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Honda Genuine TL Type-S Sway Bar Rear Kit, 20mm diameter, for upgrade on 2004-08 Acura TSX

Product Line:
Genuine OEM Anti-Sway Bar Set (20mm diameter)
Vehicle Fitment:
Acura TSX, 2004-08 (from 07-08 TL Type-S)
Honda Genuine TL Type-S Sway Bar Rear Kit, 20mm diameter, for upgrade on 2004-08 Acura TSX



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OEM 20mm rear sway bar kit, comes with necessary bushings and bushing brackets for mounting.

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Customer Questions


Do you guys allow us to pick up the merchandise from your store? If so, how do I specify that in the order?


Yes, we do for people in some states. There is a local-will call option listed with the "Shipping Options" on the checkout page if it is available in your area.


Will this bar clear aftermarket exhausts?


Yes it will, as this bar is routed nearly identically to the stock sway bar.


I'm not clear on one of the topic, but isn't OEM a genuine factory part? So is this part made from Honda/Acura factory OEM?


Yes OEM and Geniune are used interchangeably a lot of times. This is a GENUINE part, meaning it comes straight from Acura. Read more on this topic here: What is the difference between OE, Genuine, OEM, and OER/Aftermarket Parts?

Q:Will this fit on my 2008 Acura TL Base?

Yes it will! Although it may be ideal to order this item which is listed specifically for a TL: Honda Genuine TL Type-S Sway Bar Rear Kit, 20mm diameter, for upgrade on 2004-08 Acura TL non-S

Q:I heard this is a good mod/upgrade for my 2007 Honda Accord sedan V6 6-Speed. Will it fit my vehicle?

Yes it will fit your Accord. We have a specific Accord listing here: Honda Genuine TL Type-S Sway Bar Rear Kit, 20mm diameter, for upgrade on 2003-07 Honda Accord Models

Q:Is there anything else that needs to be purchased in order to install on a gen 1 tsx? I read the comments above that the bracket is now included. But are longer endlinks needed at all or can i just purchase this and its ready to be installed? Thank you

Nothing else should be needed to install this bar in your TSX. Sometimes people change endlinks, too, but this is not necessary unless you stock ones are broken.

Q:For use on 2008 tsx, what end links are recommended? TL-Type S or stock tsx?
A:No, the TL-S and TSX use the same rear links.

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  • Best Bang for Buck Suspension December, 27
    By Mr Buckskin, Grocery Getter
    If you're looking for a great and affordable way to upgrade your suspension on a TSX, this is it. The TL-S rear sway bar instantly improves cornering capabilities without sacrificing ride comfort. Drivers will gain extra confidence and control since this bar greatly reduces body roll when taking turns at high speeds. This is all thanks to the beefier 20mm bar compared to the original 14mm bar.
    Installation is straightforward and should not require more than 1 hour for experienced installers, and about 3 hours for beginners. A couple things to note when installing on a 1st Gen TSX.

    First, make sure to purchase a pair of the TL-S bushing brackets (P/N 52308-S3M-A00) as your existing TSX brackets will not fit the larger bushings. This kit only includes the sway bar and 2 bushings, but does not include the required brackets to install the bar. *** [MrHeeltoe: In response to this comment we'd adjusted our rear sway bar set to include the brackets for TSX purchasers!]

    Second, in order to have proper clearance for the new bar, there is an unused exhaust hanger that will need to be bent. To do this, you can slip a long steel pipe around the exhaust hanger, which should provide enough leverage for you to bend it. I personally used the steel pipe from my hydraulic jack to do the trick.

    Overall, very happy with this mod, and it's simply the best suspension mod you can do for around $50.

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