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HT-Spec Brake Package: Stage 0 Standard-Plus, 2004-08 Acura TSX CL9

HeelToe Automotive
Product Line:
Stage 0 Standard-Plus Brake Combo Package
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08
Front & Rear
HT-Spec Brake Package: Stage 0 Standard-Plus, 2004-08 Acura TSX CL9



Kit Contents:

  • Honda Genuine Brake Fluid, 2 Pints
  • RB Performance ET500 Front Pad Set
  • RB Performance ET500 Rear Pad Set
  • Fastline Performance Steel Braided Brake Lines (Optional)

Read on to learn why these selections are the best for you!

Who this kit is for:

This Stage 0 kit is designed for the:
Grocery Getter  

  • Eliminate "warping" issue.
  • Increase stopping ability.
  • Improve pedal feel
  • Low dust and no noise

HT-Spec brake packages are formulated by HeelToe Automotive concentrating on the most successful customer upgrades available. By focusing on individual customer concerns and needs, sensible upgrade packages are shipped right to your door or your installers shop. Order one kit, get all you need!

Kit Details:

The Stage 0 kit is all about fixing some of the faults of the factory braking system.

The factory brakes on your average Honda/Acura don’t hold up well. A historically mild pad causes incessant vibration on the steering wheel with even mild street use. Largely assumed to be warping of the rotors, Heeltoe realizes the brake pads are the cause for the shaking. For more on the problem at hand here, read an article linked here.

Heeltoe has successfully cured many cases of “warping” with new pads and bedding. The trick is to get pads formulated ideally for the driving style of the user. In the case of the average daily use Honda/Acura the RB Performance ET500 street pad is the best possible choice. Aggressive enough to resist overheating with the stock rotors and clear up moderate shaking without machining, while mild enough to avoid excessive rotor wear and noise, the ET500 is the idea street upgrade pad.

The other flaw in the stock braking system is less obvious. Over time the brake pedal gets softer and softer, to the point where one questions if they are firmly connected to anything at all. The key to maintaining confident braking feel is keeping the brake fluid fresh. The factory Honda fluid is very good, but the manufacturer’s recommendation to change it every 3 years is really inadequate. Heeltoe recommends changing the fluid annually. Details on why this recommendation is made are found in the article linked here. Optionally add a set of Fastline Performance brake lines to firm up the pedal more to give you the best brake pedal feel possible, because pedal feel is the key to confidence and better braking. These lines are DOT compliant and come with a plastic coating to resist wear.

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  • Solved all the vibration and I have way better brakes now January, 13
    By BRUCE WILSON, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    I was going to get new rotors before I put these pads on, but Marcus said try the pads first and see what you think. Thank you Marcus for saving me the money that I can spend on other items for my TSX. :-)

    Wow is all I can say, totally got rid of some pretty bad vibration in my brakes, especially at high speed. And the stopping power is much better than stock. I also put on the optional brake lines. Between the lines and the pads the brakes feel a lot closer to my BMW's that I have owned. They no longer feel spongy, poor feedback and general lack of feeling like I'm not sure if I'm going to stop in time before the rear of the car in front of me becomes part of my car.
  • Big Performance Increase September, 9
    By Julian G, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    After 80,000 miles of bad brakes on my TSX and having the rotors and pads replaces three times only to warp only months later, finally decided to step up buy this stage 0 kit. I added RB's UP rotors as well. Marcus recommended an install shop in Branford, CT and they did a great job. I've put about 2000 miles on them so far. While there is some vibration through the pedal probably from the slotted rotors all I can is Wow!! These brakes are almost up ton the level on my wife's Q5. Firm pedal, very good feel and stopping power just seems so confidence inspiring. Probably the best part is the lack of fade. You can hammer on these brakes, build a ton of heat into them and they will still stop with incredible confidence. Have no idea why Honda could put a brake set up like this as OEM. We'll see how long the performance last but so far I am impressed and glad I spent the cash. Thanks Marcus.
  • Great first step up from stock parts. March, 15
    By David Spalding, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    If you want to step up from stock, on a budget (don't want to do a BBK), and your stock rotors have many more miles left in them, this is a great kit. I've found the ET300 pads work just fine, the Hawk Ceramics might have more bite, but remember you're matching pads to the stock (or other) rotor.

    The real bonus in this kit is the brake lines. Replacing Honda rubber lines on my TSX with these lines made the braking system feel much more confident and predictable. Nice even movement (no mushiness or variance as the fluid heated up), firm resistance.

    For commuting or daily driving, this is superb. Even on the track, driving aggresively, braking down from as much as 100mph, this kit on stock rotors didn't let me down.

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