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How Much Play Should There Be On My Axle Inner Joint? (Honda/Acura)

  • Posted: 01-22-2016 08:01 PM
  • Drivetrain

We've been selling inner axle joint kits for quite a long time, as a cure for TSX/TL/Accord Vibration While Accelerating. We even came out with our own upgraded Fastline Performance Joint Kits to help strengthen this area of the car!

Some customers are still getting a vibration in their cars after changing joints and they are looking at play as being a possible issue.

To find out more, I had put my #HTSpecTSX on a lift and studied the factory axle-play in my VIBRATION FREE setup. A little play appears normal...



Is this the kind of play you are seeing? Let us know in a comment below or email!



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