock fluid is very good, and at the performance level of the Stage 1 driver it is unnecessary to upgrade it. These components provide a firm and consistent pedal feel that give you the confidence to use all that the Stage 1 Rotor and Pad selections offer. Change your brake fluid annually to maintain an excellent brake pedal.

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Customer Questions

Q:I am interested in purchasing the HT-spec Stage 1 brake kit but I am a little low on money so I would not be needing the brake fluid and brake lines. Is there a way to order the package of just rotors and pads shims? Or should I just buy it separately?

I was just curious if it 'd be more convenient and/or cheaper together or separate.

A:We can delete the fluid and lines but we feel these parts are necessary for really improving the brake feel and action. If you really don't want them it is probably better to simply order the parts you do want a la carte.

For money savings we suggest skipping the rotors and going with a stage 0 kit. Many people feel that shaking is a sign that the rotors need to be changed however we have found that installing improved pads over stock with "warped" rotors will often cure the "warping," which is really just caused by the factory pads.

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