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Hondata CAN & ECU Adapter, For installing a 2007-08 TL-S ECU & Flashpro in a 2003-07 Accord V6 6MT

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CAN ECU Jumper Adapter Harness
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Honda Accord, 2003-07 (For installing a 2007-08 TL-S ECU & Flashpro in V6 6MT)
Hondata CAN & ECU Adapter, For installing a 2007-08 TL-S ECU & Flashpro in a 2003-07 Accord V6 6MT



Buy this kit in conjunction with a 2007-08 Acura TL Flashpro to get the foremost in tuning solutions for your Accord V6 engine.

The CAN adapter cable connects from the DLC to the CAN bus connector. The ECU adapter connects the 07/08 TL ECU to the 04-05 TL and 03-07 Accord harness.

Customer Questions


After this install can you get the tl s flash pro? Or does it only work with the tl flash pro


This adapter is for installing a 2007-08 TL computer in a 2003-07 Accord V6 6MT. Once that computer is installed you can use a Flashpro from a TL to tune the car. Note: There is only one TL Flashpro to work in ALL 2007-08 computers; both TL Base and TL-S use the same Flashpro unit.

Q:Do you have to reprogram key after ecu swap?

No, but the ECU does need to be learned to the immobilizer in your car. So yes, some programming is needed at the dealer, but not programming of the key, per say.

Q:I have a 03 accord v6 6speed with a complete 05 tl supercharged 6 speed swap , I'm having a hard time finding a 07 08 type s 6 speed Manuel ecu , will there be any negative effects of me using a 07 base tl auto ecu on my setup?

None at all. With these Hondata components ANY 2007-08 TL ecu will work for your application.

Q:I have a 07 Accord v6 with a 04-05 TL J32A3 engine swap and still using an automatic transmission. Will this work on my setup or it is only for those with a manual transmission?

This product is applicable to manual-transmission Accord V6s only.

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