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Hondata Flashpro and CAN Adapter Combo, 2003-07 Accord V6 6MT, Race Only, FP-TL-US

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Flashpro ECM Reflash Tool (Race Only)
Vehicle Fitment:
Honda Accord, 2003-07 (V6 6MT)
Hondata Flashpro and CAN Adapter Combo, 2003-07 Accord V6 6MT, Race Only, FP-TL-US

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    To use the Flashpro in a 03-07 Accord V6 6MT, a 2007-08 TL ECU is required, and to install the ECU this adapter harness is required. We can also supply a used TL ECU and ship all in one package!


    Heeltoe is an authorized Hondata reseller so you will have the full benefits of the FlashPro, including warranty coverage.

    *The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging for the 2004-2008 Acura TL Base and Type-S MT and AT.

    You will need a new or used ECU from an 2007-08 MT TL or 2007 base auto TL to install a Flashpro on your 2004-06 TL.

    ECU Part Number

    Donor Vehicle
    RDA-A83 through RDA-A84

    2007 Acura TL Base Auto*

    RDB-A02 through RDB-A04

    2007 Acura TL MT Type-S

    RDB-A11 through RDB-A12

    2008 Acura TL MT Type-S

    * The Auto ECU needs a hardware modification for cruise control to work.

    For confirmation, the ECU is located in the console area to the left of the passenger's left foot.


    The CAN adapter cable connects from the DLC to the CAN bus connector. (install instructions)
    The ECU adapter connects the 07/08 TL ECU to the 04-05 TL and 03-07 Accord harness.



    FlashPro features

    • Programmable ECU interface.
    • Connects via OBDII diagnostic port.
    • USB 2.0 connection
    • Works with Laptop or Desktop
    • No ECU modification necessary.
    • Live tuning
    • 20 hours on board datalogging memory.
    • FlashProManager Windows software.
    • Check and clear diagnostic codes.
    • Customizable laptop gauges.
    • Readiness codes and smog check status.
    • Dual calibration storage - upload from one of two calibrations stored in the FlashPro.

    TSX tuning features

    • Ignition, fuel, idle speed, table editing.
    • VTEC window.
    • Rev and launch limiters.
    • Map tracing  & lambda overlay.
    • Expanded fuel, ignition & cam angle tables for forced induction.
    • 4 bar MAP sensor support (43 psi).
    • Support for larger injectors.
    • Injector latency / dead time.
    • Individual cylinder fuel & ignition trim.
    • Individual cylinder knock datalogging
    • Starting calibrations for intake, headers & larger injectors.
    • Boost control by RPM and gear

    For a more detailed feature lists see the FlashPro help file.

    What do I need to run the software?

    • Laptop or desktop
    • 32 or 64 bit Windows XP, Vista or 7*
    • USB 2.0 port
    • Internet Access

    * The software will also work on Intel based Macs running Bootcamp with the above specifications. Has been extensively tested and works well.  Parallels and VMWare virtualization software has been tested with no problems found to date.

    Training videos

    Hondata has put together a series of training videos to describe the function and use of the FlashPro. Some of the videos were shot using pre-release software. Some displayed functions have changed slightly. View the videos in High Definition Full Screen to view the screen shots.

    FlashPro Introduction

    Hondata's new generation programming tool for the TL.

    FlashPro Getting started

    This video covers the installation the FlashPro Manager software, the USB drivers, software registration and upload of a calibration.

    Live Tuning

    Live tuning gives you the ability to tune your Honda or Acura on the fly without switching off the engine. Live tuning simplifies part throttle tuning and significantly reduces the time and cost of tuning your car.

    Datalogging and Air fuel ratios

    A look a the extensive datalogging capabilities of the FlashPro and the many ways in which to examine your engine data. We touch on the datalogging of the air fuel ratios and how you can use it to adjust your tuning.

