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How long does a JDM or Special Ordered part take to arrive?

  • Posted: 04-27-2015 12:28 PM
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Ordering parts from overseas can be a trying process, especially when those items ship by container. In a perfect world, a part is ordered, goes into a container, is loaded onto a container ship, makes the 2-3 week trek across the ocean, is unloaded, passes customs, comes to us, then we ship to you, and a week later you have your part. Indeed, sometimes it takes a month or two, and sometimes it takes longer, 6 months or more!

We recently received a shipment from Japan in which we shipped out 6 EuroR front lips to customers. Some people were waiting only 60 days. Others were waiting for 6 months or longer. What could cause this?

There are a lot of factors involved. The stock level in Japan is the most prominent one. If the lip is not in stock in the color you want in Japan, it can extend the lead time by a number of weeks. Since a container shipment goes every month, that means a delay of only one week can result in a month-long extension on the order!

In more rare case, we may find that the container comes and not all the items we were expecting are included. Such is the case with this last order as well. One person's lip needed to be ordered again! Frustrating, but it does happen.

In the most rare of cases, there will be a logistical issue. Such as a boat accident, customs delays, or, such as what happened with this last shipment, there was a strike at the docks that lasted longer than 45 days. This all has an impact on the lead time. While it does not happen often, it CAN and HAS happened numerous times in the past.

These are just a couple of the issues that can arise.

All the whole time, Heeltoe is here and available to provide support and service to you. While we understand these issues are frustrating, and long-time without information is even more aggravating, we hope you will understand that our completion rate is nearly 100%. If you special order your Japanese part and put in the wait time, it WILL come and we WILL ship it, or your money back, 100%, no questions asked.


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