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Honda Genuine OEM Tools, "Bitch Clip" Clip Popper (Push Pin Puller). 07AAC-SJAA100

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Genuine OEM Tool
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Universal ((Push Pin Puller))
Honda Genuine OEM Tools, "Bitch Clip" Clip Popper (Push Pin Puller). 07AAC-SJAA100



Avoid breaking the dreaded "bitch clip" when working on your Honda or Acura with this specially designed tool from Honda.

Customer Questions


What will happen if I try and remove the clips without the popper?


You can pry clips loose with a screwdriver but the risk of damage is very high. This is especially true of area where debris is collected such as in fender wells or beneath lip spoilers. When the clips break they are very difficult to remove.


I'm not clear on one of the topic, but isn't OEM a genuine factory part? So is this part made from Honda/Acura factory OEM?


Yes OEM and Geniune are used interchangeably a lot of times. This is a GENUINE part, meaning it comes straight from Acura. Read more on this topic here: What is the difference between OE, Genuine, OEM, and OER/Aftermarket Parts?

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  • Must have for DIYer February, 3
    By LL, Street Performance Enthusiast
    If you work on your ride, especially exterior panels, this tool is a must have. I dread having to remove this type of clip on my car and motorbike. A screwdriver always leaves the clip damaged. I thought it was expensive, but once you have it you don't regret it, especially if you work on the exterior panels repeatedly.
  • Must have for you do-it-yourselfers!rsel April, 26
    By pjotsx, Spirited/Stylish Commuter
    I can't explain how awesome this tool is! I have taken off my front bumper and grille multiple times without this tool. And after breaking a few clips I decided to try this tool out. Let me say that it is sooo much easier now to take of my rad cover, grille, and front bumper and saves me so much time now. Definitely worth the money!

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