    Questions and Answers

    - Are there base calibrations?
    There are starting and tuned calibrations for:

    • 3.2 TL with 270 cc inj & SRI.
    • 3.2 TL with 270 cc inj, intake, test pipes, throttle body, manifold & Type S cams
    • 3.0 Accord with 270 cc injectors

    - Do I need to send my ECU to Hondata?
    No. Your ECU does not need to be modified for FlashPro.

    - Why are there two options for the 06 TL?
    The 06 TL with Navi and TPMS has a fully populated CAN bus connector and needs an alternative method of connecting the CAN wiring. (see instructions) An 06 without Navi needs just the $50 CAN adapter.

    - Do I need to cut any wires?
    No. Everything is plug and play. In essence you are upgrading the wiring of your car to make it similar to later models.

    - You support the AT ECU. So this means I can use it with my AT TL or Accord?
    No. Used MT computers are rare. FlashPro Manager 1.6.3 or newer can install the MT code into the AT ECU. This means you can take advantage of the numerous used 07 AT TL ECUs available for tuning your MT V6.

    - How do I get cruise control work?
    Modifying the 2007 Acura TL Base Auto computer to enable cruise Cruise control takes less than 20 minutes with a fine tipped soldering iron We recommend using a binocular microscope as the parts are very small. One component needs removal and one jumper wire is added. Details are at the end of the install instructions.

    - Why wont this work for the automatic V6 then?
    The 07-08 AT TL ECU expects a 4 solenoid automatic transmission. The 04-06 TL and 03-07 Accord AT uses a three solenoid transmission.

    - Can I use an 08 AT TL ECU with my MT?
    No. That ECU is not supported for overwriting with a MT program.

     - Can it eliminate the second o2 sensor?
    Yes. The secondary oxygen sensor is used to monitor the catalytic converter efficiency and assist with closed loop operation. For off road racing use in which a catalytic converter is not desirable, the secondary oxygen sensor can be disabled using the FlashPro Manager software without any negative affect on the tuning or operation of the car.

    - Do I need dyno tuning?
    It shouldn't be necessary for common part combinations (intake, exhaust), but you still have the option of custom tuning if you wish to get a little more. Camshafts and race headers probably will need tuning to get the most of the them - it will depend on the manufacturer. Dyno tuning is highly recommended for forced induction.

    - What about smog?
    According to US and CA law the FlashPro is for off road use only. However, if you did smog with you would find the readiness codes supported and complete as long as your emissions systems are intact and working.

    - Will this work on more than one vehicle?
    The FlashPro is locked to one vehicle. It can be unlocked and transferred to another vehicle by returning the ECU to stock.

    - Can I share the calibrations I make for my car?

    - Do I need the laptop in the vehicle to reflash the ECU?
    No. The FlashPro can upload either with or without a laptop.

    - So does that mean 1 unit Hondata FlashPro can only work with one ecu or car only? Which mean I can't buy one FlashPro and use it together with a few of my buddies TL?
    One ECU and vehicle at a time. You can unlock the FlashPro by returning the ECU to stock, and then transfer to another vehicle.

    - Any option of immobilizer control?
    The immobilizer can not be disabled. We've implemented a number of features designed to protect the owner of the vehicle from theft, and one of these is not to allow the immobilizer to be disabled.

    - Will this support a 64-Bit Windows Vista and Windows 7?

    - Can it control nitrous?
    No. However, you can at least control the ignition timing to make nitrous safer.

    - Will dealers need a software license?
    No. Every FlashPro will come with the full tuning software FlashPro Manager.

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    Customer Questions


    in layman's terms your sayin plug this in the obd2 plug and select aftermarket intake and exhaust system and it will automatically tune the computer for those upgrades?


    What you do is plug the Flashpro in to the OBD port, plug a laptop into the Flashpro, and then you can choose different tunes from the computer to upload to the Flashpro.

    You don't choose mods persay. You need to select the right tunes for the parts you have, or get a custom one.

    There are going to baseline tunes in there for a few different common combinations to get you started without needing to visit a dyno.

    Q:Does this come with the wire harness when you add the can/ecu adapter

    Yes this item listing does come with the wire harness. The "CAN/ECU Adapter" in fact IS the wire harness.

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